White woman Lara Logan and agressive egyptian muslims

lara logan rape scene

lara logan rape sceneAs a white sissy when I listen to her in the video it makes by heart pump and dick kinda hard.

Lara Logan a journalist was doing her job. She was in the middle of a large gathering in Egypt during the revolution.

Someone said take the pants off.

Aggressive egyptian muslims started touching her ass and breasts.
They tore off her clothes.

She is hot and being a blond white woman probably caught their eye she went into the lions den. Hot headed muslim men in times of war and revolution. Its so much different from going to a rally of some pussified white boys. Clearly she took the risk.

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  1. daym nice tits she has

  2. This is what happens when a lamb willingly went in a place full of lions..
    White men are like cows,they dont do anything when a woman dresses up like that showing her boobs…
    But muslim men pounce on a white woman like a lion on lambs and devour them..

    I bet she really enjoyed it as she told how they removed her bra etc..but dont want to tell others about it

  3. Fuck this made my little limp white cock hard! Can’t wait to take my little daughters to Egypt now ,they are only 8 and 9 but ill make sure they only wear bikini’s for the superior Muslim men 😉

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