12 thoughts on “An english white woman offers herself to muslim men

  1. What hindu girls like us are enjoying for centuries, these white girls recently realised it, the power of muslim men and their cocks.. Ohh how I wish I can present my hindu cunt to muslims in my area.. Ping me at whatakobra at yahoo dot com to talk more

  2. I wish that was my wife. I would happily watch as real muslim men take turns and give her what she’s wanted and needed for so long. It would be an honour to see my wife chosen to take thier powerful seed. My daughter will be available too, she will learn the joys of Tahurrush and hopefully never have to suffer a pathetic white lover.

    1. Mmmm, yes Pete, We should offer up ALL our women to these powerful men. Let them have their ways with our lovely wives and our daughters should be ready to kneel before them and fulfill whatever they sexually desire of them. I would personally love to watch my own wife get caught up in a round of the rape game myself. I know I’d be rubbing my hard cock as I watched, hoping someone would eventually rescue her… but not too soon!

  3. It’s embarrassing for me, but i’m not a racist and intolerant white boy so i support his message ?
    It is up english white men and english white women to integrate into the way of life and tradition of Pakistani Muslims, not reverse

  4. WOW, good girl… I’d like to tell her this…”good girl…”; and I’d like ..more white girls who offer themselves for black and muslims guys.
    I am a white guy, and I support this message. Our pretty white girls have to be only for black and muslims guys. No white guys.
    please, no more white babies… inseminated our white gils…

  5. I really envy Muslim men.Is there not a better time in history to be a Muslim man.The whole world is opening up for them.OMG!!!

  6. It is such a beautiful thing to see this lady offer her beautiful white body to Muslim men for bringing more Muslim babies into the world.I agree with John,more Muslim babies in the world.I am a white man by the way,but I support the idea.

  7. Good obedient white lady to allow only Muslim men to ejaculate their sperm into your body.Please dedicate the rest of your life to making your womb for Muslim sperm only.You will be doing society a favor!!!

  8. Hi,it’s me again.I can’t comment enough about this.I would like to thank Interfaithxx.com for showing the whole world what the future is going to look like.Please keep up the good work and show us all the beautiful women who are changing the world forever by embracing Muslim cock and setting the example for all of us.Keep pushing forward into eternity ladies.

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