Arab master spreads his seed

1405 AD : The musalman arab conqueror with his superior strength conquered Princess Nandani’s father’s kingdom. Her men surrendered in front of the mighty arab conqueror Mohamed Al-Hakeem. Hakeem went into her chamber to claim what was now his. Princess Nandani was ready for him with a sword in her hand. Hakeem wasn’t concerned he knew he could defeat her with his bare hands. He saw her and eyed her voluptuous body then started lusting for her. He looked at her exposed belly and then her cleavage, his dick got hard in no time.
Nandani was not aware of this, the arab master was not accustomed to seeing women in this fashion. She was in a saree with a tiny strapless blouse. Seeing her like this made him want to fuck her even more.

Hakeem needed sex after a good battle preferably with women whose men he defeated. He took out his cock in front of the Princess. Nandani was a student of kamasutra she had never seen such a dick before. In shock he lost grip of her sword which fell down.

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With a sigh she reckoned that his dick isn’t from this world. Its so hard and so big.

She wanted to touch and feel the superior manhood. Hakeem grabbed her by the hair and she grabbed his mighty arab cock which greatly pleased the master.
She for the first time in her life touched and got a feel of full hard strong circumcised foreign muslim cock which had fucked hundreds of women till now. Promiscuous Nandani started craving for it. She wanted to feel that manhood inside her which bested her men and made them surrender.

Nandani sucked his dick as it started lubricating. In pleasure with a heavy voice Hakeem said something in arabic which she didn’t understand, it meant ‘your men should see how much you like the foreign manhood’.
Then he spread her legs wide open, fucked her as she moaned and filled her pussy with his seed which he wanted to spread.

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  1. India should open its western borders and welcome all men as far as morocco to come & settle here. There are more than enough women for their pleasure.

  2. its fact in olden days kings are regarded as super power and devine and princessess as role model muslim conqures not only defeated great kings with just like a blink of eye all forceses crush solider slughter kings force to surrender there honour and authorty and become puppet in hand of sultan but what sultan enjoy most girls of nobel family with big eyes beautiful body thin waist laden with orange like boobs and watermelon like big hips

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