AyaanKhan and H!ndu wife

AyaanAl!Khan married h!ndu girl Neema Sharma.

Its customarily.
So common, the thing is if you check out most Indian musalman guys, their girlfriends are usually h!ndu girls, and the wives of most of the muslim male celebs or other known personalities are typically from h!ndu families.

Most of the h!ndu girls who marry musalman mards are smart, well educated and independent which means they are free to follow their heart and make right choices.
H!ndu girls from conservative backgrounds and those who are not independent also marry musalmans and make musalman boyfriends but the difference is they they usually have to elope or hide it from others while educated and independent h!ndu girls usually do it without any fear.

His brother : http://interfaithxxx.com/armaanal-khan-and-hndu-grls

– Preetika

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