A Hindu moms Love – 1

It was a rainy day here in luxmibazar old Dhaka. Debashish was having some snacks seating on a chair on their balcony. He saw his father Ramakant banerjee’s car was entering through the gates. He jolted with delight and went to his mother Deblina Banerjee and informed her about his fathers entrance. After that they heared the sound of calling bell. Deblina opened the door. Ramakant was not alone. He was with a 16 years old boy. Ramakant said, “Hey,Debi darling meet Matiur. He is our new paying guest. Staying our house from now on. Debashish became very much delighted. Deblina also became pleased. Matiur was a student of Dhaka Collegiate School,of class 9. Debashish was in the same school at the same class. 5’7″ Tall,Strong looking handsome. Now, lets introduce with Debashish’s family-

Debashish Banerjee age 16. Dark complexioned, Height 5’1”. Fatty boy.

Ramakant Banerjee Debashish’s father aged 57 Businessman 5’2″ Height, fatty.

Now,last not the least Deblina banerjee wife of Ramakant Banerjee mother of Debashish.White Complexioned, height 5’6″,beautiful she is a dance teacher at BAFA learned dancing from the age of 8. So,she got a body structure which is the dream of every man. At the age of 39 she looks like 25. She got a beautiful face,long dark hair stretched to her hips,eyes like goddess saraswati. A glass hour figure totally no fat in her belly. Curvy ass. The best part of Deblina’s body was her boobs. She got a pair of boobs which is gifted from heaven. Round, with stiff nipples. A set of boobs sized 38b.Debashish’s mother was a perfect example what we call a “sex goddess”. With a figure of 38-26-34. Many people has the dream of fucking her. As she was living in Dhaka a muslim majority city and she was a hindu lady the people of surroundings have a great sexual fantasy about her.
From the very first day Matiur got a very friendly environment at Banerjee House.Mr.Banerjee was really busy at his work. So,sometimes he would leave the house at dawn and return to late at night. Debashish was the first boy of his class. Matiur was his best friend. Among them Deblina has the most time at home. She would take dance classes at BAFA for three days in a week. The classes last only 2 hours. Then she will comeback home and pass her time by cooking,watching TVs and Shopping.
Debashish’s mother was a great issue to his friends. Most of them were muslims.They would make their fantasies about Mrs. Deblina Banerjee and tell that to their friends as stories in Debashish’s absence. Matiur also had a huge crush on her upon seeing. He would sometime jerk off thinking of her.But he never shared his fantasy with anyone as his feeling was not only lust but also love.
The day was Janmastami.Puja was arranged at Banerjee house.Matiur was seating at sofa. That time Deblina came out from bathroom after completing her bath.Matiur’s heart stopped. Deblina was looking damn sexy and beautiful. She was wearing a thin white saree with red border,her navel was visible through the fabric of the saree.A red sleeveless blouse showing her cleavage, untied wet hair. Matiur was just looking and looking. Deblina went to her room stood infront of the dressing table and getting ready. She applied sindur on her forearm,applied some lipsticks on her leaps, wear a bindi.When she finished she was looking as super hot. After seeing her Matiur made his mind. He will make this sexy hindu lady own. He will fuck her anyway.

Next part coming soon…

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