Anishka gets used

Furious Mr. Abbas goes to Nitish’s house. Nitish worked in his company as a general manager. Mr. Abbas came to know about Nitish’s involvement in corruption of more than 5 lakh rupees.

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Mr Abbas meets Nitish and threatens him of the consequences. Nitish begs in front of Mr. Abbas not to report it to the authorities.

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Mr Abbas says paying me back is not enough. His eyes turns to Nitish’s wife Anishka. He looks at Anishka greedily making it clear that she has to pay the price as well.

Nitish’s life and career was on the line. He was not in a position to say no to Mr. Abbas so instead Nitish begs again “my wife is innocent she played no part in this”.

Mr Abbas says “This is the price of betrayal. My blood is boiling and only after fucking your sexy wife I would feel relieved.” Lets see if your wife is any good whether she is able to calm my senses. Mr Abbas grabs Anishka’s hand and drags her to the bed room.
Seeing her husband on his knees unable to resist Anishka gives in.

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Anishka knew she is going to be rough fucked today. Mr. Abbas calls her hindu randi pulls her hair then unzips his pants and takes out his big circumcised dick which was already hard.
He makes her suck his circumcised muslim cock. Mr. Abbas keeps abusing her verbally while she sucks his dick which was far bigger than her husband’s dick.

Anishka thinks she is only doing this to save the family and her husband. Then she thinks Mr Abbas is more of a man than her husband. She starts absorbing the verbal abuses coming out from Mr Abbas’s mouth. She accepts her place as his randi slut.

He cock slaps her face and degrades her. He throws her on the bed and positions himself over her.

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He roughly inserts his dick into her pussy and enjoys her smooth silky body. Anishka feels the girth of his big dick inside her hole. It was stretching her pussy like never before. She moans a little while trying to control herself so as to not show the excitement. Mr. Abbass yells “loving it eh!! hindu bitch, loving the muslim lauda in your chut. Lets make it harder for you. Mr Abbas orders her to repeat a sentence over and over again until her fucks her. He orders her to say “I am a hindu randi (slut) fuck me with your big muslim lund (cock).
At first Anishka feels shy and reluctant to say something like that but she had no choice and she says those magical words “I am a hindu randi (slut) fuck me with your big muslim lund (cock) while Mr. Abbas starts fucking her even harder with much more excitement. She repeats the sentence over and over again and Mr. Abbas thrusts and strokes his dick with greater pace. Anishka was now finding it difficult to keep up the rhythm in between she missed some words as only empty air came out from her mouth without a sound. She was overwhelmed by Mr. Abbas’s manhood as he used her completely. She was in a different world and only after Mr Abbas blew all his cum load on Anishka’s face she came back to life.

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  1. अनिष्का की तो किस्मत चमक गई। अब अनिष्का तो यही चाहती होगी की इन मुल्लो की वसूली सारी उम्र चलती रहे।

  2. उफ
    सुना है इन मुसलमानो को शादी शुदा हिन्दू औरतो की कोख मे अपना बच्चा छोडना बहुत पसंद है

    और ये करने पर उनको इनाम मिलता है

    क्योकि इसे इस्लाम की जीत माना जाता है

  3. Rayhan sach kah rahe ho… kafi must lund mile hai tumko… isi wajah se hi hum hindu aurate randi ban jati haai muslim mardon ki

    1. Haan priya ye such hai, hindu chut bohat mast hoti hai chodne main, aur hamaray circumcised lund khub achi taran say chodte hain hindu bhosdi ko. Hamay bohat maza atta hai jab hamara sapada hindu chut ko khol kar andar jata hai.

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