Another Mail from Bimal Kashyap

hot ass desi wife

Previous post by Bimal Kashyap the same guy whose wife ran away with a Pakistani stud.

He writes:
This is Bimal Kashyap. I previously wrote about my Punjabi Brahmin ex-wife who left me and married a Pakistani Pathan man she met while working in the Middle East. Looking at some of the posts on your website, I decided to share the fact that, more than once, my ex (now Anjum Khan) remarked that she thought my penis was on the small side, and how she wished it were a little larger. I am thus sharing a pic I took of my genitals today itself. It is actually smallish – when erect, it gets to about 12 cm in length, and is not very thick at all. There’s also a picture of her in a skimpy frock, with the face masked.
I am still in touch with Anjum and recently, during the course of a conversation, she let me in on the fact that they were trying for a baby, as her new husband apparently wants one badly.

Bimal shares the secret his tiny cock, I examined the pic and found that it is original. I think you should turn into a gay

Bimal sends another pic of this milf who was previously his wife.
I am sure your wife’s big ass is taken care of very well by the paki muslim stud. You were just not made for her. This hindu milf needs a real big pathan muslim stallion’s cock and now I am more convinced than before that she made the right choice.

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  1. hi iska id kya pls post

  2. Ye sahi kiya Bimal ne.. jab khud me taqat nahi hai to jisme hai use karne do.. main khud ek bangali Hindu ladki hu aur janti hu k bangali aurato ki aag kitni tez hoti hai.. sirf mote lambe hathiyar se kas k 2-3 round chale to hi din achha jata hai.. Good job Bimal ji.. I’m proud of you

  3. yes , hindu men should think with open mind like Bimal, and should allow freedom their female i they can not keep them satisfy .

  4. yes! that’s what all Hindus should do..

  5. bimal k sat mari sympathy h .and sat m wo himat wala v h jisne sachai logo k samne laya.nature me v superior hi survive krte h

  6. I am also planning to marry a hindu hottie and lead life as her devoted sissy husband… its for the best…

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