Driver aslam and my hindu wife part 1


I am a Businessman, Keshav Agrawal from Kolkata and this is completely a true story.

I got married to my wife Shweta Sharma in Kolkata in 2009. Her father was also a businessman. Shweta was just 24 years when she got married and I was 28. Our married life was good from outside but from the inside it was on rocks as I was unable to satisfy Shweta. 1 year passed and for family business expansion i shifted to Mumbai in 2010 and that changed our lives forever.

Being a rich businessman, I easily got a flat in a posh apartment in Bandra West. My wife who was never satisfied with me for 1 year was very frustrated with me but 1 day in the car parking area she was staring at a guy. He was the driver of our neighbour Mr. Khanna. The guy was very handsome. He also stared my beautiful wife daily and that made me insecure

After 1 week, my wife suggested me to talk to Mr. Khanna’s driver. I did not want to snatch Mr. Khanna’s driver as he was my neighbour but somehow my wife wanted to have him as our driver. So I asked him to come to our home on Sunday evening. He came and I asked his name. His name was Aslam. He was 27 year old with a muscular body. I asked him, if he would be interested in working with us and asked him his salary. He said he was getting Rs 12,000 per month so I offered him 15,000. To my surprise he flatly refused the offer. He was about to leave but than my wife stepped stepped in and she said “Hum tumko mahine ka bees hazar denge (20,0000)”. Aslam refused again.Seeing all this i was surprised and asked Aslam, what the matter was as we offered him almost double salary. Then my wife started to beg Aslam “Please humare driver ban jao, tumhare alawa hum kisi aur ko driver nahi rakh sakte”. I didn’t understand why Shweta was so interested in keeping only Aslam as driver but after lot of persuading Aslam agreed. He joined us very next day and became our driver.

Next week, I had to travel Kolkata for business work. I was a bit scared leaving Shweta alone but the apartment was safe. When I had to leave for the airport, I called Aslam to keep the car ready and drive me to the airport but he was not responding to my phone for half an hour. So I walked down to the parking lot and saw that Aslam in our car and he was banging a girl, Nisha in the back seat (Nisha was the 20 year old daughter of my neighbour Mr. Khanna). Both were naked. Seeing me Nisha got scared and dressed up quickly. I could not see Aslam naked from the front but from back his body was like a powerful wrestler. I wanted to scold Aslam for fucking Nisha (who was daughter of his previous employer) secretly but seeing his muscular body, i got scared and scolded Nisha instead. Nisha apologized to me and pleaded me not to tell anything to his father as she was madly in love with Aslam. I was getting late so just asked Nisha to go up and asked her not to repeat this and stay away from Aslam. Aslam meanwhile had dressed up and came out of the car. I thought Aslam will apologize to me but instead he stared me as if i had done some crime. To avoid any unsusual scene in front of Nisha, I quickly asked Aslam “airport ke liye der ho rahi hai jaldi chalo warna flight miss ho jaegi”.

Aslam started the car and i sat behind. For 10 minutes I was unable to say anything out of fear but then i gathered strength and asked Aslam. “Itni hi garmi hai tere andar to shadi kyun nahi kar leta, fir jo bhi karna hai apni biwi ke saath kar”. Aslam replied “Sahab mai to shadi shuda hun, meri pahle se 2 biwiyan hain jo mere ghar me rahti hain aur mai unko roz chodta hun;lekin mujhe fir bhi sukoon nahi milta. Nisha memsahab ko mai 9 mahine se chod raha hun. Wo bhi roz, wo mujhse shadi karna chahti hai lekin unke maa baap kabhi nahi maanenge”. I told him, even Nisha would not agree to marry you once she knows that you already have 2 wives. To this he replied “Nisha memsahab ko sab pata hai, lekin wo fir bhi meri teesri biwi banne ke liye ready hai. Wo meri deewani ho gai hai. Jaldi hi wo Khanna Sahab ko bata ke Islam qubul kar legi aur meri teesri biwi ban jaegi” Then i said “Fir to teri garmi kam ho jaegi na? Teen biwiyan ko kar kar ke thak jaega tu, fir driving kab karega”. To this Aslam said “Pakka musalmaan hun sahab. Din me darjano ladkiyan thok kar bhi mai apna kaam kar leta hun. Aapko pata hai Khanna sahab ke yahan driving karne se pahle mai ek MNC company me kaam karta tha, wahan se mujhe nikal diya gaya tha”. I was curious and asked him why was he expelled from his previous job.

Aslam said, “mai jis company me tha, wahan ke sare Hindu mard, mard kam namard zyada the. 1 baar mere ek senior ke bache ki birthday party thi jisme sab ko bulaya gaya tha. Mai tab 25 saal ka tha aur meri biwi bhi thi. Party sham ko shuru hui fir der raat tak chali. Office ke kafi log apni biwi ke saath aaye the lekin mai akela gaya tha. Raat ko sab nashe me dhut ho gaye. Mere boss ki biwi mujhe khich ke apne room le gai jab uska pati behosh pada tha, wahan maine use jam kar choda, fir ek senior ki biwi ko fir 1 aur ko. Fir wo senior jiske ghar me party thi, uski biwi aur behen, dono ne mere musalman lund ke maze liye. Us din mujhe laga ki Hindu namard hote hain lekin unki auratein kafi garam hoti hain”. Us din ke baad se mere office ke kai logo ki biwiyan mujhse chudne lagi, kuchh ko to mai roz chodta tha. Mujhe Hindu choot ki latt lag gai. Aisa 1 saal chalta raha lekin 1 din mere senior ko pata chal gaya jab uski behen pregnant ho gai. Fir dhire dhire mere boss ko bhi pata chal gaya ki jab wo office me der raat kaam karta tha tab uski biwi bistar me meri biwi ban jati thi”. Ghabrakar, sab ne mujhe company se nikalwa diya. Maine fir Khanna sahab ke yahan naukri shuru ki. Tab Seema naam ki ek Hindu ladki ko mujhse pyar ho gaya. Uske baap ne uski shadi kahin aur tay ki thi lekin use mere masalmaan lund ki aadat pad gai thi. To shadi ke raat wo mere saath bhag gai aur ab Seema, meri dusri biwi Salma ban gai. Fir Khanna Sahab ki beti Delhi se padhai puri karke wapas aa gai. Wo 19 saal ki thi aur virgin bhi. Mai kafi baar use bahar akele le jata tha. 1 baar uska boyfriend bhi saath tha. Usne Nisha memsahab se badtameezi ki o maine use maar maar kar bhaga diya. Usi raat Nisha memsahab ko mujhse pyar ho gaya. Tab se roz mai Nisha memsahab ko chodta hun.”

Hearing all this story made me horny from inside and I believed Aslam’s stoy because he was a handsome bodybuilder man but I doubted if he had stamina to fuck many woman every day. That night I got my answer. When we reached airport, Aslam asked me, when will I come back. I told him to come and receive me after 4 days. Then he said “Achha to memsahab 4 din akeli rahegi, aapke bina?”. With these last lines, I took my suitcase and entered airport for check in. I was waiting for my flight which was delayed by 30 mins but as I entered the airport, i got nervous that my wife Shweta will be alone for 4 days with a manly Muslim Driver who is expert in making Hindu Women his willing slaves. I was in the boarding counter with these nervous thoughts. As I was about to enter the security check in, I decided to cancel my trip and go back to my house. The thought of a Muslim Stud pounding my wife in my absence made me both afraid and excited. Afraid because my wife would then become slave to a Muslim Hunk and excited because i wanted to see if Aslam, was really a muslim stud as he claimed himself to be or was just boasting. I came out of the airport, took a taxi and headed for my home.

I reached home in 30 mins and rushed to my flat. I had another key so instead of ringing the doorbell, i quietly opened the door and entered my posh flat. I found that the hallway was dark and some sound was coming from my bedroom. I removed my shoes without making any sound and peeped in my bedroom, whose door was slightly open but I could see the entire view of my bedroom. I was shocked at what I saw. My wife Shweta was in the arms of a stranger man and this stranger was none other than my driver Aslam. I got very angry and wanted to go and beat the hell out of Aslam but then i thought that Aslam was very muscular and powerful so he might beat me like an animal. Also he was not forcing my wife. My wife herself came into his powerful arms. Then I heard their conversation. My anger changed into excitement and all of a sudden i desired to see Aslam in action and wanted him to do what I never could, that is satisfy my wife. I was ready to see if Aslam is actually an Asli Mard as he claims.

Aslam grabbed Shweta in his arms and started kisisng her cheeks. Then they both smooched while Aslam used his hands to strip Shweta off her clothes. When she was in bra and panty Aslam snatched her bra using his teeth and violently started to bite her breasts. Shweta was a beautiful Marwari girl with awesome body figure and Aslam was having the best of her. Aslam said “Mast maal hai tu, tera pati to bohot kismatwala hai”. Then Shweta replied “Lekin mai to kismatwali nahi hun na. Mera pati Namard hai. 2 minute se bhi kam me fisal jata hai uska, aur uska itna chhota hai ki pata hi nahi chalta”.

I was shocked at the insults being thrown at me by my wife behind my back to a stranger male. Aslam then ripped his shit off and revealed his muscular body. This time I saw him from the front. He had dense hairs on his chest and he was an Asli Musalman Mard with a body like Pahalwan. Then he removed his pants and I saw his cock. It appeared like a horse’s cock to me. My wife saw that and greedily held it in her own hands. She said “Mere pati ka to iska aadha bhi nahi hai”. She was right, my 4 incher was nothing compared to Aslam’s monster. It was atleast 7 inches long, cut and more than double my cock in thickness.

Shweta then grabbed Aslam’s cock and begged him “Please mujhe aaj khush karde, mere me daal do”. Aslam toook her and said, “Ek shart pe. Pahle mujhse nikah karna hoga”. Shweta said “Abhi to taat ke 10 baj gaye, is waqt nikah kaise, bas mujhe chod do please”. Aslam replied, “thik hai, agar meri biwi nahi ban sakti to meri randi ban. Mai tujhe apni randi bana leta hun, uske baad chodunga, bol manzoor hai. Ek baar meri randi ban gai fir tu apne pati se nahi chudwa sakti sirf mujhse”. Shweta said “mujhe tumhari har shart manzoor hai, bas jaldi se daal do, waise bhi mera pati namard hai wo wapas aaega to tum use apne jooto ke niche rakhna aur mujhe apni randi bana lena”. Then Aslam laid down Shweta on my bed and jumped on her. He pounded her for atleast 15 minutes. I was excited seeing all these and despite knowing that my wife is cheating, I was feeling like heaven. I rubbed my small cock and cummed in 5 minutes. Then I realized after 15 minutes my wife orgasmed but Aslam was still fucking her. He then woke up and asked Shweta to lie down opposite. He then fucked her doggy style for 30 minutes. I was astonished at his stamina. Just 2 hours back he fucked Nisha and now he is fucking Shweta. After 30 minutes when he was about to come, Shweta asked her “Nikalna wala hai kya? Bahar nikal lo, warna mere pati ko pata chal jaega”. Aslam replied “Pata chalne de us chhakke ko. Use dekhne do ki biwi ko khush kaise karte hain. Waise bhi ab uski aukat nahi ki tujhe chhu sake kyun ab tu meri randi hai, uski biwi nahi”. Then after almost 45 minutes of fucking, Aslam started moaning and his came out. I could see his thick juicy white cream all over my wife’s vagina. I could never cum so much in 10 encounters what Aslam came in just 1. White liquid was dripping out of Shweta’s private parts.

Then Aslam dressed up and said “Mai ghar ja raha hun, meri biwiyan intezar kar rahi hongi, kal subha fir aa jaunga tujhe chodne”. Shweta asked how many wives Aslam had, to which he replied “Meri 3 biwiyan hain, agar tu nikah ke liye haan kar deti to tu chauthi biwi hoti”. Shweta said “Thik hai, lekin subha jaldi aa jana. Pahli baar mujhe pata chala jannat kya hota hai”. I hid in the 2nd room and woke up in the morning. Whole night I kept thinking about sounds of my wife moaning when Aslam was banging her like a wild horse.I woke up in morning and kept hiding in the other room till I heard Aslam coming inside. I was again nervous and excited. One hand I was helpless that i was unable to do anything to stop the Musalmaan Mard from fucking my wife, other hand i thought since he was an asli mard, he deserved to fuck her. So i decided to let him fuck my wife while i watch secretly. However this time, the room was fully open so by mistake i stood on the door. I saw both Aslam and my wife naked and they saw me. My wife Shweta got shocked as I caught them cheating but Aslam was unmoved. He stared at me and abused me. “Abe chu*ye, Dekh nahi raha mai teri biwi ko baja raha hun. Sale ga*du. Aage se kabhi kabab me haddi bana to yahin gaad dunga. He then came forward and slapped me thrice before my wife. I felt like a sissy not being able to confront him. After that Aslam pulled down my hair and dragged me on the floor and kicked me 10-12 times. He growled “Dekh be haramjaade, teri biwi ab meri randi ban gai hai aur aaj se isko mai hi chodunga, tu bas dekhega aur hilaega. Aaj se tu mera ghulam hai aur wahi kargea jo mai kahunga”. I was shocked and scared but these words came out of my mouth, “jee maalik, mujhe bhi khushi hogi ki aapke jaisa asli musalmaan mard hi meri biwi ko chode. Hum to ghulam hain aapke.”. He said “shabaash, ab dekh is muslim lund ka kamaal”. His cock was not erect but still much bigger than mine.

Then my wife, infront of me sat in Aslam’s laps. Aslam took her and started dicking her. She started jumpin in Aslam’s laps, feeling his powerful musalmaan cock inside her cunt. In just 15 mins, my wife orgasmed, then Aslam said, “Itni jaldi jhad gai, le mera lund apne muh me le le.” Then he started fucking her mouth. i had already cummed in 1st 2 minutes but even after that i felt my small cock was very hard. I had never been excited before. Then after 20 minutes, Aslam sprayed his cock all over and a few drops of his cum also came on my face. I was about to clean when Aslam ordered me to clean his cock, which i immediately did.

He then commanded me to massage his back and shoulders. I did that like a perfect slave. Then he ordered me to cook breakfast. It was all happening., A musalmaan mard became my master in my own house. After eating and resting for 1 hour, Aslam dressed up and told to my wife “Raat ko fir aaunga teri choot chodne. abhi meri biwi Nisha, niche parking lot me mera wait kar rahi hogi.”. Then he turned to me and said “Mad**chod, yaad rakhna, aaj se tu mera ghulam hai aur teri biwi meri randi, isko sirf mai chodunga”. I said yes to my new master. This became a routine. Aslam would never fuck my wife when I was in office. He would fuck Nisha and other women in the neighbourhood. He fucked my wife Shweta only in morning and night when I was at home and after that he would treat me like his loyal servant.

After a few months my wife asked Aslam,”Meri shadi ko ab dedh saal ho gaya lekin mujhe abhi tak bachcha nahi hua. Is hijde se to kuchh hua nahi. Tum hi kuchh kyun nahi karte.”. Aslam said “Tere pet me 1 mahine ke andar bachcha ho jaega, ye 1 muslim mard ki zubaan hai”. That night Aslam did not go to his home but stayed in my house in my bedroom. I went to sleep but I heard Shweta’s voice moaning and getting fucked the whole night. Next morning both of them slept till late. I did not want to go to office that day as I figured Aslam would fuck my wife whole day and I wanted to see that. It happened as i thought. Aslam fucked her tirelessly for 2 to 3 hours and then took her again in evening.

For 7 continuous days fucked my wife for 40-50 times. Next week Aslam did not come as he was busy with other women but my wife started feeling weak. I took her to doctor and doctor confirmed that she was pregnant. My wife broke the news to Aslam that she was pregnant with his child. Aslam looked at me and said “Dekha be chhakke, ye hota hai musalman ka lund. Is ladke ka baap mai hun lekin baap wale sare kaam tu karega, aaya ki tarah. Mai bachche paida karunga aur tu unko paalega, lekin ye musalman ke bachche hain to inke naam bhi musalmaan hi hone chahye warna teri ga*nd faad dunga”. I nodded my head in affirmation.

Aslam continued to fuck my wife even when she was pregnant. After a few months, Aslam informed Shweta that he got a good job in Dubai through his brother so he would go to Dubai with both his wives and also take his 3rd secret wife Nisha (who would convert soon).

He offered to take Shweta as well. Shweta was already madly in love with Aslam so she was ready but I feared what would my relatives say if my wife ran away with a Musalmaan mard. They would anyways see my son and figure that from his looks that the son is not mine so to save myself from the embarrassment, I begged before my master Aslam to leave my wife here and not take her to Dubai. Aslam after abusing me agreed and left my wife on 2 conditions “Iska jo bhi beta hoga, uska naam muslim naam hona chahye. Dusra teri biwi ab meri randi hai, to isko jab bhi koi mard chahye tu ise lekar Dubai aaega ya fir mujhe phone karega”. I agreed to both the terms. Soon after a beautiful son was born to my wife. he resembled Aslam in looks.I decided to name him Aslam. My wife was busy with the new child so she did not ask for Aslam’s musalmaan lund for 2-3 months but soon after she started to scream at me and wanted to meet Aslam. I tried to call my master Aslam and also show him his 3 month old beautiful son Aslam but his number was not reachable.

What happened next and how are things between my wife and her Muslim lover, I will cover in next part.

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  1. This is clearly a fictitious story but the moral is true. most hindu women and girls dream about getting fucked by big muslim dicks. Once they experience it they are completely addicted to it. I am proud that I am a bengali hindu and my choot is only reserved for Musalman dicks specially from pakistan

    Email: [email protected]

    1. This is a 100% true story Ms. Bannerjee. My elder son was actually born because of Aslam with my wife for many months. We have named him Aslam. He is a beautiful child just 3.5 years old and he will be a handsome young man like his biological father when he grows up

  2. Keshav bhiya apne akalmandi dikyi jo Aslam ko rokne ki koshih nahi ki mere ek dost ne apni behan ke boyfriend Asif ko rokne ki koshih ki thi mai bhi uske sath Asif ko rokne gya par wo bilkul sannd nikla akle hi hum dono par bhari pad gya pahle to jam kar mara hum dono ko murga bana diya aur bandh diya phir usnae hum dono ke samne priya didi ko bula kar maje liye aur hum logo ke bare me batya then priya didi requst him to leave us and forgive us then this arogant bull smile and let us leave after we touch his feet and said jiju to him and he make joke of us in front every one and he press me to introduse him to my didi

  3. bahut acchi kahani hai. es kahani tho ek lesson hai naamard mardon keliye, ki aapki biwi ko muslim mardon ke saath kabhi math akele chodke nahi jaayiye.

  4. actually Muslim Se mai bhi relation banana chahti hu lekin 40 yrs and above Se n who can satisfied my sexual need n no cheating.

  5. Mujhe khubsurrat haseen chudaassi lekin ghareloo sharmili kism ki hindu aurraton ki zabbardastt chudaaaai pasand hai
    aur woh bhi incest masalaaa ke saaath

    1. Pati ne Biwi ko Raand / Baap ne Beti Ko Kuttiya banayaa….
    Pati ne apni Promotion ke liye apni khubsurrat chikni nayee naveli shadishudaaa biwi ko pathan boss ke paaas bhej deeyaaaa..
    Pathan Boss ne apne 5 doston ke saaath uski zabbardast chodaai kiiiyaaaaa…
    ghar mein itni khubsurrat haseen maal rahte huye baahaar jaane kaaTera baap ka eik Clinic hai..he wants get govt favour.. kyaa karegaa.. dekha ki pathan officer log jo use help kar sakte hain unko kunwaari haseen chutt ki talaash hai.. kanhaa se jugaad karegaa.. feer yaad aayi teri… waaaaooo… kyaa zaroorat hai hi man sochaa.. feer tujhe bhejdeeyaa pathan officer logon ke pas.. feer kyaaa…?? raat bhar teri mast kunwaari haseen jawaani luti gayee..tu chudti rahi 5 pathan mardon se..roti rahi..chhatapataati rahi..chillati rahi..apni gaand chutt moonh fadwaati rahi…

    2. Sasural mein gaangbaang Suhagrat…
    eik khubsurrat nayee naveli hindu brahmin ghareloo sharmili dulhan sasural gayeee…
    Uski Sasur ne usko dekh ke mast ho gaye…jam ke pni bahuraani ki chut aur gaand ko chodaaa..pitaaa…
    feer unhone apni hi bahuraaani ko apne ghar par kaam karnewaaale naukar ke paaas bhejaaa
    woh pathan naukar ne ghar ki bahu ko apne musalmaan doston ke saaath mil kar mastt zabbardast gaangbaaang kiyaaa
    bilkul kissi bazaaroo raaand ki tarrah chode sab naukar log ….

    Aise hi kai aur theme hai…

    3. Nanand ne Bhabhi ki Gaangbaang karwaaiii…
    4. Maa ne beti ki Seal tudwaaayeee….
    5. Bhabhi Raaand Toh Nanand Kuttiyaa…
    6. Chudaassi Beti aur Chodankhor Baap…
    7. Bhai ne Bahen ki chut ki Boli lagaaaiii…

    yeh sab mast zabbardast chodaaaai Role Play mein gandeee se gandeee gaaaliyaaan hi rahegeee meri raaand kuttiyon

    ENJOY KARNA HAI TOH ADD ME : [email protected]

  6. asli chodne ka maza aurat ko tab aata hai jab usko ekdam gandi tarah se hot karo aur wo sab bolo jo wo sunana nahi chahti kyunki har hindu aurat jitani sharif hoti hai utani is chudakkad bhi ,jinko khush karna unke husband ke bas ki baat nahi unko mera jaisa lund chahiye to sirf chode hi nahi balki unko gandi tarah se baat karke hot bhi kare. mail karo [email protected] safe aur secret rahega,mumbai se hu

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