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Gay story
Let me introduce to you i am Akash a gay i am studing in an University located in Bangalore.This is my 1st story so i will write it short.I was a sissy boy from my schoolday,but as i schooled  in a hindu dominated school,so i was not accepted there for my nature.So, i developed an anti-hindu lund sentiment.I never liked their scent as it was always dirty.But i have no choice i had to sit beside them.Many boys pinced my ass make my tiny dick hard but i was not happy.After days passed and i was admitted to college i found that Muslim are more powerful and sexy than hindu boys.I made a frnd named Jaish he was nice and kind to me.But i have a different feeling for muslim guys.I dint like them because they were very aggresive.Oneday i was busy in my class sudenly Jaish msg me.He asked me to bunk classs and have a chat with him.I agreed and told him i will be joining him.He started to be nice with me and i was much impressed by his attitude.He had a GF name razia she was like a glue to him always sticking.I dint like her so one day i told him to hang out in a place co0ler thn college he managed that time.I told him i wanted to be a gf of a dom top guy and wanted to be treated like a woman.He told me it was not a difficult one.Then i asked him to leave razia and make me his gf.He told me its not possible for him and he doesnt like hindus.So,he prfoposed me that why dont i be a muslim girl for him.So it would be easier for him to maitain both.But the problem is that i was a male how come i be a woman,do i have to get operated.He told me that i wont have to be operated or not involved in a surgery.He will manage it. I was so happy that atlast i will get a muslim lund in my virgin hindu ass.Next day he told me to come to his room.I went to his room,he was very hot and was tempted .Then he gently stripped me naked and touch my tiny disgusting cock i resisted him of touching it but he he very wild.He fucked me 2 times in 40 min.Then i realise the power of a muslim lund.Next day he told me to come to his frinds house where he will make me a muslim gay rand.I went there and that frind he offered me a tradition muslim dress and asked me few questions after that i was a muslim gay rand.Then they both fucked me for a while and cummed inside me bare.They changed my name to Nafisa begum and offered me to stay with him for long time

 If anyone interested to chat with me then my skype id- boy.damoh

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