Hindu bombshell Karishma Sharma dated Omar

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Age is just a number his katmullah thick cock is all that matters. https://web.archive.org/web/20190714191840/https://ask.fm/karishmasharma1222/answers/129548254449 Kaise chad rahi hai musalman k laude k upar. That musalman omar turned her into a woman like musalman guys usually do with newbie hindu girls. The hard truth in today hindu society is that by default every modern well educated, […]


Brahmin H!ndu Guy Shocked To See So Many Hindu Girls Falling For Musalmans

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https://web.archive.org/web/20190713174246/https:/twitter.com/mahe1966 First this first the Samaan of musalmans is so hot that hindu girls get addicted for life. Also the musalmans are expert in giving Hindu girls organsm.Secondly nothing shocking everyday hundreds of hindu girls elope with musalman katbullahs in small towns alone, let alone the independent hindu girls in metro cities who openly go […]