Another H!ndu Girl Musl!m Boy Relationship In The News

The question often raised is how come the rich and educated Hindu girls fall for uneducated muslims.

There was a case of how a Hindu Assistant Professor ran away with a Muslim doing some mediocre job.
Another one
Student of physiotherapy elopes with muslim bootlegger
Investigation into how young less educated musalman guys are able to marry college educated hindu girls.

This happened in Dakshin Kannada district in Karnataka which is a laboratory for rw organizations.

Although the rw organizations claiming a “victory”, I believe it is temporary. The girl will soon admit before the Court that she loves the guy as it happens in 95% of the cases.

4 thoughts on “Another H!ndu Girl Musl!m Boy Relationship In The News

  1. Mere Sabi hindu bahenoko aisehi muslim mardose shadi karni chahiye our jindhagi bar unki lund ki pooja karni chahiye….
    Kik id : hindubottom

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