Anjana gets deflowered by Imran

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Like your site so I am sending you my personal story. It is a true story and this site is the best platform to share this type of story. Hey admin I can show you the pic of the girl personally if you want but I dont the pic to be on the website.
My name is Vinay and I am from a religious family. Last year hamare ghar ek badi puja hui and it was carried out by our family pandit. We have a very old family priest both my family and priest’s family know each other since the time of my grandfather.
That priest has a son who is married and he has a 20 year old daughter.
The girl’s name is Anjana and she was in my class during high school but I didn’t talk to her much even though our families were close.

After that puja the next day my mom asked me to go to the pundit’s house and deliver a sack of wheat and fruits, its a kind of good gesture and a ritual. Also most of the fruits that are offered during the puja goes to the pundit.
I have a next door neighbor and a friend named Imran. I went to the pundit’s house on his motorbike.
Knocked on the door and the pundit’s granddaughter Anjana came out, no one was in the house that time everyone was out.
Anjana was a very cute north indian girl with fair and luminous skin.
I delivered the items as she asked us to have a cup of tea or something. Maine mana kar diya nahi par mere friend Imran ne kaha isko nahi peni par mai to pe kar he jaunga aapke hath ki chai. She gave a smile and prepared tea for him.

Then after two weeks in the evening maine Imran aur Anjana ko ek saath dekha, usne mujhe bataya bhi nahi aur chupke se pata nahi kaun sa chakkar chalaya.
Jab maine Imran se pucha tu uske saath kya kar raha tha fir uska bataya wo to pat gyi hai mujhse uska phone number nikalwa liya tha aaj thodi der k liye milne bulaya tha. Jis ladki ko mohalle k sare ladke bolte the shareef ladki hai par bahut mast maal hai usko Imran ne 2 hafto mai pata liya.

Thode dino baad wo kahi ghumne gaye aur usi din Imran ne usko chod diya. Jab main usse pucha tab usne bataya ki they had sex aur wo virgin thi, he deflowered her.
Ye sun kar mera bhi dil machal gaya mai Imran ko bola meri bhi setting karwa de uske saath.
Nahi wo meri deewani ho gayi hai aur kisi se nahi karegi, usne kaha.
Par maine Imran ko mana liya ki wo mujhe apni chudai ki video dhikaye Anjana k saath.
Agli baar Jab Imran ne Anjana ko choda to apne mobile mai recored kar liya.
Sali ki chut mai jab Imran ka 8 inch ka musalmani loda ja raha tha to kaise machal rahi thi, dekh k lag raha tha ki usko yehi chaheye tha. Mohalle ka koi aur ladka usko pata nahi paya. Imran ka lund 8 inch tak ka lag raha tha. Anjana was moaning in great pleasure while Imran was banging her pussy. Kaise ragad ragad k choda usko Imran ne aur uske gore jism k ek ek inch k maze liye. Kabhi kabhi mera bhi man karta tha Anjana ko chodne ka. High school mai uske bare mai soch kar maine muth bhi mari thi kai baar lekin usko to musalmani loda chaheye tha.

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  1. Same has happened with me, merii sister ko bhi mere hii ek musalman dost nai aurat banaya or uska vedio bana ke mere ko or aapne dusre musalman dostno ko dhikya,

    1. Niharika KUlkarni, its a problem only if you keep your attraction as attraction and not do it in real.You will always think of us when you are with your husband/bf and they will never satisfy you.Better humse maja lo aur dekho life me kitna kuch hai tumhari jaise brahmin ladki ke liye

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