Bedroom Conversation With My Loving Wife

My wife had two muslim boyfriends before her marriage. Since I was interested in knowing her past she told me everything.

Gradually I made her understand that I am a Hindu cuckold.

One of the conversation with my wife before sex since I can’t get hard without thinking about my wife with musalmans and here it goes –

Vedita just tell me how many dicks did you fuck before marriage.

Vedita- hmm quite a few.

How many boyfriend have you had ?

Vedita- Just two.

Tell me their names.

Vedita- What’s in the name.

Please tell me I wanna know everything about you.

Vedita- Usman and Zubair

Oh! both were Muslims.

Vedita – Yes, so what.

I am getting a feeling you like muslims, you have a special place for them.

Vedita- You are thinking too much.

You couldn’t get anyone else.

Vedita- Whats wrong, I found them nice.

I know you enjoyed their dicks more, didnt you.

Vedita- Baby it appears that you dont like muslims but yes I enjoyed their dicks more.


Vedita- Look at your dick ahh! it has got hard, your dick seems to be enjoying my story.

I dont know what to say.. ok just tell me how you fucked your muslim yaars.

Vedita- Oh my cuck hubby, to tell you the truth I compared your dick with Usman’s on the first night and it was disappointing.

Thats because you are a mullah Dick loving slut.

Vedita- Yes I am baby and there is nothing you can do about it expect jacking off.

Vedita grabs my dick and says “Let me tell you something which I haven’t already told you. After my breakup with Usman I couldn’t live without sex. I was such a bitch with an intense urge. I was just craving for another cock and not just any other cock but a cock of a muslim guy. The way Usman used to fuck me while telling me how much I enjoy his muslim cock being a hindu had made me addicted to the muslim thing. He made sure that I would want no one but a muslim guy to fuck with for the rest of my days.
So few weeks later I came across Zubair another muslim guy and from then I never looked back. Oh boy Zubair sensed it from day one that I am ready to be taken.
He made me his hindu bitch and I enjoyed it very much. We fulfilled each others deepest darkest desires. Damn I remember riding his cock with a tilak on my forehead while he was wearing a muslim skull cap.”

She was telling this while stroking my cock and before she could finish it I had cummed. She said “oh poor hubby it all right you can’t handle my pussy but now you couldn’t even handle my hand, better luck next time”.

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  1. Wow. I’m still single but this is the conversation I hope to have with my future wife. 😍😍
    Many hindu girls break up with their muslim boyfriends due to family pressures but continue to have affairs with them after marrying a Hindu guy. If there is any such hindu girl, please know that I can be the cuck husband. That way you won’t have to hide anything and you’ll be happy.

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