Another H!ndu girl Musl!m man couple in the news

Shafeek and h!ndu girl d!vya.

The news is spreading like a wild fire. I came to know about it from on facebook from a h!ndu girl’s who had a mus boyfriend and she had shared this on her profile. A Musl!m man and H!ndu girl couple denied room in a hotel because the guy was musl!m and girl was h!ndu. He refused to give us a single room saying that it is not acceptable for a Musl!m and a H!ndu to stay together,” Shafeek told the media.

As a matter of fact H!ndu girls have been staying with musalman mards since hundreds of years.

I saw many h!ndu girls feeling sad about it and sharing this news and rightly so.

It is said that in Kerala lot of h!ndu girls are marrying musalman men.

Kerala girl

Kerala is also the most literate and socially harmonious state and educated h!ndu girls are making the choice out of their free will.

Some usual reactions

hindu girls whores

ROFL 5 Minutes pleasure xd.. The musalman mards can hold it for hours, they have good stamina.

hindu girls muslim in europe

shameless hindu

hindu girls living with muslim

Katua mai asli maza hai.

hindu ladki ko muslim

Mile to bahot lekin muslim mai baat he alag thi.

Credits also to [email protected] for the story.

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  1. kerala is a free state… hindus and xhristians njoys the freedom…
    ma sis hav 3 bfs… all muslim…

  2. Main to bolta hu har jagah muslim shops ko prefer Karo apne aap dimag thikane aa jayega Hindu namardo ka.

  3. meri wife Ashima ko Koi problem nhi aaty room ki. wo Muslim ladkon k sath mere bed pe hi chud lety hai

  4. Har ladki ko bade lund se chudne ka aur jawani enjoy karne ka haq hai.. koi use chote lund se chudne ko majboor nahi kar sakta. Kya hua agar bade lund sirf musalmano k las hai to.. hame chudne ka poora haq hai..


  5. Indian law says it’s our fundamental right to choose our life partner nobody can stop it.even Islam says “you r free to choose a girl for nikah”.but no sex without’s haram.kik me at sahilkhan877

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