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Hello guys, namaste!

My name is Jabbar Khan. I am not an indian but did spend a huge amount of time there due to various reasons. If you aak me my country by birth, it shall be namibia, in africa, and i have been raised across the globe as my father in associated with an international organization.

Coming to,, well, Idon’t read a lot in this site, but, my friend did refer this to me as he liked it. I am still not sure why he did so. Nice guy he is though.

Coming back to the incident, it may be a bit long, but i guess its worth it. Be patient and guys, lower your pants.

I was assigned an engagement with an NGO that time who was spreading awareness about malnutrition in Karnataka. It was a 3 month long engagement and pretty hectic as i was not able to communicate properly as well. I understand Hindi when spoken slowly, but not regional languages. So we were 3 guys. Me, Sahil and Ahmed. Well they are born and brought up in india and we became close friend during a trekking journey. After that we kept in touch. Anyway, they were in Bangalore and we caught up. We went to a club nearby mg road. We were having a good time. But this club had this VIP zones. That is you get cabins to enjoy the ambience music etc. It was around 930 and all was good. I had to refill my glass and thwy wanted more bottles, so i went up to the counter to order some sides and redt of the things and that is when i saw her. Slim figure, body is smooth as butter, eyes a bit moisty (it seemed from a distance and it was dark) wearing something like the below model. (Attached)

She was looking fucking hot and yes she dis have a body to get fucked.

Caution, i am a generous person and soft person. But when things come to sex, i fuck the brain out of the girl. Or girls as the case maybe.

Anyway, so i went near her to heck her out and surprisingly she was half drunk and she herself started a conversation.

Ahe asked me about my stay work background and she was talking nicely, not like she was drunk and all. I told her i am with my friends and all and also i cant find anyone with her though she is drop dead gorgeous.

She smiled a bit and said she got dunped that day as her boyfriend was going to get married to someone else due to some caste based reason.
I knew India has this issue so i empathized. She asked my name and i asked hers. Came to know a lot about her. She hails from North Bengal, name is Suhasini Chakarborty, working in an advertising agency in the creative department.

I further queried about her ex, but she went to pee and i tagged along as she was a bit tipsy. She went in and i was outside. And folks this is where every thing started. My perception about #Bong girls changed and now i call them #Bongsluts. Then again, it was more than one incident. Coming back to this story, she came out from the bathroom and put her arms around me. We kissed.

It was a long and deep kiss. I usually take consent before fucking a girl so i dont end up fucking my image and get deported. So i broke it off and asked what she wants. She said she needs it. I told her to specify what she needs. She clarified, “i want you inside me”. That was hot! I told her, i can seduce her but cant fuck her as i have friends. She told she is willing to share the live of my friends as well. I immediately grabbed her neck and planted a short kiss. While kissing i tried to grab her butt and the slut she is, she was not wearing panties. In reality, she came to the club to grt fucked. I could have left the club only with her, but though this bitch needs to get punished. I took her inside our cabin.

Obviously, my friends were shocked and suddenly became serious. At the same time as fate would have it, the waiter came to serve us. I immediately put a 1000 rupee note(yep, it was valid then) inside his pocket to make sure no one disturb us. My friends knew what i wanted and why i brought her there. Ahmed spread her legs and found her cunt. It was clean shaved. Heaven! Sahil started kissing her and Ahmed startiled “kya randi he, saali chudwane k liye ayi he.. mast maal he. Achha laga dekh k feminism k zamane me aise randiyan hote he….” All this while she is silent, she knew what was going to happen, and i declared it. Took her neck and told,”you are hot, sexy and half naked, you came here to get fucked like a slut. We 3 will fuck you right here maybe take you to our room and again fuck you. If you agree you will get pleasure that your boyfriend fsiled to give, if you disagree will still fuck you and the waiter saw you seduce me outside”. In a low voice she said, “please make love to me but dont hurt me”.

I told her,” you then agree to get drilled by us?” And finally she consented. Green signal.

She had a beautiful figure, 34C, 32, 34. Our dicks sizes are normal, me having 8.5 inh ahmed 7inch and sahil around 9inch.

I pulled her dress down and threw it in some corner of the cabin, sahil tore her bra. She was placed in the middle.of the table so we pushed the table aside and brought her to the floor. She was very fair. Only hairs she had in her body was on her scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes. Proper fuck material.

I started kissing her back, ahmed liked her cunt he laid on his back and took her cunt while she was on her knees. Sahil was getting a blowjob. Rather i would say he was mouth fucking that bitch. After 5 mins she had cum. We started laughing. I took her hair and forced my dixk right into her mouth and in the mean time ahmed was fingering her ass. Sahil was just masturbating. After 10 mins, ahmed took his 7 inch cock and with warning inserted it right into her ass and she gave a huge shout, to ver up i inserted my 8 incher into her mouth and to teach her a lesson for shouting out out, sahil inserted his dick into her cunt. Basically, double penetration and all whole were used. She was a whore. A true whore, no tears or complain. Only “aaahhhh, ha, chodo,aaahhhh, aahhh, dard ho raha he, randi ki tarah maat karo, aaaaaahhhh.. aur chodo” and sometimes to stop her fucking mouth we were fucking her mouth.

We fucked her for almost 3 hours and then zipped her dress, took a cab and took her to our home. She clhad cum 3 times already and sahil and me once. ahmed was a fuck machine.
He only suggested,
“Is randi ko ghar le chalte he air chodte he, chut ka taste achhe se lena he. Bra randi log nahi pehente to uski use nahi he, dress pehenke le jate he.”

We took her like that and we were sitting in the back seat with her on top of us. All our cocks were out and some of her body parts were servicing them. We toom her home. And sahil lost his control,
” Raandi saali hime seduce karti he” and tore her compete dress. We was half drunk and after the 3 hours session was having sone sense. She explained “mujhe to already chod rahe ho main sab kuch ek gulam ki tarah kar rahi hun to aise kyun behave kar rahe ho?”
She received a slap to that question feom Sahil and her hands were tied to the fan. A hanging slut. We fucked her in air and again double penetrated her. None of us used condom to fuck her neither she asked for it. She only wante dto get fucked and was fucked like a whore or slut. We fucked her till 4 am. She was so good that she took all our cum in her chut, gand and mouth, not a single sperm wasted. After this she actually passed out as she was dehydrated. But the fun was not over as she did not have anywhere to go. Next morning (it was Saturday) she had full sense and asked us for a dress. We order a dress online and asked her to wait till that arrives. For thw next 3 days she was a slut, cook, maid tension releaser sex stinulator and what not

Bong girls are beautiful, bold, hot and sexy. They onky dominate when not fucked. They are dominating in general things, fuck them hard in bed and they will shut the fuck up.

Hope you like it, do tell me what else you want in an incident or narration, as i dont have any clue.

PS: i am a normal guys, i do respect women and girls, unlike many of the posta which i have seen guys abusing women and i am engaged to a lot of NGOs. So, yes, i am not a man whore. I fuck those who opens up.

Do share your views and email me @[email protected] for personal appreciations. And, please, no nudes or dick pics. (Pardon my kinky email address, but i love it)

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