7 thoughts on “A Hindu guy sends a pic of his dick

  1. Thanks for the compliment sister suchi… its my hindu lulli which measures barely 2.3 inches. More dirty comments please for this Hindu Hijra.

  2. For the benefit of readers, I am adding here the full text in image above

    ” Dear Sir, 

    I was trying to submit post directly on the website but there was some issue so I am sending this email meant for a post on your website. 

    Hi everyone, especially all majestic Muslim Lund out there. All the doubting Thomases who take relief in ignoring the oft-repeated statement all over the internet that Hindu dicks are tiny, here I dare to submit a pic of my Hindu lund (if it deserves to be called that) or lulli (a much better choice of word) for everyone to see. I just clicked it with a 13 megapixel camera on my phone. Anyone is free to come on can on FB or Skype and see it on cam if they still doubt my enormous size. Girls have often called me hijra and impotent and today I am not afraid to embrace my sexuality. I have realized my true place is under the Muslim Lund. Hindu guys like me are born to taste the nectar raining from Muslim Lund as Muslim thick juicy sperm and hot piss. I am a hindu guy addicted to Muslim Lund and with good reason too. My mom is also slave of my Muslim friend who let’s me taste his nectar and find true satisfaction. 

    I will post complete story of my and mom’s slavery later but I hope everyone has hearty laugh looking at this lulli in the meantime. After all, laughter is the best therapy. 

    Samir Sharma.”

  3. I proudly declare that I am a Hindu Brahmin guy (Audichya Brahmin) (Vashishth Gotra) and a religious traditionalist in real life. However, of late, my complete failure in sexual life and humiliating turn of events in personal life with no marriage prospect in sight have forced me to accept my status of Hijra and have decided to remain pussy-free for life and have no shame in admitting that Muslim Penis gives me enough satisfaction to fulfill my needs.

    Now, many people will ask themselves, why is this guy so desperate to declare himself impotent and what is he trying to achieve. Some might assume it is all meant to promote Muslims as a sexually superior choice. The truth is that I am not obsessed with Muslims, and not trying to show muslim men as perfect, even sexually they are far from perfect. But its about embracing my reality in whatever construct it exists. This can be really difficult for most to understand for most, but it doesn’t matter. And though Muslim men and Hindu women might enjoy this part, but my heart goes out to my fellow Hindu men some of them (as witnesses in my personal experience) had a really tough time leading a respectable personal life and sexual existence and respect is a battle at every step. I do not care about the reasons and I call them to declare themselves as pussy-free for life to gain freedom from ever-existing pain of sexual non-fulfillment and move on in our individual journeys for sexual evolution, which may not be the most important part, but still is an important part of our human evolution. Now, this is just my opinion that more and more hindu men should adopt this path, i could be completely wrong and they may be happy with their sexual lives, at least I hope so.

    Why did I mention my caste and gotra, because it is an important part of my religious identity, and because most people think that persons like me are sick in mind and just seeking cheap attention and do not know anything about their true culture and heritage. But it is not so. And even if given a choice, I would prefer to be born a Hindu man in my next life, that too only in India, such is my respect and adoration for my Indian Hindu culture.

  4. Yes Yash… the fact is that i am only satisfied by sucking hot muslim lund and drinking his hot cum and piss… Muslim guys should be understanding and let hindu guys have a chance to taste their hot muslim lund… the problem arises when they take our women but dont give us anything to live upon… that is totally unfair…

    I may even marry a hindu girl who will keep me as her sissy… and fuck muslim lund… i am looking for such a girl… if any hindu girl intetrsted in a cuckold husband contact me

    my fb and email is [email protected]

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