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Abhisekh’s Ragging by Muslim Masters in Girl’s Hostel

Hi, all Muslim masters, Hindu mistress, and my Hindu Brothers. I am Abhisekh Chatterjee, a cuckold. Just to prove I am Hindu boy I am adding my small cock’s pic which is 3.5inch.

I am going to tell you about my college ragging by Muslim boys. I study in a college which has 20% Muslims. And everybody fears them including our teachers. There is a Muslim gang comprising of around 20 Muslim boys who are senior to us. They were famous for beating hindu boys and fucking hindu girls including female teachers.

On the first day of college, the Muslim gang came to our class. Our english teacher Mrs. Bidisha Sen was teaching us. They entered the class and asked everyone of us to stand. The leader of the group was Mahmud who was standing in the front. When Bidisha Mam tried to stop them Mahmud went near her and spanked once in her ass hard and said, ” Shut up randi or we will strip you nude here only and fuck the shit out of you.”

Then Mahmud sir told all MUslim boys in our class to sit down. Mahmud told all other Hindu boys to come to girls hostel at 11 pm that night. I was very scared of this ragging.
We all around 50 Hindu boys went near the girl’s hostel at 11 Pm. The hostel warden was a Hindu woman who came out in just petticoat and blouse. She asked us to come inside and took us to a hall. We were standing in a line. She was of around 40 a chubby fair woman.

After that many senior girls wearing short clothes joined us. One girl named Asha, slim fair girl with a dominating face, shouted at us, ” Suno Hijdo. Agar is college me rhna hai to yahan ka har rule follow kar na hoga. Agar nhin suna to tumhare Maa o bich sadak pe nanga karke kutton se chudwaenge.” It was very shocking for us. I was sweating with fear. Another girl came and started reading some rules
Rule 1: All hindu boys are instructed to look down while talking to any girl in the college including your class girls.
Rule2: Muslim man is our masters. So you all should serve them and obey them always. Even if they want you to suck their cock do that or if they want to fuck your mom help them to get your mom’s pussy.
Rule3: Adress all girls as Mam and muslim man as sir or master.

Then a tall healthy girl named Hema came front just wearing Bra and panty. She has a very curvy figure with a big ass. She is even taller than me. She called mine and another boy named Rahul and asked us to follow. We both were walking behind her. Her panty was very small and her big chubby ass was shaking. My dick was hard inside my jeans. While walking in the Corridor I was shocked to see muslim men inside the hostel rooms.

The doors of all rooms were opened and girls were nude or semi nude. In one room a big man was fucking a girl. Seeing his cock I understand he was Muslim. He had a big brown cut cock. And that girl was shouting in pleasure. We entered one room. As we entered I was scared to see 4 memeber of the muslim Gang and two other girls were there.

Both the girls were in bra nd panty. Suddenly I noticed Mahmud sir in the corner chair. He was completely nude with a girl completely nude was sucking his big fat cock. The girl was Prerna, who is our class Heroine and rakhail of Mahmus sir now. Prerna has a slim figure with around 34 boobs. Prerna was small and Mahmud sir was huge with a 10inch big black cock.
Afzal. one guy sitting in the bed with Shruti Mam (one girl in the room) came in front of us.

He slapped me hard and shouted, ” kyun maderchod lulli khada ho rha hai hai? Chall kapde utar hijdo aur nanga ho jaa.” Hema and Shruti were laughing because Rahul has pissed in the pant. My leg and hand were trembling. We started undressing and became nude in 2 min. My small cock which is 3. inch was hard seeing Mitali, the other girl and Irfan (the 3rd Muslim guy) were busy kissings. Suddenly Shruti mam came in front of Rahul and hold his balls very hard. She was pressing it very hard. Rahul was screaming and begging to leave.

“Chal chaat ke saaf kar Afzal malik ka joota” Shruti mam ordered Rahul. Rahul went near Afzal sir and started licking his shoe. I noticed Irfan sir has stripped Mitali and was licking her pussy. Hema mam came in front of me and started pressure my balls. She was pressing his nail inside my balls. It was paining hard. I was fainting. She holds me by hair and made me sit below Mahmud sir and beside Prerna.
Mahmud sir was a big man. HIs body is dark brown and is very hairy. His cock was in front of my eyes. It was like horse cock.

” Kyun be maderchod kabhi dekha hai itna bada lund?” Mahmud sir asked me.
“Nhin sir. Nhin dekhe. Bahut bada hai.” I replied.
Mahmud sir made Hema mam to sit in his lap. He inserted his figer inside her panty and started fingering her.
“Ahhh..Aur kariye Mahmud ji. ” Hema mam was moning in pleasure.
Suddenly I heard a scream. I saw Irfan sir’s cock was going inside Mitali’ pussy. It was around 8.5 inches big. Mitali was screaming. Shruti Mam came beside Mahmud sir.

“Dekh maderchod ise lund kahte hai. ” Shruti mam told holding Mahmud sir’s cock.
” Chal choos ise. Tere jaise hijde ka yehin aukat hai.” Shruti mam ordered me. Prerna started laughing hearing all these. I was feeling very humiliated in front of Prerna. I started crying. Suddenly a hard slap came into my cheeks by a big hand. It was Mahmud sir. I was shaking in fear.

” Mderchod sunai nhin diya. Chal choos apne malik ke lund ko.” Mahmud sir shouted at me.
I started sucking his cock. HIs cock was inside my mouth and it was huge. Very strong smell was coming from his cock. I saw Afzal sir has became nude and his 9inch cock was erect. He was sitting in bed. Shruti mam went near him and started sucking his cock. Rahul was busy sucking Irfan sir’s big balls while he was fucking Mitali mam. After sucking his big cock for 20 min suddenly Mahmud sir hold my head started pressing his cock deep into my throat.

I was choking. I can hear girls laughing at my situation. Suddenly sir started to cum. It was huge cum. He cummed for nearly 3 min and left nearly more than half cup of cum inside my mouth and made me drink all his cum. When he took out his cock I started breathing heavily. I looked Afzal sir was fucking Shruti mam’s ass very hard. And Irfan was fucking Prerna that time. Rahul was not there in the room. Mitali mam was kissing Afzal, sir. And Hema mam was still fingered by Mahmud sir.

Mahmud sir looked at me and shouted” Sun hijda kal aise hi nanga 11 baje is room me aa jana. Aur mujhe hindu ladkiyan chodna acha lagta. Isiliye kal muje ek naya hindu ladki chahiye. Kal tu kahin se bhi mere ko ek naya hindu ladki laa ke dega. Aur nhin laaya to kal tere ghar jaake tere maa bahano ko nanga karke tere samne chodenge. Chal bhag yahan se ab.”

I took my clothes and started running in the corridor. While coming out of the hostel, I saw in one room Mrs. Bidisha Sen our english teacher was just in petticoat and was sucking one big Muslim cock. In the corner of room was two of our classmates sitting in murga pose and complete nude. In the bed, I saw our Maths teacher Asif sir was fucking the hostel warden. She was completely nude and her pussy was hairy.

I left the hostel and went to my own hostel. It was 2.00 a.m. I was thinking how will I managed a Hindu girl now. But one thing is clear I have started enjoying serving Muslim masters and Hindu mistress from that night.
If you like my story then do comment and mail me. If I get good response I will tell you how I managed a Hindu girl for Mahmud sir, How I became a full-time slave and cuckold boyfriend and how muslim made my whole family women their personal whores.

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  1. awesome story waiting for more

  2. please remember that there are English audiences who don’t know Hindi…give English version also

  3. Aajkal colleges me aise gangs bohot banne lage h. Ab itni power as jane ke baad ye sab to hona hi h.

  4. Bahot hi erotic story hai. Please aage likho. Main janna chahti hoon Musalman studs ne kis tarah tumhare ghar ko apna randikhana bana diya!

  5. i m a bitch of Muslims

  6. Abhisekh Chatterjee August 30, 2017 at 1:26 pm

    Thanxx a lot for liking my post. This is the truth. Humare samne hindu aurato ko chodte hai muslim malik aur hum sirf hilate hai

  7. Abhishek Meri bhi 2 inch ki nunni Rahul ki tarah susu kar deti Hai mota lun dekhti hi

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