87% of white women want to sleep with Black Africans

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Rutgers University in New Rochelle, NJ, has concluded that approximately 87 percent of American White women have had or fantasize about having sexual relations with African American males. The study was conducted by the Sexual Sociological Endowment in the Cultural Histology department, at Rutgers University.

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The study reveals that a whopping 87% of white women dream of having sex with a Black man and in some cases many already have. Interestingly enough, the same study says only 13% of white women said they would would marry and raise a family with a Black man. Of the 800 involved in the study, 8 percent said they have actually dreamed of having a threesome with Black men.

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2 thoughts on “87% of white women want to sleep with Black Africans

  1. Frankly I am surprised that the figure is only 87%. I must conclude that the respondents in the 13% simply were not being honest with themselves. In my experience I’ve never met a white female that wasn’t at least intrigued and open to the idea of sex with BBCs. It is a universal trend that is working towards the elimination of inferior white cock like mine.

  2. I am always crazy about black girls to fuck with….. never had a chance. The black girls/women are the best one with gorgeous figure.

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