Archana dumps namard H boy and befriends Javid

Hi I am Sachin Bansal bringing to you this post. This is a real story which was shown in famous desi TV show CrimePatrol which features real incidents.
Previously Archana had a hindu boyfriend named Raja but when she came to know about his impotence (namardangi) she dumped him and made a new boyfriend Javid who was a muslim. She felt cheated that why didn’t Raja told her about his impotence before.

Archana and Javid wanted to do Nikah and live together. Archana’s father did not want her daughter to marry Javid but Archana’s mother had no problem with the marriage.
Later Archana and Javid made a plan to run away (elope) and do nikah.

As the story unfolds we come to know that Raja suffers from impotence (namardangi) later when Archana came to know about this she dumped Raja.  Archana did not want to talk to Raja but he kept on following her even after she dumped him.

One day on the street Raja encounters Archana and Javid together and Raja started misbehaving with Archana, he felt angry when he saw her with Javid. Raja Said “you left me and now having fun with him, he is satisfying all your needs.” “mujhe chodd kar us ladke k saath ash karegi, sari zarurat to wo puri kar raha hai teri.” Raja tried to beat Archana but Javid came in between and taught him a good lesson who tried to misbehave with Archana. Javid ne usko maar kar bhaga diya.

Raja was from a hindu family and his mother used to practice and believe in black magic. Later Raja killed Archana’s family and kidnapped Archana. He kept her in his house and his mother knew everything about it. This horrible incident happened just the night before Archana and Javid were to elope and do Nikah. Archana were to elope the next day to marry Javid but just the night before this incident happened,
Raja’s mother called a tantrik who did some rituals on Archana. Later Raja and his mother killed Archana too.
Sad end…
Later Raja’s mother revealed that she did black magic to cure his son’s impotence but that did not help did it. It was just a waste.
They were caught later. In the ending scene Raja confesses that when he learned about Archana wants do do Nikah with Javid and become his wife he got deeply angry.

It was just the arrogance of Raja he got nothing in the end. If he had accepted his impotence and that he can never give Archana what she wanted and can never make her happy like Javid then this wouldn’t have happened. He should have accepted the fact that Archana left him and befriended Javid who was a real potent man. May be Raja just wanted to marry to hide his impotency at the expense of Archana but ek jhoot ko chupane ke liye 100 jhoot bolna padhtey hai.

If that arrogant impotent guy Raja had accepted the truth that he can’t make Archana happy and she would enjoy more and be happy with Javid none of this would have happened.

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