Anchal and Ruchika used by dominating muslims

Hey I am Anchal. First of all I wanna tell you that I am a kind of Machoist and enjoy the idea of being used by muslim men. It could have been anyone but as in real life there is always some amount of bitterness and hostility between the two communities therefore it becomes more arousing for me to be used by them and also because I hear that they have more sexual stamina often at least its what they brag about. I wasn’t like this from be beginning but got lured into it by my friend Ruchika  who had such a fantasy. We both became best friends in first year of graduation, it was the start of a new chapter in my life with new friends. All my school friends were in different colleges most of them moved out of the city. I was sexually very active I masturbated often and was not a virgin then. Ruchika and I even used to watch porn movies together. All this happened in the second year of graduation 3 years ago.

Now the story, I will use hindi in between when required.
In our class there was a Muslim guy named Usman and my friend Ruchika was trying to seduce him but Usman had a girlfriend and she was also in the same class her name was Esha, she was a hindu. I advised Ruchika to stop this and not come in between them as he already had a girlfriend but Ruchika didn’t listen to me said I am too timid. Ruchika was a bold and fearless girl a fine quality but sometimes she got out of control. I said to her there are other boys in the class why only him. She said because he is a muslim and she wants to get screwed by them, they are more satisfying. I was shocked like ‘what the fuck you mad’. I said “get your brain checked”. She replied I am far too innocent for it and don’t know anything. She asked me have you ever got fucked by a big circumcised dong. No never, I said. She replied back then how could you possibly know what it feels like to have a hard circumcised muslim cock going deep inside your pussy humiliating you and you feeling guilty. I said this is madness, how can you say all this.
Ruchika-  “I can this because I have experienced it my previous boyfriend was also a muslim, dont worry I will train you.”

Next few days in the evening we got together as usual at a private room that we had purchased on monthly rent basis for drinking occasionally and partying. Money was not an issue for us as we were from rich families with good background. Today we were watching porn together, sometimes we even fingered each others pussies, sucked and pressed each others boobs. Today Ruchika removed my jeans and started fingering my pussy saying just fantasize about you being captured by some muslim dude feel the humiliation as he is using your body as an object. She did such things with me which I had never ever imagined. I kind of started liking this guilty feeling.

Now coming back to college situation where Ruchika was trying to attract Esha’s boyfriend Usman.
I think Esha suspected that Ruchika is up to something as she was showing too much interest in her boyfriend Usman. She sat beside him often. Ruchika and Usman used to SMS each other and one day Esha looked into Usman’s mobile, there were some funny adult messages that Ruchika had sent him. Esha was angry and the next day in the college there was a quarrel between my friend Ruchika and Esha. Esha told her to remain away from her boyfriend and she should not see her sitting with him ever again. Usman said there is nothing in between Ruchika and him, as he was in relationship with Esha he followed her. It was the end. After this Ruchika murmured to me “look how desperate she is to get a muslim cock in her arse.” I told you to stay away but you don’t listen, I said.
After few days we were together in the evening we bought some beer then Ruchika took me into a non-vegetarian restaurant to get some chicken. In that restaurant there were all men and some of them bearded muslims with skull caps, some in white kurta pajama. Most of them were eating and our presence there had caught their attention most of them started looking at us.  Me and Ruchika were in t-shirt and shorts. Some were looking at our sexy and smooth legs. There was a booklet on the table but no one to receive the order. It was not a well managed restaurant.

I said to Ruchika, is this the only restaurant in the town you could find ? aur koi shop nahi thi kya… She replied this restaurant is owned by a Muslim they make non-veg very delicious. We went further inside towards the counter there an adult muslim male wearing a kurta pajama was sitting, looked like the owner. We made the order. At the back of the counter there was a cooking room, he raised his voice and said “Farhan ek full shahi chicken pack kar de.” We stood there at the side most men sitting there looked at us some were gazing, I felt a bit uncomfortable for a moment then it was ok it was obvious that presence of girls in there was rare. On the other hand Ruchika was cool as ever. I said in a low pitched voice look at these jerks haven’t they seen a girl. Ruchika replied, whats the problem let them crave like dogs. These are all muslim men since this place is owned by one of their own,a man from their community they prefer this restaurant. They know we are Hindu girls from our dressing style, they think we are easy and fair game.

Its not funny you could get us raped some day you are too reckless, I said
Ruchika smiled and said if they show such a desire I would welcome it and make them happy at the moment they seem like pussy cats peeping at us.
You are a girl from a different planet I don’t think there could be a girl like you.
Then I saw a bearded middle aged man with a skull cap gazing at me checking my smooth and fair thighs and legs visible as I was in shorts. I always preferred shorts in summers.
In a low voice I said to Ruchika look at that pervert I can be his daughter.
Ruchika- Oh his poor cock would be so hungry.
Non-veg kha kha k ye sab Habsi ban gaye hai.
Ruchika- Jitna bahar se habsi hai usse jyada ye bistar par habsi honge.
Then a man came and gave us the packed chicken which we had ordered, we went back to our room after that.
The next day in the evening around 8 PM Ruchika took me outside that same restaurant again. We stood outside that restaurant. I inquired why the fuck are we standing here for no reason.
Ruchika- This is just be beginning we are gonna spend 1 hour every day at the same spot every day.
But why?
Lets see if someone approaches us and manages to pick us up.
You are out of your mind you are making us look like hookers.
Ruchika- We ain’t doing it for money just for fun lets see.
The first day we stood there for an hour the place was filled with muslims coming for dinner there.
The second day again same time we stood there, two muslim men in white kurta pajayama came out of a car, they were unshaved looked like 30+. Both of them gazed at us and then went inside for dinner.
The third day again same time we stood there but nothing happened, got stares from some of the men as usual.
But on the forth day the two men who we saw on the second day one of them approached us and said, “Chale kya”
Ruchika(she started acting innocently) – Kaha chale, kya matlab ?
Kitna leti ho bolo.
Ruchika- kya bakwas hai, kya samajh rakha hai hame.
Jugaado ki tarah 3 din se bina kisi kaam k yaha khadi ho to mai kya samjhu ? bolo
Ruchika- hamari marzi hum kahi par bhi khadi ho ye road tumhare hai kya, hum koi jugaad nahi hai samajh lo ?
Dekho mujhe chalane ki koshish mat karo mai sab samajhta hu tumhari jaisi kitni ladkiya kha chuka hu.
Ruchika- Acha ladkiyo ko khate ho tumse to dur rehna padega.
Wo shabd mai use nahi karna chahta, khane ka matlab kis se hai tumhe bhi achi tarah pata hai bholi banna chodd do.
Ruchika- Mujhe to sun na hai wo shabd, jab mujhe koi problem nahi hai to tumhe kyu ho rahi hai.
Apni dost se bhi puch lo kahi usko to nahi hai problem.
Ruchika- Nahi hai meri ha matlab uski ha.
Nahi mujhe to uske mu se sun na hai.
Ruchika- Kyu wo jyada pasand aa gyi kya.
He smiled and said wo to taste karne k baad he pata chalega.
He asked me my name and I replied, Anchal.
Tumhe to koi problem nahi hai na Anchal.
Nahi mujhe kya problem hogi.
Acha to fir sun lo tumhari jaisi kitni ladkiyo ko pura ragad k chod chuka hu, tum mere samne ye bholepan ka drama mat karo.
Ruchika-  Aur wo sab hindu thi kya ?
Ha sab ki sab.
Ruchika- Kyu mulliyo mai maza nahi aata kya.
Bahut mu chalta hai tera to sun Hindu ladkiyo ko chodne mai teen guna jyada maza aata hai tumhre mardo ki gand mai bhi aag lag jati hai hame tumhare saath dekh kar. Upar se hindu ladkiya hame khud apni marzi khol khol k de rahi hai to hum kya kar sakte hai.
I said, hawa mai baate kar rahe ho tum mai aisa kya hai to sab tumhe deti hai.
Ab ye bhi boli, wo to tumhe tab pata chalega jab tumhare andar hamara garam topa jyega, bandar kya jaane adrak ka swad.
Fir puch raha hu- Chale kya ???
Ruchika- hmmm theek hai.
His name was Sajid he took us inside the i10 car. His friend who was also in Kurta payjama with unshaved face was sitting in the driving seat.
Sajid- He is my friend Haider.
His friend Haider looked at us lustfully and said, Sajid tu fir randi jugaade le aaaya.
Sajid- Nahi ye jugaad nahi hai, ache ghar se hai.
Haider- ha wo Priyanka bhi to ache ghar ki thi tune pehle usko chod diya aur baad mai uske ghar walo ko tumhare chakkar k baare mai pata chala to unki gand mai chingari  chuut gayi. Mujhe beech mai aa kar unki gand faadni padi. In hindu ladkiyo ka kya ye to apni khol k de deti hai baad mai naam musalmano ka kharab hota hai, inke ghar wale apni ladkiyo ko dekhte nahi bolte humko hai.
Ruchika- Tumhare dost ko shakal dekh kar pata chal jata hai kya, ki hum hindu hai.
Haider- Mujhse baat kar ha mujhe pata chal jata hai dekh kar, raat ko aise kapde pehan kar ache gharo ki hindu ladkiya he ghumti hai.
Ruchika – Kyu kya kharabi hai hamare kapdo mai.
Haider- Koi kharabi nahi hai bahot mast hai shorts mai tumhari chikni tange dekh kar kholne ka ji kar raha hai aur tight top mai tumhare boobs dekh kar lund khada ho raha hai. Ab tumhare mardo ka lund dhang se khada nahi hota to hum kya kar sakte hai. Tum dikhao khub apna jism dikhao humne kabhi mana nahi kiya maza lene k liye hum baithe hai na yaha.
Ruchika- Kaise lete ho maze?
Haider- Wo tujhe bahot bahut jald pata chal jayega. Yar Sajid dono ko garam kar aaj in dono randiyo ka rail bana na hai.

I was feeling a bit anxious Sajid was sitting on the back seat with us and he started fondling us. Ruchika started touching his cock from outside and said oh it feels big. Sajid smiled and moved his hands inside our shorts, he was checking our pussies with his finger. I felt his finger going inside my vagina.. umm it felt so good.
Sajid- Bhai is dusri wali ki chut to bahot tight hai.
Haider- koi baat nahi aaj mere lund se dheeli ho jayegi.
They took us to into a room where they stripped us naked. I was standing nude in front of two muslim men who where at least 10 years older than me as they were lustfully looking at our juicy bodies.
Sajid- Haider bhai kisko thokoge pehle.
Haider- Jiski chut jyada tight hai.
Sajid- Anchal ki chut mast tight hai utha lo bhai.
Haider grabbed me and satarted checking my breasts and ass. He said, sali kya chikna bana k rakhti hai ye hindu ladkiya apna jism hamare liye ek bhi baal mil jaya to naam badal dena, both of them laughed.
Sajid- Bahot khujli hai inke andar 3 din se Shakib bhai k restaurant k bahar khada dekh raha hu mai inko aaj inki dil ki muraad puri kar he du.
Haider (laughing)- ye hindu ladkiya sudhar nahi sakti inko jitna bhi mana karo inko lena musalmano ka loda he hai aur inke mardo ki gand mai aag lagni he hai.
There were two beds in that room, my friend Ruchika took out Sajid’s large cock out of his pants and started sucking it like a pornstar.

Haider removed his kurta payjama and got naked I saw his big thick circumcised cock and said in my mind oh this thing gonna ravish me tonight. It was so hard with a thick cock head like a mushroom. He said learn from your friend who was sucking Sajids cock, he wanted me to suck his. He was on his feet I was now on my knees moved my lustrous lips over his circumcised cock head, then started licking and sucking it.
In between he was humiliating me with his abuses. Ahh kya mast chusti hai hindu randiya. Next he lifted me up and put me down on the bed opened my legs and then I felt him rubbing his thick cock head on my pussy lips. In pleasure I was forced to bite lipis my lips. Then he started pushing his cock head inside my tight pussy and groans, as it went in I never felt such a strong cock inside me. As i said earlier I was not a virgin and this cock felt much harder, thicker and smooth in my pussy.
Haider- Yehi to chaheye in hindu ladkiyo ko, kyu bahot maza aa raha hai.

I couldn’t say anything. The feeling of an abusive muslim male using my body and fucking me was so intense that it overpowered me. I closed my eyes I could hear Ruchika moaning like a bitch she was probably getting fucked by Sajid. Haider used me in every way possible fucked me for so long. Then Sajid came to me and said now I am going to taste you. Haider fucked Ruchika like a slut and Sajid used me. I felt like a whore who exists to be used by these strong muslim men as they wish. After this I got addicted to their cocks and love to be screwed by them.

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  1. got to know about this site by my bestie nisha ever since then i started visiting this site regularly…looking forward to explore it more through roleplays with muslim hunks.
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  2. Ye bahut achhi baat hai ki hamari hindu behne aise fauladi muslim lund ko sant kar rahe hai. Muslim lund ki power se hamare hindu benhno matao ka pyas bhi bujhti hai. Hindu behne muslum mardo se hi saadi kare taki musalmano ko hamare hindu chut ki bharpur anand lene de. Muslim mardo bhi iss silsile ko aur teji se aage badhao aur hindu ladki ko pata kar unko convert kar ke saadi kar lo. Hindu ladki aap k marji se jyada bachhe bhi paida karenge. Hum hindu log aap ke gulam hai. Jo marji kar sakrte ho

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