50% love jihadis are on TikTok: Hboy

Lets analyze why hboys there days are saying tiktok hs become a hub for lovejihad.
There is no doubt about it that these days there are so many musalman guys on tiktok. Muslman mardo ka tik tok par dabdaba

Now a typical Indian musalman guy in his 20’s most of the time would have a hindu girlfriend.
Some Hboys claim that musalman guys are not good in studies but they are good at doing such things. Very well, hindu chicks seem to prefer it.

Look at this hindustani musalman mard Aamir Arab. Typical indian musalman mard.
He has thousands of hindu female fans. 90% of the hindu girls will say YES to him without a doubt.
Now if the mard is musalman then the girl has to be hindu.

Hindu girl Nandini and Aamir

H guy reacts with a meme that hindu girls these days are exposing their bodies on tiktok and musalman men taking all the pleasure.

Hindu girl Subhi machal rahi hai musalman ladke k saath

Just look at him Hboy, who is a would hindu girl say YES to ? You or this Musalman mard which hard circumcised cock. You know the answer, thats why loveeeeeeeeejihaaaaaaad. The hboys simply cant compete with these musalman mards.

3 thoughts on “50% love jihadis are on TikTok: Hboy

  1. Actually these words “love jihad” are horribly regressive and patriarchal. And what is this nonsense of adhi nangi? We are proud, independent and mature girls and we can take our own decisions in life. I remember the time when I had met a Pakistani guy during my stay in Dubai. Started out as friends and ended up in his bedroom. Best time of my life 😉
    I’m always open for new friendships and can be contacted at:
    [email protected]

  2. tumhari choti nunni ki wazah se tumhari biwi kisi bade lode wale musal k sath bhag gayi to use bhi love jihad bol dena heheh.. frustration chupane k sabse achha tarika hai ye love jihad.. lol

    kik: deviarti
    hangout: [email protected]

    1. kuch hindu mard hamesha jalenge par sach toh yahi hai ki hum hindu chhoti nunni hai aur aap hindu aurto ko khush nhi kar sakte. pehle main bhi aise hi jalta thha par ab samjh gaya hoon. hum hindu mardo ko apse mafi mangni chahiye jo hum apko satisfy nhi kar pate

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