Another Indian Hindu Woman Runs Away And Marries Pakistani Muslim

Hindu woman Tina married pakistani musalman named Sulaiman. Shez a married women who met the musalman on facebook, she went crazy for Sulaiman’s sulaimani muslim lauda. She left her two kids and husband Umesh.

Same story whether India Pakistan or Bangladesh Hindu girls love going for musalmani lauda. Looks like these hindu girls go crazy for musalman lunds. Its not the first time a hindu girl has ran away to Pakistan for musalman lund.

Earlier another girl from punjab ran away and married paki muslim lund

It an open secret “Hindu girls love crossing the lakshman rekha and grabbing the big hard khatna ho rakha sulaimani Muslim lauda”

Now this musalman would probably upload his sexual acts with hindu girl online, thats what paki musalman love to do in most of the paki xxx videos its hindu girls they are banging, they love to record it with hindu girls.

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