Another Kattar Hindu Leader’s Daughter Runs Away With Musalman Sullah

Its nothing new just part and parcel of living in Hindustan- Hindu father hates Muslims with a passion and his daughter ends in Musalman’s bed
In fact doesn’t matter hindu girl whether from right left or center, they all crave for the musalman sullah, has been going on since hundreds of years.

Fitness centre, well we know those places are dominated by musalman mards. Bharti was in relationship with 33 year old Musalman as her father invokes love jihad.

Another case

Hindu girls go to workout in fitness centres and end up getting their ass worked out by Musallam.

Now it is really becoming a common knowledge – If hindu daughter goes missing, she has ran away with the musalman katbullah.
Bharti released a video supporting her decision and accusing her family of harassment.
Poor Hboys they would have bet on their life’s savings that she wouldn’t go for musalman but Truth is stranger than fiction her profile seems like she is kattar hindu girl. She likes Musalman mard from the inside just like most hindu gals.

There cannot be smoke without fire. The hboy at Nagpur office didn’t just mindlessly come up with his statement about the musalman cocks with hot foreheads that hindu girls love. Obviously he must have experienced the situation himself and hence

Hboy Reactions

Hboy fight with hindu girl as hindu girl supports hindu girl and musalman mard

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  1. Comments padh k aisa lag raha hai k log yaha muslim love jihad k khilaf bolne k chakkar me muslim lundo ki tarif kiye ja rahe hain.. aur har ladki ko khud bata rahe hain k muslim lund kitna shandar hota hai heheeh.. ise kahte hain asli bhai bap jo khud apni bahan betiyo ko uksa rahe hain musallo k neeche ane k liye..
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