A Honest Hindu Guy Tells The Bitter Truth About Hindu Girls And Muslims

I’m gonna spill some bitter truth. The reality is Indian esp hindu women since the past couple of decades has started to show inclination towards muslim men rather than their own.
Hindus tend to teach their children with western education. But inspite of such high values, girls grow up to find that the society around them is not advanced at par or is backward when it comes to woman pursuing career or when getting married. So the rebellious urge makes them to do something as revolting as to have a relationship with a Muslim man. The more the age difference or the higher the caste of the girl the more revolting it is.
What is more interesting is hindu women who are so called targets, are beautiful, confident and educated, in other words have high self-esteem.
In terms of wealth and prosperity Muslims are shown with pomp. For eg. the Nawab of Bhopal of which Saif Ali Khan is the current title-holder was actually a vassal under the Kings of Gwalior. But hardly anyone knows that. No one wants to associate themselves to yellow-bellied race, so the best option, become a Hindu trophy of a Muslim conqueror.
At first believed love jihad to be true. But now after various social experiments (something I’m not proud of) I know its a bogus theory. Try wooing up a girl on any social-network as a Hindu and then try as a Muslim. The latter is bound to give more success. Any girl on average gets more than 20 proposals a year, why suddenly does she say yes to the Muslim guy, when she rejected the 19 Hindu guys before. What these Hindu women are doing is racism towards Hindu men, and instead of calling it such bogus things as love-jihad, lets call it what it is, pure Racism. Maybe it can stem down this absurd practice.

hindu girl muslim love jihad

Interestingly the experiments posted by Ronok Das and Ashu earlier also pointed in the same direction. Try wooing a hindu girl on social network as a hindu and then try as a Muslim the latter is bound to give more success.

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