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kahani kuch aisi hai ki ankit ek 16 saal ka naujawan ladka tha, uski ek didi thi jiska naam padmini thi , padmini ek grhuein rang ki, with cool attractive features wali ladki thi, jiski shadi ko 6 mahine hue they, weight 56 kg, height 5′ 4″, figure 34/25/34, they own a house which is 1/2 partialy occupied by a fellow named alaudin. Aludin dekhne mein kala bhadda sand jaisa hatta katta rakchas se kaam nahin tha.he is married and lives in another city. But, he comes to his portion frequently for business purpose. One day, i saw my didi was watching something through key hole (this door separates us from ala-uddin’s room)and has put her hand into her salwar. I understood what she was doing. Didi apni chut mein ungli kaar rahi thi. Suddenly, didi ne mujhe dekha aur bhag ke bathroom mein chaki gayi. Tab maine bhi jhank ke dekha keyhole se. Aur paya ki alauddin was busy to have sex with our common maid laxmi (32).

She is a mother of 2 children and has milk at her boobs. I saw alauddin was fucking and milking her.i understood my didi got horny to see this. Anyway, i frequently was visiting alauddin’s room. Every time, he is inquiring about my didi. Then, we saw blue films together and sometimes he made jokes like how can i feel if the heroine of blue would be my didi and hero he is. Sometimes, he take out his 8” circumcised black cock and masturbated in front of me. Even, aur mere samne hi muth marta tha and calls my didi’s name several times.

i was thinking to myself that his wife must be the most satisfied woman in the world but also i was wondering how she could take such a big penis inside, i never thought it possible, i thought his wife was the most luckiest woman but then little did i know at that time that not only his wife but also my own sister was going to be very lucky.while i returned home, my didi suspected me. She forced me to tell the truth. She got excited while she aware that ala-uddin was calling her name while watching blue films. With afraid, i told her that ala-uddin wants to have her. Hearing this, she slapped me. But, within few moments, she changed her mind and with affection, she told me that she wants to have sex with alauddin as she did not get sex for last 5 months and as a new bride, she is very hungry. I refused but she requested several times. At last, i agreed by giving condition that i will be present while their intercourse. Then i teased her like: “oh my darling didi…. Ala-uddin will pinch your nipples and suck them to his heart’s desires.

He really has a very naughty tongue and i am very sure that you will enjoy his ministrations very much. He is an expert in arousing and then satisfying a woman’s needs. He has a real big lund . You will enjoy his lund more than you have ever enjoyed. Didi you will love it the most when ala-uddin will fuck choot of yours with his huge lund , just imagine his lund entering in your tiny choot. Oh didi your choot may be so tiny, i think that jeejaji has not fucked you properly. I will also be present when ala-uddin will be fucking you. Oh didi then he will put his one finger in your bhosda {cunt} and then rotate it in your cunt, oh didi i am very sure you will enjoy with his finger as much as you enjoy with jeejaji’s lund, because his fingers are as thick as jeejaji’s lund.” That evening, i called alauddin and she was dressed up with t-shirt and non-lace salwar(elastic). Ala-uddin entered our room with oil cloth (babies are kept on it) and dressed with panjabi and pyjama.

I and my didi were surprised to see that. He boldly replied that he fucked a lot of women aged between 14 to 40. All of them secretes lot of pussy juices which may make the bed dirty. For this, he uses it. My didi did not believe it and wanted to challenge. Then, alauddin asked me whether i would be there
And tolerate my own sweet didi in worst position or left the room. I replied yes. He put the oil cloth in bed and threw my didi there. The dirty tongue of muslim stud touched the lips of my hinhu didi . Then, he pulled down her salwar+panty first. I surprised while my didi told it was the 1st time in her life as she was completely naked at her lower portion where upper portion was dressed. In reply, alauddin told that he always does it as he likes to measure how much pussy juice he makes a woman to secrete. Next, he got up and made himself completely naked. Then, pulled up her t-shirt and open her bra. He entered his penis into her mouth and was tweaking her nipples. In meantime, i tried to see my own sweet didi’s pussy (as she folded her legs, her pussy can’t properly seen), by spreading her legs. But, she kicked me. Ala0udin laughed at me. I backed and after sometime ala-uddin got down. He spreaded her legs and looked her tiny pussy (as my jija does not fuck her properly). It was tender, moist and hairy pussy. He moved her pussy hairs and observed her love hole. Then, i saw her vagina for the 1st time from certain distance. In the meantime, he made alot of comments like “see ur lovely didi’s pussy, keep certain distance, don’t be so brave to come near”; lie this. I was so surprized as she did not show me

Her love hole where she permitted ala-uddin. He was sucking her love lips while tweaking her nipples. The muslim man tickled her pussy by his rough fingers and found her g-spot and made her ejaculate. I could not sit properly and put out my tiny cock and masturbated there. When the extreme moment came,didi requested him to wear a condom. But, ala-uddin told her that he would take out his penis at the time of was really excited scene when he was rubbing his cock with her absolute shameful orifice (pussy) and next he was penetrating into her love tube. He told me, “see ankit, how can i penetrate ur didi’s pussy; how can she cry towards my monster cock”. Her eyes popped out of her sockets as she saw her vagina explored to new the meantime, he was licking my dearest didi’s nipples like a baby. I think her milk would come out, though it was not possible as she has no child. But, it made her nipples erect and didi was totally naked except her sindoor and mangalsutra during sex. He is always telling bad words like impotent, cuckold etc to her about my jija. They are in seventh heaven during interriligious sex. Eyes of my didi remain closed during riligious intercourse. Their public hairs touched each other. I was just thinking wht r the difference between my didi padmini and historical padmini (wife of ratan singh). (ek woh padmini jiski ek jhalak pani mein dekhne se hi dilli ke badshah ka lund aisa khada ho gaya ki woh usse chodne ke liye mewar ke uppar attack kar baitha, aur padmini ne apni chut ka rasta sirf ratan singh ke liye khol rakha tha, usne apni chut na marva ke alaudin khilji ki rajpoot ladakon se maa chudwa di, aur apni chut bacha li, aur ek meri didi padmini thi ki , khud apni chut thali mein paros ke padosi alaudin ko saonp di, aur maje se chudwa rahi thi ) at the time of fucking, she is about to senseless. She got 100% satisfaction by the wild beast.

Her hairs are totally disarranged and rolled on her face with sweat due to vigorous movement during sex encounter. Even, he tried to enter his cock into her asshole, but failed due to resistance of my didi. So, he just licked her asshole. Remember that: nothing is sexier than a hindu married didi is being fucked by a muslim cock in front of her brother. They end with unauthorized reproduction as she was at her fertile period. Now, my didi’s love hole was full of sperm at her love hole. I was looking her spermed pussy as it was oozing out. Didi asked ala-uddin why did he cum inside her. He is not her husband and moreover of different community now what would happen. Ala-uddin then kissed her deeply and told her that she has the hottest cunt he has ever fucked and wanted to have a baby with her. Moreover, she may give the responsibility to my jiju about the birth of the this meantime, ala-uddin proved himself that he is able to make secrete a lot of pussy juice as my didi left a huge quantity on oil cloth.cummed at least 4 times to watch their inter-religious sex.then didi advised me to go to sleep. But, i replied i would be there. Whatever, she then slept naked with him wondering whats in store in her life with this wild man. At midnight, i like to watch the scene again. So, i made a plan. To make ala-uddin excited, i sucked his black snake which remained at normal size. He woke up and discovered me. He was so excited and wanted to screw my didi again. She woke up as the arrogant muslim stud created a sensation on her nipples by nibbling her areolas (nipples) by his scary beard. Ala-uddin told my didi that i was the responsible man to proke him to have sex. My didi said some rough words to me. But, she was also eager to do so. They did same expect i was lucky to see her doggy style fucking. It continued for few days. While i backed from my school with hungry belly, i found several times that the room was locked, my didi was crying inside and obviously ala-uddin was there. Though, this crying is the expression of enjoyment. I kept myself outside to allow them to enjoy, though i was hungry. Sometimes i watched them through keyhole. After completing sex, ala-uddin left the door of the room laughing at me and put light slap on my shoulder. Later, i discovered my didi to lay on the bed completely tired, but satisfied smiling face. Few days ago, my jija has backed and glad to get the news that his wife is pregnant. My didi laughed inside as she knows that she is carrying a child of that muslim male, not the offspring of my jija. It was fathered dirty muslim stud and grows at my didi’s womb.

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  1. rohan, don’t get rid of Muslim Masters Child in ur sisters belly

    hum gulaam hai Musalmaanon ke
    Unhone teri behan ko pregnant kar tujhpe upkaar kiya hai

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