What is Mushroom And Why Hindu Girls Love It

Posted on 9

Mushroom is the first thing a hindu girl experiences when she spreads her legs for her musalman boyfriend, lover, husband or friends with benefits. That first contact is something which she never forgets. The penile glans of the musalman katbullahs are fully exposed due to circumcision. While among Hindu boys the head is covered with […]


Types Of Hindu Cuckolds

Posted on 12

Hindu cuckolds may be of different types but one thing is common among them all -“nothing makes them harder than seeing Hindu girls getting banged by Musalman guys”, which is also what usually happens in real. They get aroused at the thought of a Hindu girl with a KatBullah. The thought that starts from their […]


Theory Of Muslim Heat

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Theory Of Muslim Heat in the context of h!ndu girls. Musalman man’s sex drive is a hot topic that come up every now and then which isn’t odd, well there can’t be smoke without fire. Hypersexuality and libodo of muslim men is a much talked about topic inside the hindu circles. This book had some […]


Poonam Pandey’s Relationship With Ahmed

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SamAhmed known as SamB0mbay is Poonam Pandey’s photographer who quickly became her favorite, which ain’t no surprise since the musalman mards excel in this area. Earlier post about poonam pandey and muslim photographer Now Mr. Ahmed has got very close to this Brahmin hindu hottie Poonam and they are in a close fuckbuudy relationship. Poonam […]