Autodriver Rafiq became my husband

This is Rachna sharma from Chandigarh.32 years old Height 5’6″ and weighs approximately 65 kg.. I have a fair bit of complexion .. I am neither a writer nor even a regular reader, just like to share my experience how i refreshed my sex life…..this is the story of approximately 11-12 months back. . I m hindu girl brought up in Hindu family but there’s always a sense of attraction in my heart for Muslim culture and men…….

I was married to a man 6 years elder to me at the age of 25 years…. He was already 31 by then the main reason for me to get married was the family pressure as the man was well settled belonging to Hindu culture and orthodox family… He infact was a great man was taking due care of family but my sex life was always boring specially after the kids were born…. .

My hubby’s professional workload also increased with the time and hence he lost his interest in sexual activities but my hunger for the sex was always there … I tried to seduced him many a times to get him involved in some interesting sex methodologies by wearing sexy dresses and lot of jewellery like bangles anklets (payal) toe rings (bichhiya) waistchain high heels but he just never took interest in me. At that time i decided that i will not really depends on him for satisfaction of my physical and sexual desires
The third and the main character of the story was rafiq an auto driver 22 yrs of age 5’10” 78kg broad shoulder dark complexion but all in all a good package. He always used to stare me whenever i was at the rickshaw stand even stare my milky feet with anklets and toe rings whenever i used to board an auto.

I found his staring really erotic and started travelling with him more often. He started telling me about his likings dislikngs . Where he also told me that he likes the married women wearing those payal in their feet. I was really aroused by her thoughts.

Gradually i started to do shopping with him where he used to select for me all the stuff he used to like but i had more in my mind. I wanted rafiq completely in my life… So i asked him whether he wants to lick my feet. He could not believe on his faith and looked completely shocked i again asked him and then he regained the consciousness again and Hence got agreed immediately.. He just changed the direction of auto rickshaw
And just stopped the auto near a place involving no human intervention… I was lying on the back seat with my one leg over the other in very erotic manner… He immediately came on the back seat and took my sandals off and started to lick my feet. He started with the toes and undid my toe rings with his teeth kissed my anklets… He licked my ankles with payal for a while and then started to bite my soles (talwe chaatne lga) and afterwards he goes on to my fleshy thighs by loosening up my saree a little bit and then within few seconds undid my Saree (i was wearing a yellow colour saree) and then petticoat …I was lying in white bra and blue panty wearing all the jewellery (payal bichhiya churiyan nathni sleek waistchain) in front of a Muslim man who is also the love of my life…. He took off hid clothes and was standing naked in front of me . And as i was doing it outside my marriage the feeling of extramarital affair excites me more… ..he took off my bra and panty and started licking my inner thighs and goes on to the pussy …..

He was licking passionately..I was on the 7th sky….. and he found my g spot and started to bite that with his teeth and I was completely in his control and within 4 minutes time I ejaculated twice he drank all the juice and came on to fondling my breasts … started kissing on my lips and eating all my red lipstick.. kissed my nosering and took it off…. ..

He stood in between my legs and I put my legs on his shoulders… He stated caressing my legs and toes of the feet and then he pushed his large tool in my pussy and I started crying in pain as I was not habitual of such large and thick dick inside me..he started stroking heavily and my voice became louder… anklets and bangles were making a rhythmic sound..he got excited

By that…. and after 15 minutes of rigorous fucking he left his seed inside me….
Later on I got pregnant and my husband knew straight away that he wasn’t his child and he divorced me…my ex husband kept the children from the first marriage with him and i had no problem with that.. As i was already carrying Rafiq’s child in my womb.

I and rafiq later got married and nikaah ceremony was performed….. He kept on fucking me in different positions all throughout my pregnancy period…. I attained the utmost satisfaction in my sex life because of Rafiq…..
Just couple of months back I have given the birth to a beautiful girl child and we are living together a beautiful life with interesting sex sessions regularly always innovating and trying the newer sexual orientations . …..
We just left the city and shifted to a completely new place where he owns a taxi and i take care of his ammi and our children.
Hopefully you liked my story which is a real incident happened to me which changed my life completely and forever.

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  1. Oh kash mein bhi aise apne Muslim bf se ache se thukhai chudu aur wo muje uska beej de meri kok mein..Uska kaala Muslim fauladi lund meri pink Hindu chut mein ahh

  2. It looks like Admins have lost all standard, and would literally publish any story that they can find. If you cant publish any more new stories at least finish the ones that have been started. The falling standards of this site is precisely the reason why i am not sending them my new captions anymore. This is a sincere feedback from one of your most die hard fans.

  3. congrats didi and jijaji

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  5. such a bad writer

  6. Very true.. the standard is deteriorating.

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  8. wow. I wish my gf ashima gets the same treatment .

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