Anubha fools her hubby

This is a true story that happened 2 years ago. The person involved is a close friend of mine. His name is Deepak. (name changed)
Deepak had a good job and earned well. He met a girl named Anubha she was also hindu. Soon they both got married.
After 7 months of marriage Anubha delivered a baby. Suspicion was inevitable after that. How can she deliver a healthy baby in 7 months but still there was no alarming fuss in the family. They accepted it happily. Anubha resumed working in the real estate agency where she used to work before. Things started getting worse after a few years. Anubha wanted divorce. Her husband also caught her talking to her ex-boyfriend. His name was Nafeez he was a muslim. Deepak knew that Anubha was in a live in relationship with Nafeez before the marriage. Anubha told Deepak that her relationship with Nafeez had gone bad, its a troubled relationship and she is trying to run away from him. Deepak gave emotional support to Anubha, they got close and after a while they decided to marry. Deepak had no sexual relationship with Anubha before the marriage so its almost certain that the child is a result of the physical relationship between Nafeez and Anubha.
After some time it turned out to be that Anubha was having an affair with a muslim man named Faizal. He has a family business. 38 year old Faizal was previously married, he was a divorcee back then. Well these mature muslim divorcee men have better prospects here  they are in the club of aamir, saif, imtiaz and have some kind of appeal as far as hindu women are concerned.

Anubha filed for a divorce and Faizal supported her. She also leveled some other charges against Deepak to put more pressure on him, the laws favored her. Deepak knew he would have to pay alimony / maintenance to her. In the end both the parties agreed on ‘out of court settlement’. Deepak payed Anubha 5 lakh rupees roughly 7400 usd. Anubha also got the custody of the child.
After an year Anubha married Faizal, it was a nikah.
My friend Deepak was made an emotional fool. She enjoyed muslim lauda, got pregnant by a muslim. Deepak was blinded by her beauty and got drowned in her emotions. Her beauty is only true to a muslim man, while it deceives hindu males like Deepak. Before the marriage she was getting fucked by muslim lauda and after the marriage also she grabbed a muslim dick of a divorcee muslim. On could draw many conclusions out of this but to me its clear. She likes muslim lund and loves spreading her legs to them, it wasn’t just a coincidence.

3 thoughts on “Anubha fools her hubby

  1. Sahi baat raj
    Aik baar agar kata musalmani Lund chut me me liya to Hindu aurat sirf aur sirf Muslims ke neeche hi bichna chahti hai, chahe koi bhi keemat ho

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