A 60 year old Pathan fucked my young wife and made her his submissive bitch

I am Karan 28 and my wife is Shweta 25. We are North Indian Brahmins from UP. We shifted to Hyderabad about 2 years back. Both of us work in IT industry. We both are well educated. Shweta is a very fair & attractive lady. In our town in UP too she used to make heads turn because of her beauty. She has a nice 34-26-36 figure and is 5’4″ tall. She is very free natured and has a mind of her own.

We live in a a good area which is cosmopolitan in nature. Opposite to our flat there lives a Pathan family. Except from the “Hello, Hi” or smiles we were not very close to them due to our Brahmin upbringing and we maintain a distance from muslims. There are 5 people in their home – the elder muslim man about 60 years and his wife & his son & daughter-in-law and their grandson. They are all very fair, well built mostly 6′ tall. The men wear the traditional jubba dress and keep a muslim beard without the moustache.

My wife’s office is nearby to my place and I drop her on the way to office everyday. And returning we normally do not come together because we have projects which have to be completed. So she comes back in her office cab or takes a normal taxi and comes back home.

But from some days I observed that my wife was not going to the office and was taking frequent leaves. I initially thought that it may be burnout which normally happens to all IT people because of the stiff deadlines of our projects. But it started happening regularly. I asked her whether she needs some medical help and she denied. I got a little suspicious. I decided that I have to check out.

One day I told her I am going to office and would she like me to drop her on the way. She said she is on leave. So I left. I then decided to come back and check. I came back and silently opened the door & came in without any noise. I saw no one was there in the Hall or Kitchen. Then I went towards the bedroom. The bedroom door was closed I could hear some noises of moaning, thumping, etc from inside. I slightly opened the door and to my shock I saw that the 60 yr old Pathan man was fucking my wife. He was on top of her in missionary and pumping her like a maniac. He was kissing her lips, cheeks, neck, breasts, biting her on her body while he was pumping her. I saw her and she also was totally enjoying it. He was totally enjoying every inch of my wife’s sexy body. He was a real beast & an excellent lover in bed. I also saw that he was not wearing any condom while fucking my wife. My reaction was anger and felt humiliated. But somehow I controlled.

After sometime the Pathan spilled his semen inside my wife’s already loose pussy. He was exhausted and full of sweat and lied down on her for about 5 min with his face buried near her neck. I saw that my wife also was caressing his back and hair, which she does when she has a good session. He then withdrew his big 8″ circumcised cock which was very thick too. It was no comparison to my 6″ long but thin cock. He hen kissed my wife on her lips and forehead and said that he has to leave or else his wife will get suspicious. I hid myself in the other room. He put on his jubba pyjama and left our house.

I entered the room and my wife was still lying nude on the bed. She was shocked to see me and tried to cover herself with the bed sheet. I told her enough of this drama. Then I asked her why she did this and whether she is not happy with me. She said she is happy with me. But she also said that she had a muslim boyfriend in her college with whom she roamed a lot. She said that they even kissed, but never had sex. But due to family reasons she got married to me. But in her mind she always dreamed of marrying a muslim male. Then she said that after we shifted to Hyderabad she got a chance because a pathan family was just opposite our home. She got attracted to the elder pathan who also seemed interested in her. They hit off and had sex in our home many times. She said she was attracted to him more after the first sex session with him after seeing his josh and mardangi in bed even at 60 years of age. She said he makes her feel like a real woman in bed by making her a submissive bitch to her real man. She said that she does not get the same feeling when I am with her.

In my mind also I thought that she was saying the truth. The way he was making love aggressively to my wife at this old age proved it. This 60 year old Pathan man just swept of my lady off her feet.

I feel angry but I also have come to face the reality that this 60 yr old Pathan man keeps my wife happy in bed, which I never can do. I only hope that she is taking the anti-pregnancy pills & does not get pregnant with his muslim baby. That will be too much for me to digest.

9 thoughts on “A 60 year old Pathan fucked my young wife and made her his submissive bitch

    1. Abhi toh Shweta ne Karan ko divorce de dena chahiye. Abhi usko Karan ka lund kabhi bhi pasand nahi aayega. Ek baar muslim lund ka chaska lag jaaye toh aur lund mein kahan mazaa aataa hai. 😉

  1. mmm hum chahe jo kar le hamari maa bahen bibi beti ki chut ki aag to muslm mmard hi bujha sakte h.. ise to khush hona chahiye ki pathan ji ne iski bibi ko thanda har diya aur agla number iski maa aur baheno ka h…

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