Asif’s sexual encounter with his teacher Anita Sharma

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This is a real incident so please bear with me, while the incidents are real but I have changed the names to protect the identity of the characters involved in this. Also since the next few narrations will be from the side of the woman, so here we go.

Hi my name is Asif khan a regular on this site for the past few months. This incident happened when I was 17 and was staying in Mumbai. I come from a family of shop owning businessmen and I have always had fascination for the opposite fairer sex. Since all in my family are quiet tall my height started to show as well. Though I was a very honry kid my grades sadly wasn’t showing up, and since I had taken commerce and it had lots of maths involved in it I was dreading it.
In our locality which was a fully muslim dominated area I couldn’t find any good tutor, finally my elder brother suggested me a tutor who lived 2 lanes apart from where we stayed. A bit about me at that time my height was 5 foot 9 and had been gymming for a year and had developed a decent physique.

I was dis interested as I rang the door bell, imagining this woman to be a 60 year old woman who was going to make my life miserable. But when the door opened I was gawking and just looking at the fine woman who standing behind the door. My dick was erect, there she was my dream woman my would be teacher Mrs Anita Sharma.

A bit about her she was 5 foot 4, 29 years old just married a year ago, and was looking stunning even though she was just wearing a red tee shirt and a tight pant, her hair was wet and her lips pinkish due to the gloss she had applied, with the combined fragrance of her shampoo and perfume. She cleared her throat and said “yes who are you” I replied “I ..I….I am asif maths tuition” she smiled and said oh you’re the one huh, please come in” and she continued “ I thought you will be a younger kid, your bhabhi told me about you, but you are a strapping young man” I smiled and decided that she will be under me pretty soon.

I smiled and then we made small talk of how I find maths tough and she explained its all about concepts (boooring!!!) then she told me since shes full during the day time I can come in the evening from 3 to 430 as she would be free and my term has intensive practice. I found myself cursing her because that’s the time my bhabhi and ammi go to their respective rooms to rest before my dad and brother come from the shop and I can happily jack off in my room reading the magazines I steal from my brothers closet.

So from next day for a month I started going regularly and she taught me things which simplified a lot of my confusion but there were still mistakes which I was committing, one day while doing the problems , I noticed anita was really acting strange and different and I wondered what was wrong, she came to me and looked at my workbook and examining the problems given by her to solve, I had got the first 2 wrong and she started shouting and telling me that I should give up studies and do my parents a favor by not wasting their money and stuff. I was really surprised but I was now cursing the bitch within my breath, had she not been my bhabhis friend I would have shown her.

She told to leave the house as soon as I can and she will decide whether to continue the tution or not. Now I was in a fix one she will tell my bhabhi am not studying who will relay this to my brother and then the whole family will gangbang me. And biggest worry how can I stop seeing her?? With a sad heart and a fucked up face I went home and flung my bag on the chair, the whole evening seemed to pass slowly, till things changed as I got a message at around 930 PM on my phone (no whatsapp back then) hey look asif am sorry I should not have shouted at you , I got your number from your bhabhi but I did not tell her anything” I replied with a “its fine Teacher” I usually call her anita but reading my teacher she understood I was angry as well, she replied in what changed our relationship. “look I know you are too young to understand this but sometimes even on your special days when the ones you love isn’t there for you, it makes u lonely, its my birthday today and my husband isn’t home am sorry I took my anger on you” I was smiling from inside coz this is one chance I needed I quickly had a bath told my mother I was going to a friends place for a bit to study (which was quiet common) I sourced the last open cake shop and bought the best available pastry and some chips and cold drink and caught a rickshaw and landed on her door. The lights were off I presumed she would be asleep as I rang the bell it took her some time to open the door.

She was surprised to see me. But lesser than me, she was in a sleevless tee and jean shorts. She opned the door and said “asif you in this time” I said “Anita I am sorry for today morning, here is a small gift from me but close your eyes and sit for a minute” I quickly closed the door and ran to the kitchen bought matchbox and knife as I lighted the candle and put off the light and fan she opened her eyes and I said happy birthday!!!! She had tears in her eyes and then I wished her we cut cake and had chips as I was opening cold drink she said “Asif do you mind if I drink some vodka and use the cold drink” I said no problem anita. So she made one glass and then another and then the third.

I was wondering what would happen if she got sloshed, when she spoke “You are looking good in this white T Shirt, you go to gym?? I nodded and she said “Arey yaar why you sitting far, come sit close to the birthday girl” I knew she was buzzing but the question was what next.

I went and sat with her and she said “I am sorry for hurting you today morning, you know my husband has been out of India for two months and two more to go so was feeling lonely, but you are sweethear you made me happy, wish my husband was like you” and hugged me saying this I was now beyond the point of decency as I hugged her too, the hug was longer than expected then I said fuck it and tightened my grip.

Till I felt something wet on my shoulders which was going down to my arms, she was crying but I was hard she asked me sniffing “am I not beautiful asif??”I said “anita you’re the most beautiful woman I seen especially when you keep your hair open, then when you speak your black birthmark under ur lips make me want to watch it again and again” she was gawking with a smile and surprise and I said had I been your husband your birthday would have been celebrated differently. She raised her eyebrow and said really how?? The seduction had begun and I put the song “Woh Lamhe” which was really hit wen I was 17 and it was the slow version and I dimmed the light and took her hand for a dance she blushed and I put my hands on her hips as we started to dance slow and then looked up at me and said “thanks asif I wont forget this day” and kept her head on my chest and her right hand on my abs as she was playing with it. I said anita what if say your very beautiful” she looked up at me as the dark room had her white eyes and face. I don’t know was it the mood or the liquour or both within few seconds our lips met.

Here was a17 year old boy kissing his 30 year old teacher. The first kiss lasted a few seconds as she pulled away and looked at me saying “but asi……” till I closed my lips around her and she pulled away again looked at me and smile and pulled my face close to hers and kissed me. Her hands playing with the back of my head we were eating each others tongue and exchanging saliva as I felt feel my cock over my jeans. I picked her up and took her to the couch and made her sit as I kissed her eyes she asked me “are you sure??” I removed her tee shirt and flung it to the door and she ubuttoned her jeans short and threw it. Her white body was radiating in the dark room with just her red bra, panty and her mangalsutra on her.

While I was removing my tee she stopped me and said please let me do it. I sat down and she was straddling my lap and she sucked my ear and was kissing my neck and running her hands through my hair as she removed my tee shirt and started to lick my chest and bite it softly.

She then kissed my abs and circled my navel and kissed it and looked in my eyes and unbuttoned my jeans and slid it down to my ankles and with her teeth removed my underwear looking at me all this while. Once my cock sprang out she gasped saying “oh god, its so big for a boy so young” even at age I was close to 8 inches when hard. “its huge, hard, long and cut” and winking at me she said “ I love cut bananas” to which I said “don’t stop short, this is your birthday treat the best cut banana” and she dropped her head down and sucked me deep for a bit, I wasn’t close to cumming since I had jacked off before she called after few minutes of good suck she grew tired and said please cum for me. I nodded my head no as I said not before I get my return gift.

I pulled her up and made her sit on my naked lap and kissed her shopulder and her back and her neck as I got her bra off and out stood in front of me the best tits I have ever seen. Perfect round, white in color and brown nipples and huge at 36D. she was looking at me and said “are you just going to stare or are you going to do something” I started to lick and suck her tits like it was a watermelon and was just eating them hungrily. She was panting now with my assault on her huge boobs and she whispered please take me asif, please fuck me”.

I lifted her with her legs around my waist and her kissing my face, we reached her marital bed and I put her down and she just said “fuck me like I never have been before” I shook my head no and she was close to tears “why asif don’t you wanna fuck me?” I smiled anita I want to but you have to ask me properly and promise me your pussy will be mine from now” she came to me fell on my feet kissing it saying “please my young stallion, my pussy needs your strong big cut dick, please deflower me and make me a woman” I laughed and said “now that’s better” I made her lay on the bed and I spread her legs, her pussy was pinkish and it was clean no spotting of hair, I positioned myself between her legs as she closed her eyes and hissed “please slow” and I did not need any lubrication as we literally dripping wet.

I slowly made my way inside her pussy and started to give her slow strokes and made sure to stop in between to prolong the duration because the way her pussy was tight and clutching my dick I was sure to let go soon. I then started to pick up my pace and was fucking her with a good rythym as my balls were smacking her pussy hard. She was panting and gasping as she said “I cant belive that a young muslim boy is fucking my married hindu pussy, god yes fuck me harder, fuck me make your slut, your bitch, your fuck toy, cuckold my husband by fucking his wife on his marital bed god yes arghhhhhh” we kept fucking for 40 mins and she had come thrice finally I was ready to come she might have felt this when she said “are you close?” I nodded yes in my sexual heat and she panicked “not in my pussy baby” I asked her “where the fuck you want it then bitch” my mouth and face and that’s when I removed my dick from her pussy and let stream after stream which hit her face, lips and eyes and mangalsutra.

She scooped everything and started to eat them. She was purring like a cat and said “ice cream for dessert and laughed” I laughed too as I whispered you better don’t forget what you told me about being mine for good” she looked into my eyes and nodded as I said “from now am the man of the house, and this bed and the woman in it belongs to me” we both slept holding each other as I felt her smile as she was sleeping on my chest happily not before whispering to me before sleeping “thanks a lot asif , you made me a woman finally”

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