Affair with muslim need your opinions

Hi everyone,
I’m Archana, 29 yrs old, married 2 years ago, no kids, from past one year i’ve been in an affair with a Muslim colleague. I dont know how it happened, but over time i just fell for him and i kinda like him now. I love being with him on the bed, infact more then my husband. I’m feeling like getting addicted to it and now days I ask him for more and more. He’s asking me to marry him. I dont know what to do. Do you think what am doing is right ? Should i say yes to him ?

71 thoughts on “Affair with muslim need your opinions

  1. Be an empowered woman and marry the muslim lund rather than just being in a kind of formal contract with the husband who you don’t like as much.

  2. I think it is more fun when you are married to a hindu (na)mard and get fucked by muslims.
    kik: naughty_mishra

  3. you should leave your husband and say yes to muslim guy. there is no point in being in loveless marriage.

  4. you’re not an hindu anymore…
    since you’ve tasted a circumcised holy dick…
    leave your pathetic hindu impotent husband and have nikkah with your Muslim lover…

    after that you should wear a hijab as a good muslim wife…
    accept him as your sultan…
    and breed his Islamic offsprings in you born-hindu womb

    1. Thanks Divya. Yes, I love tasting his Muslim dick. it kinda feels so awesome.
      I love kids and he promised he’ll give me many if i marry him.

  5. archana divya is Right.u are no more Hindu now.leave ur Hindu hobby and and become wife of ur Muslim sultan.

  6. It is obvious to feel these things with muslim man.Even I feel the same.But can’t marry with muslim.So I just have sex with muslim man behind my boyfriend.
    He is fucking me from many years and my bf still don’t know about this.I am engaged to my bf.So it is impossible to marry my muslim friend.But I will be always there to be his hindu slave in bed.I love his big dick.And one day,I will have his baby.
    Kik – : pantshreya

  7. I would like to say that be in relationship with your Muslim lover but don’t marry him you can divorce your husband but don’t marry to any Muslim man other you you will lose your enjoyment and freedom. Soon your Muslim friend will get bored and will make you machine of delivering babies. So be free do the job and seduce as many Muslim men you want and enjoy your life

  8. There is one more chance that if you get pregnant by your Muslim friend and you hubby get it into his knowledge that he is impotent, he became ready to become cuckold… And if this happens believe me you will be the luckiest girl ? and will enjoy your life much more as my wife and I’m enjoying….

  9. hindu women can stay with her hindu husband but love muslim man and get fucked daily by us..make ur husband cuckload…fucked by muslim infront of ur hindu will be very best thing and u will love it..
    [email protected]

  10. i have many Pakistani and Indian Muslim friends on Facebook… many of them sent me their real beautiful circumcised Islamic dicks…(50 photos)… if anyone want to see them reply to this comment with your email. I’ll send them to you.

  11. I would cuck your hubby if you can. Or just keep fucking behind his back. I would let knock you up if that is what he and you want. It’s very hot!

    1. Vicky kia tu incest hay ? tumhari sis aik female be hay woo kisi ki love bi banay gee kisi ki biwi bi banay gee, woo bi insaan hay sochti bi hay aus ki apni pasand aur na pasand bi ho gee… kia koy behan saree life bhai kay saath guzaray gee. kia etnay na samaj hoo kia ? yah tum fir incest hoo?

  12. mother chud hindu randian ghar say train hoti hay musalman mardo koo pansanay mean … deakho tu sahi esa mast pose banya howa kon musalman mard hoo gaa kay esi sexy gand ko wali hindu aurt koo baghair chudai chudhay gaa.. mera tu lund hard kar dia , jo bi meli sari garmi ausi per nikalon gaa.

  13. You are lucky Archaba if he wants to marry you. My experience is that muslim guys will have fun with you but won’t be ready for marriage. I have been told many times that kafir girls are good for fucking/breeding, but not for marriage.

    1. Sindy, mujhe lagta hain ki shaadi se zyada fun zaroori hai. Agar tum hindu se shaadi karti ho aur chudwati muslim lund se hai to kya bura hai. Tum agar hindu lulli sw satisfy nahi ho rahi to yeh tumhara hak hai ki ek asli lund se apni sex life healthy enjoy and make us enjoy also..

  14. I love my hubby also who’s a Hindu and I’m addicted to my Muslim bf too so I don’t think you need to break up with anyone. Having said this you’ll have to manage them both.

        1. to kya hua?
          waise bhi wo to kuch nhi kar rahe hai.
          humari nunni se hi kaam chala lo jab tak koi stud muslim free hojaayege.
          tab tak mai garam kar deta hoon aapko

  15. If you are satisfied with him and love him too , then better go for Muslim guy , as in life , we get very little opportunity and also he had asked you , so better go with him.

    Wish you both a happily married life 🙂

  16. This is 21st century and sexual satisfaction is a bigger deal in married life. You are 29, you cannot live your entire married life with a feeling of being unsatisfied. I would suggest you that instead of cheating, you should leave your husband and be with the one you love, have kids and enjoy your life.

  17. M agree with deepti n Sarita. Don’t cheat anyone .go with your heart.jaha love nahi waha puri life kese spent karogi? N chudai k e time Pakdi gyee to puri society dushman ho jayegi.luv chup ke kyu open karo.

  18. Marriage mat karo bulki apni Hindu married life ko aur interesting banao apne pati ko cuckold bano aur uske samne muslim Lund ka maza lo.

  19. I believe that you should not marry the guy as because then it will lose the endevour of that forbidden lust.
    If you marry the guy then you also become a musalman and thats it…game over.
    Rather stay with your husband and get fucked by your Muslim partner or partners…then the thrill of the forbidden lust will be never lost.

  20. I believe that we have marriage only with hindu but for our body requirement select muslim guys for fuck us badly with extra marital affairs just like a slut. Because hindu are always liberal so we enjoy social life more and freedom also got from hindu and affair with muslim for better fuck….

  21. Stay with your Hindu husband and enjoy freedom and their money but in side by side enjoy a lot with Muslim in bed.. It’s more pleasurable.. And I know u cant stop this with only one Muslim guy.. Now u r Muslim addicted and many more Muslim enjoy u in bed.

  22. Archna
    I like to say that, continue to be in relationship with your Muslim lover, but don’t marry him. Don’t Divorce your Hindu Husband,he will give you freedom to enjoy other Muslim men ,so enjoy life fully. If you marry Muslim lover , he will make you machine of delivering babies. Soon he will get bored,and bring other Hindu girl like you.

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