White woman Amanda Kijera raped by blacks blames white men for it

amanda kijera rape scene

Feminist Amanda Kijera traveled to Haiti on a humanitarian trip where she was raped by black cocks again and again.
amanda kijera amanda kijera black menamanda kijera rape scenehttp://theuspatriot.com/2014/06/03/liberal-activist-raped-by-a-black-man-turns-and-blames-white-men-for-it/

According to white boys Kijera said, “I pleaded with him to honor my commitment to Haiti, to him as a brother in the mutual struggle for an end to our common oppression, but to no avail. He didn’t care.”
He didn’t care because he had smelled a white pussy.
After the incident Amanda blamed white men and their policies for it. Kijera chaims that dependency on white people causes them to act out against them. She alludes that this was the reason for her attack.

It was a win win situation for her.

Its clear she enjoyed black cock only a fool would think otherwise. White women are ready to be treated like sluts and fucked by blacks and arabs.
Further more she didn’t say its rape only white boys are saying so.

I remember talking to this revolutionary white girl who was studying in college, she was not some naive teen but a mature white woman pursuing masters degree in computer science. She had a black boyfriend, she used to upload pics kissing her boyfriend.  We were talking on facebook that day and I showed that news article to her trying to know her views and she said it should not be considered rape when a black cock rapes a white woman.

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  1. I agree, how can it be considered rape? As a white woman…this would be right if it were to happen to me

  2. Good to see you have a strong view about it Karen.Yes, it is not rape if a black or Arab do it but if a white man does,he should be punished.I am white but I totally agree with you Karen.

  3. I really have to agree with this (and so does my wife) “White women are ready to be treated like sluts and fucked by blacks and arabs.”

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