Abbas And My Mom Gayatri

This is Harsh from a small town in Northern India and I am going to tell you my real story which I witnessed back when I was a teen. My mom’s name is Gayatri & she is a very religious woman. She is 35 years old & has a very attractive body. Her big ass & big breasts always stand out. Her buttocks are full of flesh and her boobs are well rounded. When she walked, her ass swayed in a cute way. Saree, bindi & Mangalsutra make up her daily attire. Once I returned home from the school early. I knew I would find my mom worshipping. So I drove my bicycle faster than usual and reached home. I parked my cycle and climbed stairs peacefully, I never liked it when someone asked if I had bunked school or something. I would tell mom upfront, they left us early today.
Then I opened the grill quietly and placed my bag on the sofa. Looked like no one was home and everything was quiet. Mom must have left for the temple she visits every day.
So, I undressed myself to my undies, threw every cloth in random places and headed towards the bathroom to clean myself first. The bathroom was on the other end of our house. Crossed my verandah, a bedroom, a hallway, into the kitchen and on the other end of the kitchen was our bathroom.

As soon as I approached our kitchen, I started hearing the muffled noise. Someone was sobbing. I tiptoed to the bathroom. Along with silent sobbing, there was a muted grunting sound too. Both sounds were coming in unison. It was like someone was heavy lifting and another was crying. The bathroom doors were ajar and I took a peek. What I saw rooted me where I stood.

Abbas, a laborer who had worked in our new house & who was also our milkman was fucking my mom Gayatri from behind. One of his hands were lifting a thigh and the other was groping. They were fucking not very slow but it was at a decent pace. Their sounds emanated when he pumped his Muslim dick inside her Hindu pussy. He had his head tilted towards the roof while mom was bent forward accepting his strokes in peaceful glee. I was shocked to see that scene, my religious Hindu Mom was fucking with a Muslim labour. What was wrong with mom, was this guy forcing my mom? It didn’t look like that because Mom was willingly accompanying him. I didn’t know she could cross limits and demand a penis in her Hindu cunt other than my father’s, let alone a Muslim cock.

But here she was, fucking a strongly built Muslim man. They must have been fucking for some time now, for there was sweat on their bodies. What does she do after sex, she would bath with him for sure? She must be sex-starved and Abbas was her go-to guy. They wouldn’t notice me for their heads were turned the other way. No reason to suspect of being caught too, who comes home so early after leaving for schools and offices at 8:30 am sharp.

The rhythm was practiced it seems, they must have been doing it for some months now at least. I wondered what got her into it with him. I will try to find it later, but right now I had to concentrate on not using my hand to get my small dick out of the zipper, for it was already spewing my pants with precum.

The two lovebirds were busy. Mom was moaning every once in a while, aaaaaah. Abbas was grunting when he put in extra dick-work. I must have been standing for 4-5 minutes by now when he started to pick up his pace. His balls were slapping her butt with silent thuds, the moaning began to grow. Her groaning sound was so erotic, she said something to him which increased his pumping speed further. She must have asked for harder effort into her Hindu cunt.

Soon, it felt like Abbas was ready to cum and she geared up to take the load. With little louder grunts, Abbas started burying his Muslim sperm into my mom’s Hindu cunt. The thrusts were very hard and jerky but he managed to fill her up; from behind. He let go of her thigh, and she was back on her two legs. With his Muslim dick still inside her Hindu pussy, they stood like that for a couple of minutes.

Then Abbas turned the shower on and water started to pour all over them. He pulled out of her and started to rub her body. They were still facing the other side, I was still hidden from their sight. He started to finger her Hindu pussy from behind. The sound of her Hindu pussy being rubbed relentlessly by his Muslim dick filled the bathroom.

She gradually started to moan again, and before I could keep up with the pace of events, she started to squirm heavily on his hands. Her body trembled and with muffled moans of pleasure, she had her climax. Abbas took the soap from the shelf and started to apply it. They covered themselves in soap from head to toe and rubbed each other’s private parts. Soon they were free of foam and cleaned themselves up. Mom had her head away from my side and was hugged from behind still and Abbas’ large Muslim dick was again ready for some action.

He grabbed her boobs and started to press them. Seems like they did this almost every day. My mom must have been deprived of hard fucking for some time now. They started to talk now.

Abbas: Your husband had asked for more milk yesterday, so I brought half a litre more today.
Mom: Yes, he said he & his son need more milk.
Abbas: They sure do, my Hindu raand.

Mom: Chal hat! Don’t call me raand. Maybe you need more milk. You fuck Pushpa in the night, then fuck me in the morning. Half of the milk is for you. He wants you to drink some of it. He is just shy of admitting it to you.

Abbas: Don’t blame him, jaan. He has lost interest in sex. He told us that he can’t fuck you when he caught us, you remember? After all he has a Hindu dick, which is impotent in most cases.
Mom: Yes, I remember that. Don’t call him impotent, we have a child. He is not impotent.
Abbas: Haha, That is why he is letting his wife get fucked by a Muslim cock, right?
Mom: Dhat, I feel shy when I think that I’m fucking with a Muslim guy.
Abbas: Don’t be shy my Hindu raand, this is natural, Hindu pussy is attracted to Muslim cock.

My father knew of this! Explains why she was casually fucking him in the bathroom. They were kissing passionately now. I don’t know how my dad agreed to this because he didn’t like Muslims at all. I was getting shock after shock today.

Mom: Does Pushpa know you are helping me here?
Abbas: Yes she does, she even told me she wants to see me fucking you once. She’s a great wife, a Pavitra Hindu wife of mine. I’m glad I married her. Ohh, I forgot I have to deliver milk to other homes as well.
Mom: Fuck me once more quickly and go.

Abbas was already in action. His hands spread her legs and entered her nether regions again. With a soft moan, she started to match his rhythm again. This will be a quick session. Till then I have had seen enough. I decided to enter before them because nothing can be lost now Dad already knows about this so I should just let it happen and deal with it.

So I cleared my throat a little bit loud so that they could hear me. Abbas stopped mid-way. My mom froze too. Her hands were on the wall. Abbas’s hands were on her waist and they turned my side. Their faces were red, his Muslim dick was inside her Hindu pussy. They waited patiently to hear my verdict. I was enjoying their sense of guilt. I made my face as if nothing out of the world was happening in front of me.

Me: Mom, school ended early today. We were allowed to go home. I got time to study for the Unit test.
Mom: Accha.
Me: Have you made food? I want to eat and go to sleep early.
Mom: Haan.

I didn’t want them to stop their act, acted as if leaving them alone a couple of heartbeats but headed backward again to make more conversation.

Me: I need you to sign my classwork copy today.

I am sure Abbas must have shrugged her off and resumed her fucking but still he stopped again. A wicked smile appeared on the corner of his lips. While I waited for my mom to answer, he jerked his Muslim penis hard once into mom. Mom moaned with pleasure, looked into his eyes with disbelief and then looked towards me and said okay. I started to head back again, only to return again to the couple.
I shifted my attention to Abbas’ tool which was almost outside after that hard pound, out of her wet dripping Hindu cunt. It was black and large and turned sideways in the front. My mom was feeling awkward, but Abbas was very turned on. He knew her son was witnessing the sex act hungrily and was putting on a great show.

My small Hindu dick was throbbing hungrily and was waiting to be wanked hard. Abbas pointed my mom’s attention towards my small bulging dick. A smirk spread across my mom’s face too. Abbas said, “He likes it. He is not even blinking.”

Abbas held my mom and faced her front in my direction, his Muslim dick was buried in her Hindu cunt and her boobs were at my display. I didn’t waste any time. I dropped my pants and took out my small dick and started to play with it. They started to laugh. My mom’s eyes were fixed on me and mine on her. They were fucking for me. With every thrust, she moaned like a hot prostitute and Abbas’ grunts turned from effortless to that of a weary man.

Soon he announced he was ready to climax. Mom said to quickly do it inside. He started to come and with long 4-5 thrusts, his breathing ramped up. The motion stopped and he parted from my mom. My mom stepped forward, cum was dripping from her Hindu pussy. Abbas gave her a long kiss and pinched her boobs, Mom sat on get knees and cleaned his Muslim dick with her mouth.
Abbas- Your mom is a very horny Hindu bitch. I know you were shocked to see this happen but this is what was bound to happen. Your mom is religious but she’s a woman too and her pussy itches for satisfaction. Your dad has become impotent, he can’t satisfy her that’s why she has to come to me. He caught us making love once but because of his reputation he remains silent and allows us to fuck on a condition that I won’t make her run away with me & convert her.

Mom- Harsh, I know this is hard for you to digest but this is the truth son. I’m a woman who was denied sexual satisfaction from a long time and Abbas finally fulfilled my sexual needs.

I understood the situation and told them that it was ok. They are adults and know better what to do. I told Abbas to keep my mom happy and do whatever she tells him. Abbas kissed my mom and said sure.

After that day, Abbas & my mom would openly fuck in front of me & this would continue for hours until both of them got satisfied. I have gotten used to it and I’m happy that my mom has finally got a man who is keeping her happy, although it’s a Muslim man but that is Mom’s choice and she chose the best for her.

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  1. Harsh our Hindu mother’s are slut of Muslims kya whore ki trh chodte h ye Hmare mummy ko nw enjoy ur mother’s wild sex adventure

  2. अब्बास जीजू को बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद गायत्री बहन को सम्पूर्ण नारीत्व का आभास दिलाने के लिए।
    हर्ष बेटा अभी भी तुम्हारी मां एवं परिवारवालों का झूटा अहंकारी हिन्दूवादी भाव मुझे शर्म दिलाती है तभी कभी तो तुम कहते हो कि मजदूर हैं अब्बास जी या गायत्री बहन टांगे फेलाने के समय भी मुस्लिम यार से चुदने में शर्मिली बनती है जबकि तुम्हारा बाप समझदार है वह अब्बास जी की सेवा कर उनकी पूरी-पूरी रहम अपने परिवार पर बनवाने का प्रयास कर रहे हैं ।
    अब्बास जी की रहम दिली का पता तो पुष्पा बहन को महान हिन्दू पत्नी का दर्जा देने से ही चल जाता है।

    • sudha didi u r 100%right.thank to muslims jo hamari hindu bahano ko sex ka asli maza dete h.hamare hindu Jija to kuchh kr nahi pate aur 5 minutes me hi unki lulli dheeli ho jati h.wo to bhala ho musalmano ka Jo hamari married hindu didi ko mast kr k chodate h aur unki sex ki pyas ko thanda karate h.thank to muslims

  3. Bilkul sudha Didi ye to muslimo ka ehsaan Jo biwi ban jaye to theek Vrna hmari maa ko ye apni rakhail bnne ka saubhagya de dete h

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