8 thoughts on “Arab guy fucks white woman in london

  1. See the way he fucked him. Bareback and without condom. This is becoming a hallmark of muslim studs. They fuck women without condoms. I bet this white chick is married but wants a baby from Arab Stud. His thick cock made her enjoy like heaven. My wife encountered a Turkish Stud from London. His cock was also very thick and he looked very much like this stud. He also fucked without condoms. We named our 2nd son after him, Hassan, as he was the father

  2. If they use condom how will the hindu girls get pregnant?
    They aim to impregnate Hindu women by fucking them without condom.
    Also because their cock is circumcised, women enjoy these studs a lot.
    Muslim Bulls often make hindu women pregnant by their powerful cum shots

  3. God what a stud, it makes me ashamed that I can never perform like a muslim man. I want to watch my wife and daughters being serviced in this way, its the only way they will be truly satisfied.

  4. I am a hindu boy, and I’m from Mauritius, and I want a muslim man to do that to my mom, plz if someone (muslim) can do that, then inform me, I will be glad!

  5. It is very true, Muslim men never use condoms and as for me, a white wife…that is fine! I adore taking bareback and yes, allowing them to finish deep inside where they truly belong!

    1. I agree Karen, it’s so much better bareback. I want to feel a Muslim man’s cock explode deep inside me, it’s so sexy knowing I could get pregnant by him.

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