What this white woman says about hindu girls

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  1. ye randi safed chinalen bhi janti hain hum musalman kaise kutiya hindu chinalon ko pel pel ke bachha fulate hain…. hindu kutiya raand aurten aur ladkiyan hamesha qaum badhayengi….

  2. Abdul meri bahan ko chod do

  3. i loved being enjoyed when my muslim guys humilate me and degrade me

  4. Aruna you are right, my mom is sex slave of my Muslim friend for 3 years and she likes being tied up, humiliated and degraded by him. By the way, mom is not alone, I also love to suck his Muslim dick and get my ass fucked by him. Once in a week, when I need to get off, I stand outside mom’s bedroom,try to peek inside from keyhole where Muslim guy is fucking my mom and my 3 inch dick easily releases 2-3 drops of cum in few seconds. Sadly, my dick has difficulty in standing up for more than one or two minute, which is the maximum time it has been up ever.

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