45 Year Old White Wife Runs Away With African Muslim Man And Converts

Muslim Cock Rulez, love jihad everywhere. “Muslims  have traditionally been good at stealing women” is a metaphor. Muslims don’t really steal women, women themselves flock to muslim men.

white wife black muslim

The couple shared their pic on facebook

A mum-of-nine who ditched her husband of 23 years for a Gambian Muslim lover she met on Facebook has converted to Islam so they can get married.

Heidi Hepworth, 45, popped the question to taxi driver Salieu Jallow, 31, and says she has “never been happier.” (as Muslim gives real pleasure).

She has started wearing a hijab and prays to Allah each day as she prepares for the wedding, set to take place next year in a mosque in The Gambia.

She has been to West Africa four times to see Salieu and plans to move there once her divorce is finalised.

She also hit back at haters saying: “I don’t care what people think.”

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  1. Such a lucky woman to have found true love in the arms of a Black Muslim!

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