A guide for h!ndu bois

Don’t get fooled by title, we all know we hindu bois are just a bunch of sissies. First of all I would like to thank this site for opening my eyes. Let me tell you a little about myself.

I am a 22 yr old Rajput Hindu boi that’s totally devoted and cuckold to all my muslim maliks. I won’t go in detail about my background as it’s a sensitive issue, just look at our history and you will see how wrong those idiots are.

There is no denying in the superiority of muslim men and we hindus know how we can’t stop our moms, sisters, wives and daughters fucking muslim men, especially when we have such small cocks.

Which leaves to the question of what we hindu males should do, this is the guide I made that I follow myself to guide those who want to know what to do.

1. Forget you are a man, the sooner the better.
2. Accept the real history, learn to accept that we were weak that’s why they ruled us.
3. Respect every muslim with your heart
4. Show support to interfaith couples and our beloved muslims on social media
5. Say salam instead of Hi or Namaste, start saying salam in real life too
6. Never make eye contact with superior muslims
7. Consider every muslim as a master
8. Always speak soft and with great respect to muslims
9. Know that a muslim is always right

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