Ayesha Takia chose musalman husband

muslim lover

hindu sexting

She is probably one of the most fantasized indian actress because of her big assets since many indians have big boob obsession.

Ayesha daughter of Nishith Takia and Faridah Takia, her mother is Anglo-Indian half Maharashtrian and half British.
Some hindu males taunt saying that her mother is a muslim, so what. Ghoom fir se end mai to musalman mard k paas he aana hai ye to natural cycle hai. In the end they would always come to musalman mard its a natural cycle.

muslim man hot

With her hubby Farhan Azmi

Moreover Ayesha Takia was not a muslim before marriage because she converted at the time of Nikah. Various media outlets also said she converted to marry Farhan Azmi, the son of Abu Azmi. Her marriage was typical islamic Nikkah ceremony.

Ayesha’s father is law Abu Azmi is a conservative musalman once Ayesha said “My father-in-law is the head of our family, we all love and respect him a lot. I have my own mindset which doesn’t have to match with everyone even when it’s some one I care for, love and respect deeply.”

Mujhe yaad hai jab Ayesha ne Farhan Azmi k saath saadi ki thi to kuch hindu ladke bol rahe the ye kaise aadmi k saath shaadi isne isse acha to mai he dikhta hu. Kya kare aisi jawani koi hindu ladka sambhal nahi pata isne sahi decision liya.  Ayesha jaisi hottie k liye musalman ka ladka he best hai.

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muslim mard

He is a resolute musalman

muslim lover

Vegan Peta But farhan loves beef

beef lover

He is a strong beef eating musalman man


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  1. His twitter he seems like a firm musalman
    Hindu boys outnumber muslim boys in terms of population but still a hot goddess like ayesha takia chose a Resolute muslim from a conservative family instead of a resolute hindu why ? Coz they give real pleasure asli maza unme he hai

  2. Very good step taken by Ayesha. She really looking nice with her muslim hubby. May god bless this beautifull couple.

  3. I think she has taken best decision, muslim mard is best

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