Abhinav’s true Gay story how he sucked a dick

I am Abhinav and this is my true story. I am not a gay, I have some friends who are in LGBT community. I am a  24 year old guy and I am a virgin till now as I have abstained myself from relationships.
I knew a guy named Nasir Khan in real life as well as online. I met him twice he was  25.  We used to have very heated debates and discussions online he was very a hardcore and a kind of evil person.
Once in the middle of a private online discussion on facebook he lost his cool and started abusing me he said-
“I would fuck your mother arrange our get together and I assure you that she will thank you for it.”
He also said- “Your dick is so tiny that you cant fuck anyone if you want you can suck my cock. I would allow a guy like you to blow my big long dick.”
As I said I am not a gay but I like to see big dicks, and I sometimes think about sucking extra large throbbing veiny circumcised dicks though I would never allow anyone to fuck me with that.
I replied him back if your dick is really that big then show it to prove, I think I would need a magnifier to spot your tiny cock.
“Ok if I show you my cock and if it turns out to be big then you would have to suck it, deal?  “,  He said.
I said I am not sure, I don’t know.
He showed his 8 incher on the cam and it was the sort of long hard veiny cock I sometimes thought of sucking.
“Come on you impotent suck my dick so when are we meeting to complete this deal.”, said he.
He said he is coming tomorrow to make me suck his dick, my heart started pumping and the next day I was kind of forced to suck his long hard dick. I sucked his circumcised cock like a lollypop and licked it like an ice cream. He fucked my mouth with it and I had to swallow all the load.

23 thoughts on “Abhinav’s true Gay story how he sucked a dick

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  2. Ankit bhai
    Me aisa karta hu
    Mere do muslim dost roz meri mom ko mere,samne chodte hai aur mein unke liye maa ki gand chat ke usse lube karta hu aur end me agar wo maa ki chut ya gand me apna cum chod dete hai to me usko chat ke saaf kar deta hu.
    Meri maa bahut kush hoti hai ki me is duniya me apni jagah janta hu.

  3. That’s how they do. My sister kiran 18 y had a bf named Anwar. He used to fuck her & my sister loves him but now that asshole fucks my sister with his friends in group of 4 to 6. They made my sister a slut. At just 18 she needs fuck from many people now.

  4. Hi Pragati every Hindu guy enjoys sucking Muslim dicks… I was also not convinced of such big claims till I was forced by my Muslim friend to suck his dick… since that day I became addicted to Muslim dicks… he also fucks my mom very well… I drink his cum… he pisses all over me… then pisses in my mouth… I drink his piss greedily… then I suck his hard ass and probe his asshole with my filthy tongue…

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