Adjust And Enjoy Life

This is a true story with names changed. We are from Utter Pradesh. and from family of Hindu Brahmins. My father is working at a famous shop, dealing with ladies Garments. My mother is a nice house wife.
After graduating I got a good job at a mechanical factory, and them at the age of 23, my parents arranged a Brahmin girl of about 19 year age , and we got married, and enjoyed family life.

I am tall and handsome, who preform yoga every day and remain fit, my wife Seema also is tall ,fair and beautiful, she is also a house wife, and my wife and my mother maintain house nicely and friendly and we are a happy family .
In the same city, my Masi (Mother’s Sister) also stays with her family, but she fell in love and married to a Muslim Merchant 25 years ago , She has son Azim, who married at age of 21, about 4 years ago, before my marriage.
My Masi’s family and our family have good terms, and we often visit each other. Azim is my cousin and good friend since young age, and he also became friend of Seema. Masi’s full family or sometimes he alone, visits us on Fridays, or their family, take my mother and my wife on shopping and movies etc in their car. Since I get holidays on Sundays, so I take my wife and mother out on Sundays.

2 years had passed to our wedding, but my wife had not become pregnant. My Mother, Masi and my Mother-in-law always taunted me about , this, though we did normal sex ,weekly. Doctors checked both of us, we were both healthy, without defect, except I have a normal Cock about 5 inch long and we do normal sex on Sunday mornings, and we waited for Nature to bless us child.
Meantime, I got a good Job Offer from South Africa, so I left alone, but then I didn’t like the job, it was also unfriendly atmosphere, so I returned back home, after 3 months, and joined my old job.
On return, I found my Wife Seema was Pregnant.I was wondering, but all 3 families and Seema were happy, and to thank God, one fine day, my parents left home and went for Pilgrimage ,at Ajmer Sharif. leaving my wife with me, at home.
After 2 days, it was Friday, I left my work and went to home 2 hours earlier in the afternoon, to surprise, Seema and to take her to a Movie. When I reached home, I saw Azim’s car was parked below my house. I went up and rang the door bell, and waited, I tried again, and waited for a few min for my wife Seema, to open the gate. Finality she opened the door slightly and was shocked to find me there! , I found her half necked, without bra and blouse ! But she had wrapped her saree to cover her bare breasts. I felt something was cooking on, I was shocked and angry, so I scolded her,“You, daughter of Bitch, what were you doing ?” Since I abused her Mom, she became angry and slapped me on my face…“ Madar Choud, ..You .. why are you abusing my Mom, due to her kindness, I am living with you. Why suddenly you are here, to keep eye on me? “
I became nervous, but replied calmly, “Honey, to day, I wanted to surprise you, so I took out time to take you to movie , that’s why I am earlier, I didn’t want to disturb you.” I tried to go inside, but she blocked my way in the house passage. I apologized her and told “ sorry dear, next time, I will not disturb you , and will inform you before I come home.” I stood there.

She then became aware and controlled the situation, She told, “ Keep your mouth shut, Azim is here, and If he is interested in movie, we will go.” I quietly went from hall to bed room, where I saw Seema’s Blouse and Bra and shirt of Azim was lying on ground.. He was sitting with trousers on. I timidly greeted Azim, Seema asked Azim about watching movie, and he agreed.

I requested Seema to prepare tea for Azim and both of us, but ,Seema ,told me she is going to change the dress, be ready for movie, I went in kitchen, left them alone to make up the situation. Seema was angry with me, that, I came earlier and disturbed their love affair. What to do? I couldn’t decide, I was preparing tea..
When tea was ready, so I kept the tray on dining table, meanwhile she changed her dress in Azim’s presence and was ready. She had controlled herself, but showed me that she is a free woman, not afraid of me !!! That was Indirect threatening to me from her.

After taking tea, we went down, Azim sat on driver’s seat, and Seema opened the front door and occupied seat beside him, and told me to sit on back seat. While we were in car, she was whispering to him, and behaving as his wife… We reached at Movie theater, she told me to get tickets, and meantime, she was with him.
We occupied seats, and she was sitting between both of us. Movie started, and I found, both were fondling each other’s bodies, and kissing, without any shame, or fear of me. I didn’t want to create a scene, and quietly watched .
After, about half hour, Seema gotup and whispered to Azim, he too got up and left for exit, both seemed to be hot in the sex desire, I slowly followed them. They went to a Ladies’ toilet room, I was behind them, there was no other person, they selected one toilet, where she entered, followed by Azim !! Seema told me ,that, “wait outside , and watch, so no one can disturb us” . She closed the toilet door.
I was waiting outside, like a dumb, Cuckold person . From a hole and gap at ground, I could see ,them kissing and making love. Seema sat on English toilet, commode where Azim came near her , she quickly opened his Salwar’s Nada, and that slipped down. She held his erect Lund, which was about 9 to 10 inch long and thick, circumcised Lund ,double than my Lully ( Cock). She held it in her hands, and started massaging an kissing and licking it. She cried with joy and told Azim, “ I am lucky to get this Lund of yours, I am thankful to My mother in law and your mother, without their arrangement and help, I would have not enjoyed this great Lund of yours. That’s why we are to gather now., but due to my Husband’s surprise visit, we are fucking here in toilet, instead of home.
So it was my Masi’s idea to sent my parents away ! All family members were united, I was shocked and surprised to hear all this. My Mother was involved in this project, that’s why Seema was so arrogant to me and behaved rude to me.….
She sucked Azims’ Lund for some time and requested Azim, “ Please fuck me Azim, I can’t wait.”
Then Seema held English toilet seat, and stood like a bitch, then Azim ,lifted his saree along with his petticoat, her ass was bare, he massaged her ass, he took out his 10 inch long ,fat circumcised Lund , and rubbed on her hungry wet choot. She was crying with ecstasy and lust, and told Azim,” Please fuck me.” He slowly put his Lund in her choot slowly and she cried with joy. He started fucking her till his 10 in Lund vanished in her hungry pussy. He was fucking her, and both were enjoying and making funny voices.
Meanwhile, a sweeper women came inside, and asked me, why I am standing in Ladies toilet, and asked me to leave immediately. I requested her, that, “lock of door is damaged, my wife is inside, she is not well, I am guarding her.” I gave her money to remain quite. She went away, but she returned after 10 min. and found toilet busy, at that time, both came, and shouted with joy. Sweeper woman heard their noises, was surprised, and looked from down, and saw them fucking. she told me ,”what’s this going on? You said, your wife alone is inside, but she is with a Muslim man inside ? You are a liar, both of you have brought a prostitute woman to fuck her. ”
I argued, “ She is not prostitute, but this man’s wife.” Who are you then? “
I was fumbling , meanwhile both came out of Toilet, Seema told to Sweeper women, “ You have misunderstood. I was inside with my husband, and this is my brother , who was guarding us…
Sweeper woman was confused, and went out and called 2 Security persons, they took us to the cabin of Manager. Sweeper woman, told everything to manager, he threatened us, he asked proof from Azim.
Azim showed him Seema’s photos, along with him and family members on his mobile. I went dumb and confused. Well, we were allowed to go. We left in Azim’s car, and went to eat out in a Dabba. Where Azim and Seema were eating Non Veg food. Seema a Brahim woman eating all these things.!! Taking Muslim Lund.

We came home , Azim left us our home, and Seema explained everything.
Seema: “ Suresh, this is due to you, when you left for South Africa, you had almost no contact with me and our family, for a month. I was very desperate and starving for sex, I came under depression, your Mom, phoned your Masi, (Azim’s mother) , they decided to pick-me-up, so, they told Azim to entertain me. He came in the evening at our home, took me on his bike, I hugged him from behind, when we rode, I got heat and I started enjoying his body and loving him. He took me to mall and Eating house, where I ate Kababs and nonveg food. He left me home late at 11 pm, as he was leaving, your Mom ,told him to stay with me that night, I was feeling shy, but when your Mom was encouraging him, I did not refuse, we had sex full night, since then, he used to came at late at night ,and fucked me, regularly. I become pregnant. Everybody in our 3 families was happy to know, even my Mom did not object.
But when you came back , I could not do sex with him, I love him and can’t live without his long thick Lund. Also, as his child is in my womb, I want him to continue to fuck me. Your Mom and Masi made a plan to go on Pilgrimage and give me and Azim, freedom.
You are my husband, and I have to be with you, I like your kind nature, except , you have small cock, and you are weak in sex, and now if you have any objection in my love affair with Azim, I will leave you, and stay with him.”
I asked, Seema, “ How is that that my Mom agrees all this?” Seema replied, “ Because your Mom is in love with Azim’s , Papa, since years, and she goes to Azim home, every Monday, without fail, but she is keeping relations with your papa, as a pious wife, so our society rules are maintained. Your father also agreed to this, and they carry on happily. All is well settled… Hence from now on, I will carry on with Azim, as your Mom does, and you keep calm and adjust yourself.”
I accepted her advice , and in our families we enjoy our married life.

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