11 thoughts on “Bengali actress Miss Chakraborty in relationship with Zakir

    1. you cant even get one girl and you are thinking about all. Even if you get one and get married at the end your white with run to musalman boy for some real satisfaction.

  1. True Sudhansu, We bengali hindu guys are even bigger sissy’s than our other hindu brothers. That’s why most of the bengali women are talking muslim cocks already. West Bengal is going to be the first state in India to become a muslim majority in the near future.

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  2. i really feel irritating for those looser hindu boys who comment here. They r just shit. This page for hindu ladies & our interfaith partner (muslim men). And yes admins of this site also lost his objective n started to post about europe. Pls return to India yaar… N post on interfaith topics… [email protected]

  3. Anindita didi sorry ..i know didi your feeling…ham hindu boy muslim jiju aur hindu didi ke sex m ham shit jarur h…par didi ham aapko support kar rhe h aur baki hindu behno ko real mard k lie jagrat kar rhe h ham jante h hmari aukat …islie didi ham bi sissy boy ban k maja le rhe h…….. ham jante h didi ye page aapke lover boy muslim boy aur tumara hi sex k liye h…par ham bi wahi jan k aapki khushi m shamil kar support karte h…thankyou didi

  4. Aur adminji hmari hindu didi sahi kah rhi h aap hmari cute si pyari hindu didi ko chor k urope girl ki taraf kyu ja rhe ho..plz hmari sister ko maja do.

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