LoveJihad: Every time a muslim guy pushes his thick circumcised cock inside a hindu girl’s pussy hinduism dies a little

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More love jihad Hboy: save hindu from lovejihad.Turns out that shez already addicted to sultaani musalman sullah. There is no end case after case hindu girls falling for musalman katbullah lunds Hboys are asking- “Are hindu girls fools ?” “Why are they falling for love jihadis?”Hboy above is saying that he is tired of trying […]

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Husband sold me

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Hi I’m liza I’m 34 and this is my story how my husband sold my body to his friends. So I was born in the Netherlands but never really liked it there. In my opinion the people there are too free and there was sin everywhere. Christianity wasnt my thing either. So I started reading […]