Akshara Haasan naya maal

akshara hasan hotAkshara Haasan naya maal hai par kya aako pata hai Akshara ka chakkar Naseeruddin Shah k bete Vivaan Shah se chal chuka hai dono duniya samne to dost hai par pardhe k piche kuch aur kahani hai.
Vivaan ka bada bhai Imaad Shah Nikita Anand ko chod chuka hai.

akshara hasan boyfriendAccording to the sources, Vivaan Shah is dating Akshara Haasan. The couple has been clicked at different public places together. Vivaan’s father and actor Naseer told that he has also seen both of them together a lot of times, and commented about Akshara that she is a sweet girl, But he wouldn’t like to comment on the state of their relationship and If any more details are to be asked then one can ask Vivaan about it.
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4 thoughts on “Akshara Haasan naya maal

  1. Chutiyo
    Ye kamal hassan ki beti hai.
    Yani muslim hai.
    Issi se pata chalta hau tumhari juthi aukat.
    Ab plz ye comment delete mat karna chutiye

    1. abe chut k dakkhan.
      Akshara Haasan was born on 12 October 1991 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu to actors Kamal Haasan and Sarika Thakur. Her father is a Tamilian while her mother is a half Marathi and half Rajput.[9] Shruti Haasan is her elder sister.
      Haasan was born in 1954 into a Tamil Brahmin family in Paramakudi (now a part of Ramanathapuram district), Tamil Nadu

    2. haha ignorant indian fool calls himself indian and doesnt know kamal hassan is hindu. He has been thought to be Muslim because of his Arabic-sounding name. In a BBC interview with Karan Thapar Haasan said that his last name derives from the Sanskrit word hasya.

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