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A glance into my sex life

I am Ayushi 31 year old woman who eloped and married a muslim guy against the wishes of my hindu father and brother. I met Zehran during my college days. It began with a simple friendship which after some years blossomed into marriage. My brother and father were very much against this marriage. Let alone marrying me their daughter to a Muslim guy my father wouldn’t even have allowed my brother to marry muslim girl as a beef eating muslim girl would defile the sacred home.

Sometimes he makes me wear hijab just for a facebook photo and when he shares it there’s a flood of comments from muslims saying mashallah. I can imagine my red faced brother when he sees me like that.
Before the marriage when I was his girlfriend especially during the Eid I used to post my pics in Hijab made out of folding a plain dupatta. We Hindu girls are moving forward fast we shy away from chanting mantras in the public, tell us that we are sati savitri like sita we would feel so backward but many of us love to wear hijab for fashion or to please our muslim friends and boyfriends sometimes and I am happy to say that it feels so progressive.

My brother used to threaten Zehran on the phone to leave me alone but Zehran was adamant. I had sex with him before the marriage too but after the marriage he became ever so dominant. The Muslim animal inside him unleashed for some reason and he broke all the boundaries and norms of decency. I experienced his undying and undiluted lust for me as a Hindu girl.

He brings Kumkum (Roli) and makes me apply it on my forehead. He says now you’re looking more Hindu just like you were before the marriage.
His seven inches of circumcised dick is very thick, he rests his dick on my face and it is enough to vertically cover my face. I lick his balls as he moves his thick cock head on my forehead spreading the (roli) tilak. He takes a pic with his big dick resting on my face with some of the kumkum on his dick head and some of it spoiled and spread over a small area on my forehead. He says “your brother if he sees this pic his dick would get instantly hard.”
I didn’t say anything.
I want an answer, he says.
I nodded my head in agreement.
Can you speak or not, he asks.
His dick was over my face and I always felt his muslim dick gets extra hard when he did such things to me. I replied – yes he would get an unusual boner, in fact any hindu guy would get a hardon whether in approval or disapproval doesn’t matter.
Hindu guys you feel the need to jack off so badly, many of you don’t like the katwas getting hindu girls in such a large proportion everywhere, in your neighborhood, mohalla, schools, colleges, offices you name it, you disapprove it but still you can’t help yourselves, its something which makes your heart heavy and gives you an instant hardon without any supplement or viagra even if you are not so sexually vigorous.

Not being narcissist, but my face is beautiful and Zehran’s muslim dick does look too damn hot over my face, smarter ones would instantly savvy that its a muslim dick over a hindu woman’s face.

He propels his muslim dick inside me while sucking my juicy lips. I get so enthralled and beguiled every time he pushes his dick inside me and when he says something then it becomes so overwhelming. Your brother and I fought sometimes over the phone and with great rage and frustration he called me a katwa on couple of occasions, could there be a bigger irony than this you are enjoying the same katwa dick so very much.
Hmm!! most hindu girls do, they know muslims have a different package, i said while crossing my legs behind his hips to make him push his dick inside me as I couldn’t bear the momentary pause. He even dresses me like a goddess sometimes.

When a muslim man gets into hindu girl’s pants there is much more to it than just sex, its  righteousness, all the resentment inside the muslim man starts to ebb away as he shoves his dick inside a hindu girl, sometimes he fucks her to ease his frustration and as a part of vanquishment, he may not like her brother, father or menfolk but he loves hindu womenfolk, the term Katwa becomes so ironic when he exhibits his hindu girlfriend or wife, he asserts his position in the society. He fucks Hindu girl with all the sexual prowess he’s got and with an intent to make her muslim dick addict. On the other hand hindu women too like to have sex with muslims, hindu women have been working muslim dick from way before the golden mughal period. After nailing the hindu girl in the bed the muslim man reaches the state of ultimate tranquility and gets the highest level of Sakoon, in turn hindu girl also gets satisfied to the fullest.

There are a quite a lot of other things we do which I cannot tell you right now as I feel that the hindu society is not ready yet it will be in 15 to 20 years down the line, its natural progression.

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  1. ye bilkul sach h ki jab kisi Hindu women ka Bhai Muslim se nafarat karata ho aur uski bahan usi Muslim se sadi kr fir us Muslim ko uski bahan ko chodane me bahut maza aata h aur satisfaction bhi bahut milata h muslim ko .ayushi ji sabase jyada maza to tab aayega jab apka Muslim husband apke Bhai k samane chodega aur apka Bhai apni bahan ko usi musalman Se chudwate dekhega jis muslim ko wo katua bolata tha

  2. thank you for sharing such a grateful expirience with us. your words so nice heart touching and so pretty excited me. made me harden. [email protected] if u need any help regards anything dnt be hesistate to ask me. and i look for your future post at here ma’am very eagerly. thank you once again ma’am ayushi!!!

  3. “There are a quite a lot of other things we do which I cannot tell you right now as I think as I feel that the hindu society is not ready yet it will be in 15 to 20 years down the line, its a natural progression.”

    What is that you do? pls explain

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