A cuck in every h!ndu husband/boy

For some, it takes little to no time for them to recognize this instinct in them, this growing desire of wanting to willingly accept their submissive status. For others it takes an even longer period of time. For some husbands/single Hindu boys, the environment doesn’t enable them to discover the clues to this desire, not till they find themselves in surroundings where such stimuli are bound to prevail.

There is a cuck in every Hindu boi. It becomes apparent when he begins to realize there’s some bigger force out there to which he ought to be surrendering himself to. When you see how attractive your wife is, and how she often seems to get more admirers than ever. When you begin to imagine what she would look if only there was someone besides you taking control over her . . . then you know that that cuck genes in you is starting to come alive.

The genes begin to manifest in your inner emotions, slowly wrapping over your mind as you begin to realize how much you’ve missed out from not having awakened this desire in your mind this whole time. You do still love your wife, but now your love becomes more distant in terms of the physical. As much as she loves her sex with you, you come to the conclusion that you’re not capable of satisfying her. As extreme as that may sound….be content with watching a real man fuck the shit out of her.

You go out for long walks, even drive around the city and you observe street hookers working their trade and it makes you wonder what if your wife was like one of them. Not actually being out there selling her body, but rather using her body to please a certain group of distinguished people. And not just another man, but most preferably, a Muslim man!

Let’s pretend for a moment that your dream does actually come through of you finally convincing your wife about wanting to fuck Muslim men. It won’t be enough to just set her loose on any Muslim man who happens to cross her path. You want a special type of Muslim man – a dominate type.

The sort of Muslim man who would treat and handle your wife in and out of bed like she were a cheap Hindu whore (oh yes, you’d love for her to become his whore, won’t you, cuck-boi?). The Muslim mard who would come to your home whenever he wants, perhaps you’d even grant him his own personal key to your home, and would make like he even owns it.

The potency of the cuck genes is how good it is at inhibiting whatever instinct they might have at wanting to become envious or to dare want to put up some type of resistance to this happening. Husband becoming soothingly aroused when seeing their wife become comfortably happy in the arms of her Muslim lover. In the dominant control of her one true Muslim Master whose mission it is to make her into a sex-craving slutwife,and even humiliate her husband into further accepting his cuckold status in life.

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  1. Uff, this is so hot. Sameer…an excellent write up. This is true even for sons not just the hubbys.

  2. It is true of European white bois too.

  3. I’d love to see Hindu Brahmin wives become gfs, lovers and then wanton sluts of Muslim bulls and alphas.

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