Adventures of brahmin housewife shruti Part 1

Salam mere sabhi dosto ko aur pyari randiyo ko. This is a story of a hindu brahmin housewife called Shruti who has been fucked by old beggar and many others.

To begin with, Shruti is married to Harish who is working in a MNC company. Shruti is a housewife aged 36 and she has one kid. She always wears sari and her body size is 36-30-36. She has a sexy body with white skin a plump figure with black long hair.

Shruti used to go to local market to purchase sabzi and other things once her husband leaves for office. Her husband leaves their kid at school everyday while going to office. Everyday Shruti lustful body is being watched by all the tharkis in the colony right from the milkman, sabziwala, the beggar and the building watchman etc.

Salim chacha was the old beggar aged 62 who used to beg outside shrutis building. He was having long beard and his body was always with bad smell of urine and dry shit, his clothes were always dirty with mud. He is strong build even at this age.

Sometimes Shruti used to give old food in a plastic bag to salim chacha while going to market. She used to drop the plastic bag near him, without touching salim chacha.

Now let’s go to the first sex encounter of Shruti.
One day Shruti as usual was leaving for market at around 10:30 in the morning, she saw salim chacha near the stairs outside her house. She was surprised to see him inside the building, but ignored as he was a poor chap thinking he could hardly harm anyone. As she passed by him, salim chacha told that he would stay here for sometime and leave immediately as there was some road construction work going on outside the building. She smiled at him accepting for it and went to the market.

Once she was back she found that salim chacha was breathing heavily and asking for water. As there were only 2 houses in the same floor and that the neighbours were out for vacation, Shruti immediately unlocked the house and went inside to get water. She was feeling awkward to go near him but cannot see him dying, without thinking further she went near him and poured water in his mouth. After sometime he felt ok and was normal.
Shruti:- abhi thik lag raha hai aapko?

Salim chacha:- haan ab thoda accha lag raha hai, muje laga meri jaan chali jayegi. Bohot shukriya tumhara beti.
Shruti:- koi baat nahi.. aap thodi der aaram karo thik ho jaoge.
Salim chacha:- beti agar bura na mano toh muje thoda khana dogi
Shruti knew that nothing was there except of morning breakfast, she told him to wait for some time so that she can get something.

As Shruti walked inside her house, salim chacha eyes went to see the swanking ass of shruti in the tight wrapped black sari and glimse of her fleshy waist…
His mind was wobbling with dirty feelings. After some time shruti brought some breakfast and gave it to Salim chacha.
As she came near, salim chacha was not able to control himself and pounced on Shruti.
Shruti tried to shout but salim chacha closed her mouth by keeping his hand over it.
He tightly got hold of her and dragged her inside her house and closed the door.

Shruti was almost going to vomit with the smell of the old man which was very filthy…
Now salim chacha took one of his old underwear from his bag and pushed it inside shrutis mouth. Shruti could feel the stinky urine salty taste and the dry shit on it.
He tied her hands with an old towel.

Shruti was horrified with this and was weeping..
Salim chacha: Ro mat randi, tune mere andar ke janwar ko jagaya, kya gaand hai teri, kya gaand machalte chalti hai saali,,,, aaj toh mai teri hindu brahmin gaand chod ke hi chodunga……
Saying this He stood up and dropped is torn shirt on the floor. Shruti watched his dirty chest, full of dirty mud and white hair sticking to each other due to sweat. He had strong chest with fat belly and his body was full of sweat smell with a combination of urine smell

Now salim chacha was only left with torn dirty lungi he was wearing… He told Shruti if she allows him to fuck he will not force her or he will tear hear ass apart with is lund and kill her with the knife he had in his bag. She was so afraid and fearing for life she shook her head.

He then took her in his arms and took her to the bedroom and dropped her on the bed
He pushed her saree and petticoat from below with his rough hands and started kissing her on her legs with sticky spit leaving behind. Shruti was not able to believe that she was going through this and that too with a musalman and a dirty old beggar.
Salim chacha was mad looking at her fair legs with small glimse of soft hair. He was licking her like a mad dog that hadn’t had sex for a decade.

Slowly slowly he pushed her saree upto her thighs and went on to smell her pussy by putting his head inside her saree above her panty.
Her pussy smell was making him go mad.
He came out of the saree and grabbed her boobs from black blouse she was wearing and was squeezing them like anything.
Shruti was cyring with pain and agony for the torture she was going through, he then lowered himself and started kissing her on her neck and licking them.
He kept on squeezing her boobs while he was licking.
Shruti could feel the pungent smell coming from his body and dirty long beard.
He removed his underwear from her mouth and warned that he will kill her if she tried to act too smart.
Shruti cried and said “ muje chod do please, tume har roz acche khaana doongi” muje kuch mat karo please mai tumhare paav padti hoon
Salim started to get angry and said “ chup madarchod saali, itna din gande khaana khila rahi thi tab yaad nahi aaya” aaj aise chodunga tuje ke tu kisi bhi bhikari ko dekhegi toh apne aap ko kosegi ganda khana khilane par”…. Saying this he started kissing her mouth vigorously.
Shruti was caught by surprised the way he was kissing him, she could feel the dirty saliva and his bad breath in her mouth. He was kissing her cheeks, eyes and mouth.

He used to lick and spit on her face sometimes while kissing
His dirty thick beard was all over her face.
As he was kissing her, he tried to push his right hand inside her blouse.
She was having a massive boobs and salim chacha was not able to put his hand inside her blouse… He got hold of her blouse and tore it apart in frustration.
Shruti was not able to do anything as her hands were tied behind her and salim chacha was vigourously kissing her.
Now Shruti was left with her torn blouse her black bra and half pulled saree towards her thigh.
Salim chachas eyes grew bolder and he tore her 36C bra with one pull of his hand.. and started sucking her boobs…. Vigourously.
Salim chacha knew that Shruti is in no position to defend herself and he opened her towel hand cuffed earlier.
Shruti was so tired with all those force that she was hardly able to defend.
As salim chacha was sucking her massive boobs, Shruti cleaned her mouth with the dirty towel and laid watching helplessly what salim chacha was doing with her pavitra hindu brahmin body.
Half an hour as already passed by and salim chacha felt a hard on inside his lungi.

He pushed shrutis hand above and saw her fair armpits with hair.
Loving the position of her salim chacha said “ kitna baal hai tere armpits mai, muje iska badboo lena hai”……saying this he went on to smell her armpits which was sweaty and having pungent smell.

Now Shruti could feel that there was something hard on which was touching her thighs, but not able to see due to salim chacha was lying on her and licking her armpits.
Her pungent smell of the armpits gave sexual desires and he could feel that his prick was hard like a rod. He slowly saw Shrutis eyes and sat above her navel which was deep like well and sat on her pussy.
Shruti could see now the hard like structure forming his lungi and thought that it cannot be his prick…. Which she imagined was very fat and long.

Salim chacha removed his lungi and threw it on the floor in lightning instance…. Shruti immediately closed her eyes, but was dying to see what that hard object…was.

When she slowly opened her eyes,,,,, she was taken aback looking at hard dick of Salim Chacha.
It was 9 inch long and 3 inch thick circumcised dick with lots of hair covering his dick and his fat balls hanging like a bag. She could see the dick standing strong below his fat navel targeted towards her face.
This was the first time Shruti saw salim chacha complete nude….
Her mind was flowing now with sexual desires after seeing salim chacha’s musalmani lund forgetting about her religious, culture, her family background everything.Now she just want to submit her pavitra hindu brahmin body to dirty old muslim beggar and get fucked by his musalmani lund.

Salim chacha slowly came near to her face and instructed her to lick it. She could see his dick clearly now, there was lot of dirt patch near his dick, urine smell was oozing out of his penis, she could see the white patches of dry cum on his thighs and near the penis head. White rashes can be see above his penis due to the scratches and dirty pimples around his thigh corners near penis.
Suddenly Salim chacha grabbed my hairs and inserted his filthy dick in her mouth… stroking it in and out…..aaaaahhhhhhh, lee kutiyaaaa, choooos meraaaaaaaaa lunnnnn
Aaahaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah
Shruti was almost choking due to the force of salim chacha….she could feel the dick almost hitting deep inside her throat…

After 10 min of immense blowjob, salim chacha moved downwards…. He pulled her black panty in one stroke to witness the beautiful pussy of Shruti…
His eyes couldn’t believe what he saw, fair pussy with trimmed pubic hair …..
Without wasting any time he started licking it with his beefy muslim mouth…. pussy juice started flowing from her pussy each time salim chacha inserted his tongue….. Shruti was moaning in desire aaaaaaaaaaaa chaaaachaaaaaaaaa aaaaaur andarrrr aaaaaaaaur andarrrrr. Yeeeeee kyaaa kar raheeeeeehai aaaaaaaaap
Salim chacha licked her and left her pussy lubricated with his saliva…… he got up and started kissing Shruti on her lips very hard…….. Shruti could feel his hard dick touching her pussy now.
In the next moment salim chacha stopped kissing her lips and closed her mouth with his right hand…..
Shruti felt that something bad was going to happen….. before she realised, salim chacha thrusted his dick in one stroke inside Shruti pussy…….
Tears rolled down from shrutis eyes as salim chacha kept on pushing his circumcised musalmani dick inside and out with big thrusts following with even bigger thrusts….. Shruti kept on murmuring aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh sallllllllllimmmmmmm chaaaaaaahca fatttttttttt rahaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai, bassssssssssssss dhirrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalo,,,,,,,,,,,,, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ……aaaaaaaaaaaaaah……………..aaaaaaaaaaaaah. aaaaaaah.. ufffffffffffffff aaaaaaaaaaaaaa….
heeyyeyyyeyyyyy ahhahha baaggagwaannnn baacahahaooo iss rakkashhakk see mmmujjjeee
Salim chacha started to enjoy each thrust as he was fucking her relentlessly…. Now he started fucking her even faster and felt Shruti was shaking fears fully…. With a huge moan Shruti came hard aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh ohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah… ohhhh…. Salim chacha stopped immediately and went down to lick her sweet cum oozing out of her pusssy…… Shruti now was in her seven heavens she realizes the power of musalmani lund as she never went through such hard orgasm with her husband……… Salim chacha after few minutes again started thrusting her hard……… both were drenched in sweat and salim chacha roller coaster ride was even fiery than earlier….. Shruti coming to her senses realised that she is about to cum again…… within seconds she came heavily once again for the second time now with ahuge moan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah uffffffff maaaaaaaaaaaaah…….
Salim chacha was almost fucking her now for 20 min……. as salim chacha was enjoying this fuck of his life with a pavitra hindu brahmin housewife….. he whispered in her ears that he is going to make her pregnant by putting his musalmani semen inside her pavitra hindu brahmin chooot.
Coming to the sense now… Shruti realised that unprotected sex with this muslim beggar salim chacha will cost her life. She begged to him saying..”” aisa mat karoo please… andar mat nikalna..please mai tumhare paav padti hoon…..”
Hearing these words… salim chachas stroke became more wild and Shruti could feel the thrusts deep inside her pussy walls. Salim chacha was about to climax with huge moans, aaaaaaah aaaaaah, saaaaaaaaali rannnnddddddddi le mera baccha leeeeeeeeeeeee, aaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah, ohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaah randddddddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii saaaaaaaaaaaaaaliiiiii.
And he cum inside shrutis pussy……….. Shruti could feel the hot semen deep inside her womb.. Each spurt of his semen hitting harder…………her pussy was filled of so much cum that it was oozing out of her pussy to her thighs and to her bed.
Salim chachas dick has become limb by now…..
They both slept together for half an hour….. when salim chacha woke suddenly and saw Shruti still in naked condition dead tired…… his dick again got erected with the scene and he turned Shruti like her face facing down on the bed.

Her plump fair pavitra hindu brahmin ass was now facing salim chacha… as Shruti was still not able to recover from the hardcore sex she had. Salim chacha took this opportunity to fuck her ass.
He spit on her ass and lubricated well with his tongue….. the smell of her ass was making him mad……. As Shruti gained conscious slowly she saw back that salim chacha was about the tear her ass. Before she could stop him, he got hold of her hand and with one big thrust he inserted his dick in her ass… and started to fuck her harder…… her ass was too tight and salim chacha could feel the tightness on his dick….. waaaaaaaaaaaah kyaaaaaaaaa hinnnduuuu braahmminnnn gaaaaaaaaaaand hai saaaaaaaaaliiii.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaah mera muuusalllmanniii lunddddddddddddd aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaah saaaaaaaaali chinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal …… Shruti could feel her ass would be teared with such hard core sex. She pleaded to him…. Bassssssss dukkkkkh raaaaaaaaaah haaaaaaaaaaaai, aaaaaaaaaaaah, rukkkkkkkkkkko aaaaaaaaaaaah basssssssssssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, dukk raaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh fadddddddd diiii gaaaanddddd aaaayyyy maaammmiiii hhhheyyyyyyy baaagggwaaannnnn koooiii tohhh baaaaachaaaoooo mujjjeeee isssssss raaakkkshaakkk seeee. As salim chacha was not able to bear the tightness of her asssssss, he cum inside her ass with her huge thrusts. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah rannnnnnnnnndi aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah saaaaaaaaali maaaaaaaadarchoooood aaaaaaaaaaaaaah le meraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa paaaaaaaaaaaaani..
He came for the second time…………….. the old beggar was filling with so much cum that the entire bed was wet because of heavy cum…..
Now salim chacha was dead tired and took his dick out of her asss.. they rested for couple of hours.
Salim chacha got up and cleaned him with petticoat and dressed himself. He could see the damage he has made to the entire house, the bed and to Shruti…. He laughed at her pitiful state and warned her that if she murmured a single word outside, he will kill her the next moment. With this he left the house and ran away from the colony.
After almost 4 hours of hardcore sex which changed the life of Shruti she got up and cleaned herself good. The smell of the old beggar can be still felt in her house.
Shruti cleaned the entire house before her husband comes.

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