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Vidya Balan apne se 28 saal bade musalman mard Naseeruddin Shah k samne nangi.

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uff is umar mai bhi kitna bada aur sakt hai tumhara

An article which I came across few years back comes to my mind, it was written by some H guy titled “Islamic lust for hindu women” and the only thing which i liked in the entire article was this line.

On the contrary in the pics above Vidya seems to be riding that old musalman guy Naseeruddin. The hindu woman willingly riding old musalman stallion besides hindu women are not an object that just be given a filmmaker is just the middle man the real fact is that hindu women willingly and happily riding musalman studs.

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  1. Nice

  2. vidya didi bhi????? 😉

  3. No wonder she loves playing Bengali charecters and getting fucked by Muslims, Becuz even everyone in Bollywood knows how much Bengali women love that muslim cock

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