A Hindu guy tells his truth

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I had to post the image just to prove so idiots dont call me fake, which is very easy to say.
The thing which I am about to post is the truth of my life’s past six to seven years which is a long time and I cannot post it all in a single post but I will try to post some bits and pieces in brief.

In 2011 when I was in the third year of college I started using facebook. I also ran a blog on Muslims with was very critical. Though I have never read 3 pages on my own religion but I have spent countless reading about muslims and islam. I joined some socio-political groups where revolved around muslims, sometimes I would spent my whole day discussing and arguing on such groups. I would say I spend most of my college days doing this. Some where Western and some Indian groups. I also made friends with a lot of hardcore Hindu guys who used to whine about muslims all day long. It was something that caught my interest as I wan’t fond of muslims myself only to find out later that hindu girls love muslim lund.

Let alone hindu girls personally I didn’t even like seeing white/western women girls going for muslim men but the story is different now.

In one of the western groups related to muslims there were many white women along with Muslims and also hindu guys. Most of the women there sided with muslims so many staunch hindu guys there just hated those white women. Among those women one white British woman stood out from the rest, she was very vocal and started bashing hindu guys for their behavior.
I chatted with her, she said to me hindu guys like creating fake id’s of muslim men after they get beaten in the discussion, they come with muslim names and send her trash messages, thinking that they can fool me.
I didn’t agree with her then but later I realized that she was speaking the truth. I too used many muslim names one reason was the curiosity to know how would these women talk to a muslim in private, I even got involved sexually with some of the women, another reason was that sometimes I wanted to piss them off. There was another white woman named Jenny. She was from Ireland and was married, had one kid too. She was also a muslim lover. She was actually in an online relationship with a muslim guy from Iraq. I used to chat with her with the muslim name, so she told me the truth. She said she is on the verge of getting a divorce from her husband and she would soon meet up with her Muslim boyfriend. She had all her family photos in her profile on facebook.
There were many other western women I came across over the years. One was atheist who became a hijab wearing muslimah and started preaching me. Then there was an American woman, she was agnostic. Initially she was very critical of muslims, she was 40 years old divorcee. A kind of woman you wouldn’t imagine would marry a muslim, but few years later she married a Afghan muslim  and everyone who new her was shocked. She even started wearing hijab.
There was another white girl who liked to show off her muslim boyfriend to the haters to piss them off, I had a very ugly fight with her on facebook.

Then there was a hindu girl, she wasn’t liberal, she was actually politically conservative from West Bengal something you’d not see very often. She was studying in Jamia University in Delhi and she had a Muslim boyfriend and therein was the conflict, the girl had mostly conservative male hindu friends since she was politically inclined to the right and most of the males used to adviced her to leave her boyfriend. She had around 2000 followers and on many of her posts which were usually pro hindu, many times I would see guys telling her to leave the muslim boyfriend but she didn’t, she either ignored them or said he is a good guy not like others. Though I have seen hundreds of girls on fb who have musalman boyfriend but that was the most unique case I have ever witnessed because usually if a conservative hindu girl has a muslim bf she wouldn’t be open about it, she was conservative but her family wasn’t so that might be the reason.

I have some distant relatives in the US and UK and I know of 3 hindu girls there married to musalman guys from the middle east. One is married to Egyptian, wears hijab and has 5 kids. Other 2 also grabbed the muslim cock. In India I have lost count of the h!ndu girls that I have seen both on social media and in real going for the muslim lund.

Once a super proud hindu friend of mine added me on a secret group, it was a group based on loveejihad theme were they shared profiles of hindu girls who muslim boyfriends so that our community would persuade such girls to leave the muslim bf’s by telling them the dangers of such a relationship and revealing to them the truth about muslims that we believed, even I messaged some girls trying to explain to them, but it was just destined to fail.
Soon most of us realized it doesn’t work. Some of guys in the group said things like these girls just favour the katwas. I couldn’t fathom why so many of these hindu girls go for these muslim guys.

I had some staunch and conservative friends in real life as well. We drank together on quite a few occasions, one was from a political background. After getting drunk words start to pour out and and sometimes muslims popped up in our discussion most of which I hardly remembered the next day after waking up from the drunken state.
But I remember the one from that day when we went to purchase some roasted chicken. A friend in the group stopped one of us from going to the restaurant because it was a halal muslim restaurant, so we bought chicken from another place.
That night four of us were drunk, in the middle of the discussion and all the big talk that was going on that guy said replying to my other friend that thats why I stopped you from going to that restaurant, we shouldn’t eat halal.
Second guy replied- you saw that girl today Aditi from the college she was sitting with that katwa (muslim) boyfriend in the same restaurant.
The third one in our group said forget these girls they are randis(whores).
Second guy- Hai to wo hindu (they are hindu).
Third guy- ha hai aur ye ladkiya apni tange khol kar khud bulati hai in katwo ki aao phad do hamari  ( yes she is and such girls themselves open their legs and invite these katwas (muslims)). He adds, he has seen these so called hindu girls these days, I know one who had a marriage ceremony the next month and she was living in live-in-relationship with some other guy.
Then the first guy started boasting about how he discourages and comes in between the girl an the boy if he suspects a hindu girl with a muslim guy in his neighborhood.

I have also read such books written by hardcore hindu males and many of them mention that how muslim guys trap hindu girls most of the things in these books I would say is blown out of proportion. The thing is that deep inside many staunch h guy think about why these hindu girls go for these katwas. As a desi feminist and historian wrote once ‘there is a fear of a more virile male Muslim body luring away Hindu girls.’
As far as hindu girls are concerned they themselves invite the muslim man whether its garba or their bedroom, that I can say with all the experience I have gathered over the years.

I used tinder for a year. I waited for six months but didn’t get any match, I thought its fucking useless. I decided to use it differently then, I made a profile with muslim name and uploaded a pics of some muslim guy with bot kufi and modern dress and got some matches from willing hindu girls. I chatted with a few. I found it its much easier to get romantically and even sexually involved with them with a muslim name. May be get infatuated with a muslim guy more easily and they definitely get flattered when you say that you like hindu girls, they are too hot.
After chatting for many weeks the girl would ask for my number and that moment would be the end because how can I give my number I am not the same guy the muslim whom I pretend to be, I would make some excuse and it is then she would know that either I am fake or I am not interested to move forward.

One final thing which I would share in brief, my first realization about the power of muslim lund.
4 to 5 years ago I dont remember correctly but its old, I was having a very heated argument with some muslims on the facebook group, my friend was also there, I had added her she was a hindu female of my age. In fact I had just started chatting with her on the phone romantically and we used to even talk about sex sometimes. I was constantly using the term katwa katmulla. I realized she was reading those comments when she messaged me saying “katwo ka bahot hard hota hai” (katwas have real hard). I was like what the fuck is she saying.
I asked her about it. She said her friend tells her this.
I inquired further what does she say. She told me that her friend has a muslim boyfriend and she tells me that it gives more pleasure. That was the first time I felt sub.
I wanted to know more. She said, her friend told her that since muslim dicks are cut if you take it while your pussy is not wet it gets very rough and you feel more pain than uncut dick, so you require more foreplay or use of artificial lube but it gives real pleasure when your pussy gets wet and you feel the real thing.
I said in disbelief ‘to ja tu bhi le le agar itna he shok hai’ go get fucked by some katwa then.
She said, her friend introduced her to a mutual friend who is also a muslim and she finds him smart and nice guy and I shouldn’t be so hateful.

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    1. Over the years those groups have died down as people don’t hold onto things that don’t wrong. Mail me and I can show you a similar group its not secret but its kind of similar.
      My mail:
      [email protected]

  1. This is by far the best article that I have read that speaks my mind. The writer is geniunely telling the modern scenario and this article is based on facts. Very good I am very proud and happy to read this

  2. There are so many similar groups in kik about Muslim Girls and Hindu guys.Lol.I personally have slept with one Bangladeshi Muslim girl till now lol. I have got videos of Muslim girls sucking in uncut dicks. Screenshots of them saying Hindu lund is bigger and better… Lol. I think it’s just a case of grass is greener on the other side lol. But as usual.. . NICE TRY GOATHUMPER.

    1. Slept still you are so butthurt like like a virgin, seems more like a virgin rage. Cant get laid. OFC hindu dicks are biggest in the world bigger than african cocks and 50% african population is muslim. If you have go upload on pornhub. The post isn’t written by a goathumper. As if we dont know they exist if poop fetish can exist then everything can exist.

    2. And it makes you act so defensive like a crybaby go to those groups then no one is stopping you. Butthurt level 100. I do believe you did slept and your hard disk is full of porn videos you personally recorded.
      Well I agree you on that account indian hindu have the biggest dicks in the world 😉

    3. Aww looks like it wasn’t such a happy experience, had to do sex with bangladeshi moslem girl may be he had to travel as indian muslim girls aren’t giving him pussy b’coz hez in the league of Gau Bhakts and aint secular enough :'( whlie the goathumpers are having it easy.

    4. I am the original poster
      I am proven right again.
      Hardcore h guy shares more than 100 profiles of hindu girls who are in relationship with muslim The news hit bbc news
      I saw this list in a public bengali group and not that page but it was the same list, most of the hindu girls were beautiful bengali girls hugging and loving muslim bfs.
      I already revealed in this post that such groups exist where h guys share hindu girls in relation with muslim and try to dissuade girls but all those girls are willingly in relationship with muslim guy.

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