Being wife for 1 week

Being a wife for 1 week
Hi everybody my name is Rina sen I m 45 yrs old, my husband is 57 yrs old, our only son is 25 yrs old pursuing his studies out of city staying in the hostel we both husband and wife stay alone here in a own house located in a posh locality in a metro city.

Let me brief my story, actually my hubby saikat used to teach me when i was in class 12, i was 17 yrs he was 29 yrs old, we both fell in love our parents at fitst objected bcoz my age was less than 18 and saikat was 12 yrs elder to me but we both made our parents understand, also took the relationship seriously we both got married after i completed my class 12 and was 18 yrs old.

I had a oozing body of 5 ft 6 inches height, long black hair, well built figure vitals were 32c-25-33 all the friends of saikat said u have a beautiful young wife. After marriage saikat started his own business, we enjoyed our marriage life gor complete one year by time i was 19 he was 32 we decided to plan our family and saikat planted his seeds in my womb 9 months later we became parents of a baby boy.

This was my early life story now my son is 25 studying engineering in bangalore, my hubby saikat loves me very much i too maintained my figure as before now i m 45 yrs old but my stats are 34d-27-37, my hubby saikat always ask me to do makeover as i have to visit with him in the party, he ask me to wear all the modern dresses i also supports him he chooses dresses for me, many times he takes me along with him to the business trip, my regular dresses during the trips are often skirts shirts and blazers as saikat wants me to wear. Apart from these salwar kameez, leggings kurti, jeans tshirt are the other dresses he chooses for me. He wants to make me hot so that his sexual feelings booms towards me, we do not have a every day sexual encounters but at yhe age of 57 saikat manages to fuck me atleast twice a month with the help of medicines like viagra.

Apart from these i along with my friends visit massage parlour, spa for massage satisfaction, beauty treatment, we often have orgasm massage over there but sex was limited with my hubby 2 or 3 times a month.
One Day my husband came home with a boy aged about 25 yrs and said this boy will stay in our out house and study, he is our factory gatekeepers son, he wants to study but his father stays in our factory but he can not stay there as he will study, he will stay in the room in ground floor he will cook his own food, furthermore you will also have a person all the time with you, he was a cute looking boy, i asked his name he told asif, oh he was muslim, He was preparing for his exams apart from this he was also learning dress designing course.

Asif started staying in the ground floor room, his father used to come once in a week to meet him.
I called asif sometimes if i had some work from the market otherwise he stayed in his room working in his computer practicing designing. He often came to me with the problems related to studies and i helped him slowly one month passed, now asif was familiar with me he regularly visited my house on the 1st floor, one day i was taking shower and my maid sapna was working in the kitchen, i wrapped myself in the towel and came out of the washroom, as i was entering my bedroom i saw asif sitting ion the sofa in the hall room, he saw me in the half nude position but pretended as he has not seen, i dressed my self and went to asif he started discussion about studirs and went away, after he left i kept thinking has asif seen me in half nude position or not, i asked sapna about when asif came she said mam you were in washroom then he came and asked about you, sat on the sofa i asked him tea coffee but he refused.

I wondered sapna offering teas to asif was bit confusing anyways, i went to my work market etc, 2 3 days later suddenly i found few of my dresses were missing like sleevless satin night gown, especially undergarments like bra and panty.
I searched the whole house but could not find 3 sets of my undergarments anyways i took bath had lunch and went out as i had to go for market to buy the household goods, on return i went to buy my undergarments for daily use, after finishing shopping i took a cab to my house i paid tge cab and started to climb the staircase i saw asif’s room was closed from inside, i thought might be he is sleeping i knocked the door but no response i was afraid i peeped from the window, oh my god asif was watching porn on his computer with earphone in his ears so he could not hear the door knock, my goodness my lost undergarments were with him he was rubbing the bra on his dick and smelling my panty, my goodness i went upstairs to call sapna but she left after com0leting her work, i kept the shopping goods inside my room again i returned to asif’s room again peeped inside tge room now he was masturbrating omg he had a rod my goodness must be around 8 to 9 inches long and as thick as cucumber, my god he was just amazing at 16 yrs of age, i was enjoying the scene and was wet inside my panty, he stroked til he cummed and then went to clean himself and sat on the bed i was watching everything i decided to punish him, i again knocked the door, asif quickly kepy my undergarments inside the drawer arranged the room and opened the door, he was shocked to see me i entered the room sat on the bed and asked how r u asif u r not coming upstairs for last few days he hesitantly said mam was busy with study work slowly i moved towards the computer asif came closer i sat on the chair, asked wht is desig
ing project you are learning asif i want to see ur designs he hesitantly said mam yet not completed, i looked towards the drawer the bra strap was hanging outside the drawer, i opened the drawer asif was shocked.

He came and touched my feet mam forgive me, i asked asif where did you got this undergarments, pls forgive me mam , i said tell me or i shall book you to the police he started crying he said mam i have only stolen 2 bra and 2 panties from your house nothing else, how did you do that, he said with the help of sapna ur maid, ok when, he said when ur clothes were drying on tge terrace, but why did u steal my unddies asif, he ran to the cupboard gave me a red panty and red bra, mam i have made this for you, i was amazed to see those beautiful unddies, but still asked why you did all these, asif said mam i had a feeling towards you since from the begning, i even told sapna but, what relation u have with sapna, asif said mam sexual relation, we have sex regularly, but sapna is married, her hubby cant satisfy her she said, so she approached me, she also booked my appointment with mrs sinha, mrs gupta, i was astonished wht service u give yo mrs gupta mrs sinha asif said 1 hr massage then 2 shots of sex they pay me 5000, hmm ok i thought for a while asif was like my son, even younger than my son, but again thought mrs gupta and mrs sinha, l made up my mind to fuck asif may be he is younger to my son.

I said asif i wanna see ur service, by say this asif was delighted and said sure mam i will give you the best massage, i said yes you will but today we will have suhaag raat, ur master is away sapna went to her native place, she will return after 7 days, for these 7 days i want to serve you as ur wife, i want to go on honeymoon with you darling, asif shivered, i held his shoulder n said i wanna have a teenager hubby who is younger than my son asif nodded his head and agreed. I again asked asif how wud u like me to be as a muslim or hindu bride, he said muslim custom will ne ok, i agreed we also decided to get married as we were go8ng for honeymoon we didnt want any disturbance.

Asif knew a kazi he called him we went there had nikaah, hkazi understood that due to sexual satisfaction this marriage, then he registered our marriage, he asked asif khan do u accept rina sen as ur wedded wife he said kabul hai now kazi asked me rina sen do u accept asif as ur wedded husband, i said kubul hai, kazi registered our marriage, asif talked to the kazi regarding the divorce once we return from honeymoon, he understood and agreed to do so.
we went to the market purchased muslim bridal dress for me groom dress for asif, we both got ready, i visited a parlour to get bridal makeup, the parlour girls asked r u visiting somewhere mam, i replied i m going on date with a muslim guy younger to me, they said its nice but they gave few gel for applying in pussy and anus, now every thing were ready, i was supposed to wear salwar kameez with head covered, got ready took flight to srinagar we decided to visit kashmir for honeymoon, as it was the month of may kashmir wud be cool, i called my hubby who was out of country n said i was visiting kashmir along with my friends he agreed, asif made all the arrangements there he requested a houseboat especially for honeymoon couples, we reached there within 4 hrs we were in the houseboat, the owner khurseed bhai greeted us he said salaam to me and asif we sat in the reception he gave us the key of a houseboat fully decorated for new couples, we entered the house boat, it was just beautiful a young girl named nazia greeted us salam walekum bhabi jaan, we 2 are here for ur service they showed us the washroom i got freshenup, asif also got freshenup then we had tea snacks, it was already evening they asked for the dinner, asif ordered beef roghan gosht, nan, beef biryani, i never had beef so i ordered chicken, asif said mam try beef once u will forget mutton chicken, i laughed n said ok, n dont call me mam, what usually muslims call there wives, asif replied begum n wives call their hubby huzoor (master) i said ok thus will be the culture i will follow as long we stay here.

Soon the dinner arrived we asked nazia to serve the dinner, i had beef biryani it was tasty, after dinner was finished nazia told asif to meet khurseed bhai, asif went to meet him, nazia sat and chatted with me she was around 30 yrs old, i thought she was khurseed bhai daughter but she said she was khurseed bhai’s 3rd wife, khurseed bhai was 60 yrs old his first wife rumia was 40 yrs old 2nd wife nusrat 33 yrs old, nazia was 3rd 25 yrs old, nazia said recently khurseed bhai married his 4th wife fiza who is 17 yrs old now, i was amazed to hear this, i asked who sleeps with khurseed bhai, she said khurseed bhai keeps all the 4 wives satisfied 1st wife rumia gets sex twice a month, 2nd wife nusrat gets 5 times a month, myself nazia gets sex twice a week and the 17 yrs old fiza 5 times a week, apart from this we exchange during our periods. Then she asked about me came to know that i was already married hindu and elder to asif, she said bhabi jaan do not worry asif bhai has gone to take hukka with khurseed bhai, he will satisfy as u have never been before might be u also conceive within ur honeymoon trip, she laughed, nazia said come on bhabi jaan let me show ur suhhaagraat room, we entered the room fully decorated, with tv fridge etc she said u can play romantic movies in this tv, press 1 for soft romantic2 for porns, these facilities are especially for newly wedded, she asked me to change my suhaarraat dress which was choli, ghagra, i wore all the dresses and became muslim bride, then she applied light makeup then maangtika, bangles and nath the nose pin, nazia said bhabi jaan once bhaijaan enters the room offer him salaam, take out his shoes ask him to sit on the bed offer him milk shake kept on the table, then offer him paan, i asked wht this paan is for, nazia laughed bhabi this paan is for making his manhood even more stronger, then she gave me few capsules, i asked wht is this for, nazia laughed again bhabi bhai jaan will atleast make 3 to 4 times sex put this capsule inside ur hole it will keep ur hole painless n cool especially the anal hole, nazia again said bhaijaan will remove all ur jewelleries but before removing nosepin ask for some gift as removing nosepin means bride has surrendered her body to her sauhar, i understood nazia bid bye n left, i was aline there I was feeling the tension of the amorous atmosphere in the room as a muslim boy will be exploring my body for the very first time. It was something I used to fantasize about, but still a bit of tension, soon there was door knock i opened the door it was asif i said salaam huzoor, asif smiled entered the room sat on the bed, i removed hus shoes asif said mam i said no begum ur my huzoor Asif smiled again, i gave him milk shake he had that, then i offered him paan, asif said nazia has trained u he took the paan ate it after sometime he kussed my forehead, kissed on my lips a deep french kiss, after that he removed my dupatta and kissed on the neck, slowly she removed all the jewelleries.

Before nosepin he stopped and asked for gift i said mere huzoor pls be with me for whole life then he removed nosepin and started kissing and pressing the boobs whuch i was enjoying the most then he removed my choli He removed my bra and tickled my nipples with his tongue, it filled me with immense pleasure. He removed everything from the lower part of my body and reached for my pussy with his hand while kissing me. I was deeply staggered as he touched by clit and rubbed my pussy with his fingers, I wasn’t afraid, I was actually enjoying the feeling of a muslim man taking away my innocence. He removed his shirt and pulled down his trousers. That was the first time a muslim manhood came in contact with my pussy. He inserted the swollen head of his circumcised dick into my vaginal opening.

A frenzied burst of emotion rippled through me making me gasp at the intensity of the touch that lit my blood on fire. I anticipated that he is going to push the entire organ inside me but he didn’t instead he smiled and said “you woo for the muslim thing don’t you, I am not going to give it to you so easily.” He grasped me firmly and started sucking my lips so hard it felt as if he is gonna suck the life out of me. I reached for his dick with my hand and had to grab it.

I began to stoke it gently, my palm sensed the shear hardness of this dick and my brain told me I am in for a very rough fuck session tonight. asif was filled with joy as I stroked his dick. Once we rip off your clothes you hindu girls turn into cock hungry wild bitches and all that innocence and purity you show off fades away he said, i replied u r my huzoor i m ur slave treat as u like my master. Asif said u pretty face today u will feel u had married the wrong man.
I clutched his dick with all the strength I had in order to give him some discomfort but his rock hard dick was too strong. He pulled my hairs and says bitch is trying to bite, lets give her a taste of real manhood. He quickly placed his dick on my lips and pushed it inside my mouth as I savored it and did my best to please him. After his fat cock explored my mouth i licked his cock and polished his balls with tongue. From his balls to the tip of his dick i sucked and licked every part of it. i never enjoyed sucking husband’s limp dick but asif dick was a different story. i loved how hard his dick remained i had been sucking on to his dong for a quite long time with juices dripping down from my lips but still asif didn’t ejaculate, i made up my mind that my pussy is gonna get a long lasting pounding today, asif pulls his wet cock out of mouth and his next target was the pussy, your pussy is tight, unlike a virgin pussy, i said didn’t get the real thing till now a real manhood like urs huzoor.

The first touch of the thick cock head of muslim dick made me moan so hard as if he had pushed full length of his dick inside my hole, i was moaning like anything after having 8 inches muslim dick ready to fire my lovehole With a huge meaty blow he pushed it inside me and filled my pussy with his dick. My vagina expanded and I was filled with intense pain, i cried out – ahhh! its too big for me, asif said – nothing is too big, you will take all of it, my pussy was wet from the inside, he puts his weight on her, he hugs and kisses my lips while pushing his dick deeper and deeper. I was on cloud 9, he moved his dick backwards and then pumps again and again. He flexes his dick insider and grinds pussy.

I was going crazy. asif says- Your hubby’s dick doesn’t full your pussy like this na.. his soft dick doesn’t last long does it, in a low and moaning voice i said how do you know that. Asif said i know most of the hindu hubby are hizra that is the reason most of the hindu housewife hire muslim studs to satisfy their body needs, pushing and pulling his dick in and out of pussy he said my mistress is too hungry I am just helping her in need. Pragya – You are such a ………stud i was mad to see u masterbrating inside ur room, then only i decided to be ur wife, if not so atleast ur slut asif. what do u say now… my huzoor.. by hearing this he thrusts his dick inside her making moan louder. Enjoying the muslim dick inside your pussy huh, umm what did you say ! You are loving the muslim cock don’t you, feels different doesn’t it. Ohhhhh yes fuck me, plough my pussy I love your muslim cock, make me your slut, i wud like to be slut of a boy of my sons age pls make me ur slut, this makes asif pounding the cunt for some time, then he starts to fuck her in doggy style, he grabs her hair and pounds her even harder from behind. my mind was filled with the picture of that big circumcised muslim cock stretching my pussy to new limits. This fuck session made me realize the enjoyment of forbidden muslim cock in her hindu pussy. This though was driving her crazy in the bed.

asif then again puts her back to missionary position and starts to fuck r like never before my pussy had now got fully used to his dick, now there was no pain only pleasure room was filled with the sound of rhythmic beats ohh ahhh yeess he bhagwaan etc….. as he was pounding vagina. He knew how to handle a woman in the bed. I almost felt as if a mohammedan king from the historical times was filling the pussy with his potent seed while the Hindu woman while getting pounded continuously had tightly hugging as if jodha hugged akbar., now i understood why gauri married shahrukh, kiran married aamir, i was placing myself as amrita singh who married her son aged saif and got pounded, The thing about the mohammedans was that they were strong , they were virile, they had limitless appetite and they knew how to love a woman and make her theirs slut especially the hindu women i was just wondering the satisfaction amrita singh wud have recd, the moans of the Hindu woman filled the room as the descendant of the mohammedans.

The heavy sound of her breath, the gasping for air in between were screams of approval that yes she loves the circumcised muslim cock insider i was in the in the seventh heaven, she had never had such a long lasting sexual experience. She was impressed with the way asif was fucking her. She knew this is a kind of man who deserves to pass on his seed, this is the man with whom she wud again take a pain of making babies. This is natural selection by gods grace i peeped inside his room. i was now exhausted, He fucked me continuously for about 20 minutes or so and then with a huge burst he filled my pussy with his cum. After that he went to the bathroom and I closed my eyes.

After sometime asif came back and started it all over again. After a few minutes of kissing and cuddling his dick got hard again. This time he fucked me longer than ever before, from behind like a bitch. I was in doggy position as he banged and ploughed my pussy from behind. I though he was going to last forever. My hands were tired so I bent my elbows completely and rested both my arms on the bed with my nose crushing against the bed and I could hear the throbbing sound of his dick pounding my pussy. After prolonged fucking he cummed inside my pussy again.

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  2. Removing Nosepin means apni body surrender karna ye to bahot accha concept hain. kya aisa real main bhi hota hain?Achi story hain

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