True story of my aunt getting fucked by Muslim migrants

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Hey guys I’ve been an avid reader of this site for a long time and only now gathered enough courage to share a story which is 100% true but some details have been changed due to privacy reason.

The even happened in the early 90s when I was only 12-13yrs old and resident of Assam, near the Assam Bangladesh border, the place was filled with Bangladeshi immigrants who lived in adjacent slums and did odd jobs for survival. Ours was a furniture business and we employed several of these immigrants one was an old orthodox bearded man named Imran Ali (53), who was built like a bull, with a thick long beard, and always wore a lungi and skull cap. He had eyes of perpetual anger but was quite nice to talk to. My grandfather was quite fond of this guy because he was an expert carpenter. Imran had at least four wives in the slums and several other women he saw, he had around seven kids and was known to father at least one each year. Now that I’ve described the hero of this story, time for the heroine. She’s none other than my aunt Jyoti (26 at that time) a buxom Axom beauty.

What made her different from all the other women is that while Asamese girls are quite petite and thin she had absolutely massive assets, a 36DD bust and 38 ass. She looks like the Bollywood actress Ayesha Takia. Whenever she used to go somewhere in the slums to either get clothes stiched or vegetables she used to take me along and I used to watch the dirty eyes of the illegal muslim migrants as they made lewd gestures such as thrusting their hips, making spanking motions with their hands or kissing sounds. And I used to hate it, because I was embarrassed while she was probally excited and turned on by all of this. The fact that she was married and had a 3yrs old daughter didn’t stop her but only helped inflate her assets and her ego for getting stared at by strange muslim men. Okay now let me get back to the story.

One hot day I was laying on the bed and trying to sleep with my aunt and her daughter sleeping in the adjacent room, I heard some noises coming form downstairs and qickly closed my eyes just so much that I could see just a little from between my eyelids. Now what I saw startled me, I say that Imran had come into our house when both grandfather and her husband were not home. He went upto the terrace got some bundles of wood to make furniture and while returning put them in my room, came quite close to me to see if I was sleeping or not, he was so close that I could smell the stench of woodshavings, varnish and his stinky ball sweat.

Then he turned his back and shut the door of my room and put the latch on it from the other side. I got scared about what he’s about to do because my aunt and her daughter is in the other room. I got up and stood up on a heavy table to a ventilation window which separated both rooms where I had a clear view of the action about to happen. I saw that Imran had entered her room and already latched the room door from her side and closed all the windows. He had also taken off his lungi and vest so he was only in his cheap stained underwear. He walked towards the solid wood bed where by aunt and her daughter were sleeping. I wanted to scream to alert them but something kept me from doing that.

I could see that my aunt was waring only a flimsy nighty for some relief from the excessive heat which showed off all he shapes and contures. Which made her all the more sexy. Imran’s cock was standing erect like a missile ready to enter my aunt’s unprotected pussy. He walked upto her and lied down besides her on the other side of her daughter and began to admire her curves from her massive mountainous chest to the plateau of her flat belly to the valley formed between her legs. He licked his lips just like a lion lips his lips before feasting of a helpless lamb. I could see that his cock was about to burst from his underwear and streaching the fabric to its limits.

He than began to roam his hands up and own my aunt’s body, from her neck down to her massive milk tankers over her belly, occasionally sinking his index finger into the crevice of her deep belly button, and to the valley of her legs. While dong so he didn’t forget to grab a handful of flesh here and there or give a few playful slaps. Then he began to exclusively focus on her mammoth boobs, he began to trace their outline, cup them, although his one hand was not enough to cup her entire breast, and run his finger around her nipple, he suddenly gave her nipple a little pinch and this forced aunt Jyoti to wake up, she was about to scream seeing this stranger in front of her and mauling her body but Imran quickly planted his lips on hers and with his one hand grabbed his boob and with the other thrust it between her legs, grabbing her pussy and with both hands squeezed HARD, hard enough to turn the milk inside her boobs into curd and put his weight on top of her.

To be continued.

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