What makes Hindu girls crave for Muslim Lund

hindu girls crave for

History shows them that many Hindu women married Muslim kings and princes and this trend still exists.

Hindu women also get an impression that Muslims were stronger thats why they were able to not only conquer the land but also the hearts of Hindu women.

Old habits die hard even today many Hindu women still dreams about mighty Muslim kings like Jahangir, Akbar etc. Facebook groups about Jodha Akbar are filled with such girls.

They fantasize about strong, fearless and dominating Muslim men full of manhood. Many of them finger themselves and get wet at night thinking about their muslim friends, muslim co-workers, employees, bosses, muslim class mates, neighbors, husband’s muslim friends etc..

Some even fantasize about whats hiding under muslim men’s pants because she knows these beef eating men with different heredity and ancestry have bigger and tighter circumcised Lunds and they can satisfy them to the fullest.

Because of  different heredity, ancestry and eating habits it has been seen that average musalman male is more muscular and taller.

Muslim lund is a topic of gossip for hindu women. They talk about it with their close female friends. “Sheetal in musalmano k lund bahot tight aur chikne hote hai yar meri friend Pooja kethti hai uska boyfriend koi muslim hai.” “Ha maine pada tha internet mai iske baare mai.”

It is also because of the taboo associated with it and the thrill of doing the forbidden.

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  1. Does anyone here has the collection of stories “True Story of a Indian Mother” that appeared on Xossip. All those stories had affairs between Married Hindu Brahmin women and Muslim men. Some of the best erotic stories written. Please if someone has them share them.

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